Almanac Teams: The Smiths



Nick Smith (Sydney) – 199 games, 2012 premiership, All-Australian.

Steven Smith (Melb) – 203 games and P. Dimitriadis’ nemesis at MCC tribunal hearings.

Ross Smith (Nth M) – 224 games.



Brodie Smith (Ade) – 143 games, All-Australian.

Joel Smith (St K, Haw) – 221 games, All-Australian, often played on tall forwards.

Terry Smith (Rich, St K) – 100 games, 1980 premiership.



Isaac Smith (Haw) – 165 games, 2013-15 premierships.

Dave Smith (Ess) – 143 games, captained 1911 premiership.

Greg Smith (Sth M/Syd, Coll) – 127 games.



Devon Smith (GWS, Ess) – 117 games.

Shaun Smith (Nth M, Melb) – 109 games, took mark of the century in ’95

Len Smith (Fitz, Rich) – 107 games.



Clay Smith (W.Bulldogs) – 55 games, 2016 premiership.

Norm Smith (Melb, Fitz) – 227 games, 10 premierships as a player and coach, 572 goals.

Doug Smith (Nth M) – 54 games, kicked two in the ’78 Grand Final.



Zac Smith (GC, Geel) – 111 games.

Rohan Smith (W.Bulldogs) – 300 games, All-Australian.

Ross Smith (St K) – 234 games, Brownlow Medalist 1967, premiership 1966.



Jimmy Smith (Rich) – 132 games, including 1920-21 premierships.

Keith Smith (Sth M) – 93 games, kicked two in the 1945 Bloodbath.

Les Smith (Geel) – 123 games, including the 1925 premiership.

Ray Smith (Ess, Melb) – 104 games, first Queenslander to play 100 games.



Ross Smith – captained the Saints 1970-72 and the Vics in 1972.


Playing Coach:

Norm Smith – 6 premierships 1955-57, 59-60, 64.


Assistant Coach

Len Smith – Norm’s older brother.  An innovative coach who paved the way for Hafey.



Kevin Smith – 303 games




About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    What, no James Morrissey?

  2. Great side. Great idea for a team. Can Brown’s Cows be far behind. Must check if there were any Smithers or Smithsons who’ve played. There is a light that never goes out for the true footy tragic.
    I always had Johnny Marr tapped as the musical genius who did the songwriting heavy lifting, and Morrisey as the front man. Is that true or just my prejudices showing?

  3. Keep ’em coming Damian .

    Chris Smith from Fitzroy, played from mid 1970’s until the mid 1980’s. One of the first players to wear a bike helmet when playing.


  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice team Damian. Collingwood seemingly very lacking in quality Smiths, not convinced Josh Smith will make it either.

    How’s this for a team of cricketing Smiths-

    Graeme Smith (SAF) (c)
    Devon Smith (WI)
    Steve Smith (Aus)
    Robin Smith (Eng)
    Mike Smith (Eng) (vc)
    Collie Smith (WI)
    Dwayne Smith (WI)
    Ian Smith (NZ) (wk)
    Mike Smith (Eng) (the other Mike Smith, 1 Test in 1997)
    Jim Smith (Eng)
    ‘Chuck’ Fleetwood-Smith (Aus)

    Light on for bowlers, very strong batting lineup!

  5. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Excellent. And perfect for Nick Smith’s 200th game this weekend!
    How I loved Morrissey when I was a teen. I loved Joel Smith too …

    My next request, if it hasn’t been done … Phil, PB, Damien ….?
    The Jarryd/Jarrod/Jareds … any spelling allowed.

  6. Jarrod_L says

    That last one sounds interesting!

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Brilliant Damo,
    Heaven knows I’m not miserable now after seeing this team. Nor do I want to hang the DJ or S.Smith of Melbourne and the MCC !
    Some noms:
    Andrew Smith played some promising games for the Pies in 1981 before injury struck.
    Dylan Smith (Freo) a mate’s cousin, turned his back on footy and went in search of zen. Smart fella.

  8. Can’t help you with JarrXXXds Mathilde. They did not exist before 1990.

  9. Rabid Dog says


  10. Damian is there no spot for the Geelong back pocket of the 1950’s Bernie Smith? He won a Brownlow in 1951.

    Apart from Ross Smith he’s the only Brownlow winning Smith i can think of.

    There was a Dale Smyth at Geelong in the early 1980’s though i’m unsure if he’d displace any of your team.


  11. Great stuff DB.

    PB – Morrissey was the lyrical genius but without Marr’s genius guitar riffs the Smiths would have languished in the reserves.

  12. Rulebook says

    Glen stole my thunder re Bernie Smith.Greg Smith coached the Ad Uni farmers side aka the Roseworthy connection a fantastic bloke,well played,Damian keep em coming

  13. Rulebook, Greg Smiths photo is prominently displayed on the wall @ the Ardlethan bowling club.


  14. DBalassone says

    Swish – I hear you. James ‘The Freak’ Morrissey was a teacher of mine at Donny High by the way.
    PB – would love to see a side of Browns. I’m with you on Marr – I love the riffs he came up, it gave Morrissey a canvas to paint on.
    Glen! – I recall Chris Smith, probably could have slotted him in at CHB. Bernie Smith was also in the team of the century, so I can’t believe I missed him.
    Luke – great side, you can also add Steve Smith who opened for Aust in ODIs in ’82-83. Once made 117 in a WSC final after a blistering opening partnership with Graeme Wood.
    Mathilde – for some reason, I completely missed the Morrissey thing when I was younger (too caught up in Dylan, CCR, Chisel), but caught up in the last few years, thanks to Jeff Dowsing.
    Phil – good get re Andrew Smith, I considered him, but thought I might be accused of Pies bias. I try to be impartial. A bit like how Peter Landy used to commentate Hawthorn games.

  15. Great work DB.

    Mathilde- Jarrod et al is a genre unto itself. This from The Monthly a while back is worth a look-

    Luke- given recent Australian cricket events can you confirm which Smith you’ve listed to bat at 3? I’m assuming it’s Steven Barry Smith who played three Tests in the early 1980’s.

  16. Dave Brown says

    Top stuff, might have a crack at the Browns

  17. This is great suff, Damo

  18. No coincidence that Cameron Smith chose this week to quit representative Rugby League after reading your illustrious team of AFL Smith’s, DB. I have it on good authority that as a Melbourne based mate of Clarko he will be lining up for the Hawks next year in an attempt to make the 2019 edition of DB’s Smith’s Weekly.
    “For gorsake, stop laughing: this is serious”

  19. John Butler says

    Whatever else, they’d be well coached.

    Nice work DB.

  20. Keiran Croker says

    Great team. Concur that Chris Smith of Fitzroy was a terrific player …. also a top bloke. I was at Melbourne Uni with him.
    Michael Smith of South Melbourne kicked 5 goals on debut in 1977 at Collingwood. Only played 32 games though due to injury.

  21. Luke Reynolds says

    Mickey, it’s SB Smith for the next 12 months!

  22. Laurie Laffan says

    Ainslie produced the three Smith brothers. Charles, Martin and Alan. All played 200 plus games. They played in several premierships under Cowboy.Represented the ACT many times against all comers including the Cowboy’s defeat of the so-called second string VFL rep side.All could have played at VFL level. Particularly Alan.
    Then of course there was Shaun Smith, the ‘Ainslie Astronaut.’
    I don’t suppose there were many Laffan ?.Lothar Laffan played for Glenelg in the 60’s. Apparently he was a bit of a force?

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