Almanac Trivia: 101, not just about dalmatians…


The number ‘101’ is the first to contain WHAT?



(The race is on between the Almanackers and my Facebook crew!)





  1. As much as this is a numerical question, I’m thinking it has something to do with letters…or words.

  2. Yes…letters comprising words

  3. john gordon says


  4. No z’s to be seen

  5. First number with and?

  6. Warmish, Noel

  7. John Gordon says

    first to begin and end with the same word? first with more than 15 letters? (there is a “z” in “one zero one” of course!) Tough one Rick!

  8. OK – tha answer: 101 (one hundred and one) is the first number, which when spelt out in words, contains the letter A

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