And so it begins…

It’s been a little over three weeks since the last AFL game, and I’m already missing the hustle and bustle of the AFL. Richmond began their pre-season training today, with the first to third year players stepping back out on to the field of battle in preparation for the 2011 season. Holidays are over, its time to get to work, which is where Richmond will build its launch at the 2011 season.

The 2011 NAB cup will be one of a different sort, with 6 pools of 3 teams each playing out a 20/20 style formation in one game. Sounds rather absurd, three teams, two 20 minute halves and one stadium, what can we expect? Well, that’s the question that everyone is eager to know, the experimental new NAB cup system will definitely prove whether it’s good or bad on February 12, when Richmond, Collingwood and Carlton face each other on a fiery night at Etihad Stadium. The game will bring out the best and worst of AFL supporters, three different supporter bases under the same venue of three rivalling AFL clubs, now that’s going to be interesting. AFL clubs are worried about soft tissue injuries due to the breaks between matches, but, the clubs should be more focussed on building themselves a bridge towards premiership glory. The NAB cup is all for experimenting, but next year, experimenting will be outclassed by the action displayed on the football field in this new format. I definitely know that ill be there.

The Richmond Football club destined for failure or destined for success, that’s the question which I’m eager to find out. An encouraging 2010 saw the Tigers produce a Coleman Medallist and new stars that will hopefully lead them back to the top.  Richmond hasn’t played finals in 9 years, and while I’m suggesting finals is a priority, I’m hoping for an improvement on last year. That is the area in which Damien Hardwick will be looking towards, improvement & maturity, no steps backwards and no short-cuts. A flurry of draft picks and the acquisitions of Shaun Grigg (possibly Bachar Houli and Brad Miller) should provide a blend of youth with experience. The return of Nathan Foley to the midfield suggests that on paper, the Tigers have a handy midfield group, Cotchin, Martin, Foley, Deleidio, Tuck, Grigg and the like. However, names on paper count for nothing, what really counts are the performances on the field and that’s where I’m hoping the success will come from in 2011.

2011, we’re all counting down to the first bounce of the AFL season. All the off-field work of trades, drafting and coach recruiting only builds the anticipation to the 2011 season. With the acquisition of Gold Coast in 2011, it builds as a harder year than previous years with the competition to throw about many challenges. The AFL season of 2011 will be one of the best I believe, but for now, we must wait, as we cheer on the Aussies against the Pom’s during the Ashes series.


  1. I’ve followed Richomd since 1967. I’ve had about 5 sensational years; 2 good years; 5 enjoyable years; & 31 crap years in that time.

    But can I say this, I’m not turning up my toes til Richmond wins another Flag!!!!!

  2. Good work Dom, your excitement is infectious.

    Hope to see you at the launch next thursday.

  3. Steve Healy says

    Well done Dom, this is a great piece to help build my excitement.

    Yeah I hope I see you and talk to you at the launch

  4. Good stuff Dom, also with Cotchin getting a full pre-season it will be good to see how he goes.

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