#almanac280: “All played well”

Last week we asked the you and the Twitterverse to send us short stories that made the most of Twitter’s new 280 character limit – inspired by the Almanac tagline: Sport. Write from the heart.


Your response was astounding.


More than 150 entries of poignant, funny, perceptive creativity. Check out all the entries here: https://www.footyalmanac.com.au/almanac-writing-competition-sport-write-from-the-heart-almanac280/


Last week we also said that:
Judges will award $100 worth of books to the story considered the best, in the spirit of the Almanac.
The winning entry will be announced on Friday 24 November (i.e. Day 2 of the Gabba Test).


After carefully running each entry through the Almanac rubric we were none the wiser.


Through this week we have shared in nostalgia


(all images can be enlarged by clicking on them)




And plenty of Tiger-love.

We learnt of the participant.

In rhyming-couplet


And gave thanks for literary gifts, the gifts of poets


We read true stories

Of finding a place


Sadly, there can be only one winner. And we reckon this one that brings the spirit of the Almanac together:

Congratulations to all. This was a win for all of us. And special congratulations to Rebecca Hayne.
We’ll be in touch.




  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Congratulations to all. It went off. Thanks to @e_regnans for curating this.

  2. Thanks Swish.
    That whole exercise was simply tremendous.
    Many Knacker regulars wrote beautifully.
    As did many new voices.
    Including children.
    I recommend reading the whole list.

  3. Big thanks @e_regnans.
    This is a keeper.


  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great effort ER. Kudos to you and Knacker contributors. One for the Pool Room.

  5. Great work #ERdoesalotofreallygoodworkwithalltheknacckers.



  6. Best thing to happen on the site since………………..
    Congrats ER and JTH and all the writers who found fantastical voice away from the drudgery of the game to game.
    Yoose was all winners out there today.

  7. Neil Anderson says

    Thanks for the competition David and challenging the wordsmiths to think small and compact.
    Congratulations to Rebecca. You have been declared as the best of the best.

  8. This was a fun competition. I think I managed to read all the entries and was impressed by the diversity of responses to the brief. The winner was brilliant.

    Can this become an almanac “thing”?

  9. Loved it. Great to see familiar names and new ones contributing too. Thanks to JTH and Er. Look forward to the 2018 edition.

  10. All thanks to ER. I watched from afar. Actually I read from afar and really enjoyed it all.

    Yes, definitely a keeper.

  11. Well played ER. Wonderful concept. And well done Rebecca and all who contributed. Lots of fun.

  12. Well done ER and all knackers. Really enjoyed these stories filling up my timeline.

  13. bring back the torp says

    Great work Er & all contributors.

    Quite moving!
    Poetry & pathos lives at the FA.

  14. Great work, e.r. Truly great work.

  15. Great fun, great essays, just great. Thanks DW for a bloody ripper of an idea and endless enjoyment reading.


  16. When I was teaching I loved asking students to write their own micro-stories. I found this one in a book years ago, and whilst it’s a bit bleak it’s stayed with me as a great example of the craft-

    A Second Chance by Jay Bonestell

    His love had gone. In despair, he flung himself off the Golden Gate Bridge.
    Coincidentally, a few yards away, a girl made her own suicide plunge.
    The two passed in midair.
    Their eyes met.
    Their chemistry clicked.
    It was true love.
    They realized it.
    Three feet above the water.

  17. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    SO SORRY I missed doing this; messed the deadline. I’m still thinking it’s mid October some time …!!
    Look forward to a weekend of reading.
    Bravo to the innovators. All of them!

  18. Thanks ER for great works with keeping the competition and giving my brain more active.

    Even none of my pieces was mentioned but it’s a good lesson to improve my writing skills. It was a good challenge and I will try next time and onwards.

    And congratulations Rebecca!

  19. Sean Curtain says

    Well done ER, great work. I hate Twitter but loved this, funny that.


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