Almanac Teams: How good are these Scotts ?

Scott was a popular name in the 1970s, 80s and 90s as this team indicates. It started to die out in the early 2000s and is rarely seen these days.


Now we have a our first PM called Scott. And an annoying catchphrase to boot.


The current Collingwood skipper is a Scott. How good is he ?


Scott Wynd was the last ruckman to win a Brownlow. He may be the last. How good was he?



They are in positions of power. Will they be the last Scotts to reach these dizzy heights ?


Almanackers, here is your chance to nominate your favourite Scotts from Australian Football. Nominations outside the VFL/AFL always welcome and encouraged.



B: Clayton (Fitz)                             Turner (Rich)                            Maginness (Haw)


HB: Selwood (WCE/Geel)          Thompson (NthM)                     McIvor (Fitz/Bris)


C: Thompson (Melb/Adel)           West (Foot)                               Camporeale (Carl/Ess)


HF: Lucas (Ess)                               Welsh (Adel)                               Russell (Coll)


F: Hodges (Adel)                  Cummings (Ess/WCE/Port/Coll)     Gumbleton (Ess)


Ruck: Wynd (Foot)                 Pendlebury (Coll)                        Watters (WCE/Syd/Freo)



Inter: Thornton (Freo)   Chisholm (Freo/Melb)   Direen (Syd)   Crow (Coll)



Coach: Watters (StK)


Umpires: McLaren, Jeffery



Entertainment: Scott Carne and Kids in the Kitchen




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About Phillip Dimitriadis

Carer/Teacher/Writer. Author of Fandemic: Travels in Footy Mythology. World view influenced by Johnny Cash, Krishnamurti, Larry David, Toni Morrison and Billy Picken.


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Scott Lee (Yallourn, Centrals, Adelaide) – my favourite original Crow, dumped before he could play his hundredth and not able to hang on long enough for the Centrals dynasty.

    (Will there be a Charlene edition for the women’s equivalent Phil?)

  2. Great work Phil

    I am wrapped to see Scotty Direen in the team.

    One slight amendment… You have neglected to acknowledge Scott Russel’s stellar time with the Swans

  3. Dave Brown says

    Reckon Mssr Burns is pretty unlucky

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Thanks Dave B. Can’t believe I forgot Scott Burns. Major oversight on my behalf as he is one of my all time faves !
    These teams can be trickier to assemble than they look sometimes. Cheers

  5. Love the team, but jeez ……….the music? RIP Scott Walker the epitome of 60’s cool – died 22/3/19.

  6. Scott Salisbury played 241 games for Glenelg in the SANFL including 2 flags. All Australian in 1987. A “vigorous” defender/follower I recall he enjoyed taking out Victorians in State of Origin. This is one of his finest efforts on Port’s Greg Anderson (just evening up for Twiggy Caldwell?)

    Scott Lycett is a premiership ruckman at the Eagles, doing a good job at Port this season.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Scott Morphett – 1 game for the Cats, many more for Torrens / Woodville-West Torrens. 1991 Ken Farmer medallist with 99 goals.

  8. How about Norwood’s brilliant centre half back WALTER SCOT

    Small forward SCOTT BORLACE was an over 200 game player for the Redlegs

    Surely Swish would remember Norwood’s brilliant SCOTT CARSLAKE. In a night match at the Norwood Oval in 2003 CARSLAKE booted 7 goals against CENTRAL DISTRICTS. The Bulldogs went into that match red hot favourites only to go down to the Legs in an entertaining game..

  9. A Doc Emmett Brown, in the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogies often said, “GREAT SCOTT – WE’LL DAMAGE THE TIME CONTINUUM”

    And if our team of Scotts should visit SA, it would most certainly stay in SCOTTIES MOTEL.

    There again, we shouldn’t forget SCOTT OF THE ANTARCIC

  10. PS It was actually 2002 when Carslake, who played 117 league matches and several reserves games, kicked his bag of goals (round 8) against Centrals. Although losing to the legs that night, the Bulldogs went on to play Sturt in the Grand Final. Even though defeating the Double Blues in all their Minor Round games, the Dogs succumbed to Sturt in the only match that matters.

  11. So pleased to see Scott McIvor in the side Phil. A forgotten man of footy. A favourite during those days when the Lions were building. Body just would not hang on to make further into the Voss era.

  12. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Swish – Scott Stevens a bit stiff to miss out. Solid contributor for the Crows in the Neil Craig years.

    Mark – Yes, Direen was one of the few Swan Scotts I could find. Scott Russell was superb for the Pies in the early ’90s. Less said about his Swans career the better. Doubt we would have won in 1990 without the pace of Russell and Tony Francis.

    Ease up, PB. I am a Gen Xer after all. Could have been worse = Scott Baio:

    Fisho – Was it Superman who would utter ‘Great Scott !’ when confronted with a new enemy? Michael Parkinson used to call Billy Connolly ‘Scot of the Anarchic’. Love the Back to the Future reference.

    JTH – Saw a lot of Scott McIvor playing for the Roys in 1986 when they reached the Prelim under David Parkin. Was a consistent ball winner and play-maker off half-back or ruck-roving. Beautiful left-foot kick who gave his all in the Bad News Bears era.

  13. Forgot to mention our team of Scotts could watch old western movies of RANDOLPH SCOTT for entertainment. He made some very good ones.

  14. DBalassone says

    Good work Lord B. Homage to the Scots. Lucas was a gun and deserves more plaudits. I’ll never forget that day he kicked 7 in the last quarter to almost get the Dons home in Hird & Sheedy’s last game. And the only time I ever saw Lucas kick on his right foot, resulted in Moorcroft taking the mark of the century.

  15. Luke Reynolds says

    What a player Pendles has been and continues to be. Interestingly 2 of the last three Collingwood captains have been Scotts.

    Musically, The Living End’s Scott Owen is a magnificent performer on the double bass.

    Not enough prominent Scotts to make a cricketing XI. New Zealand’s Scott Styris by far the most successful Scott at international level. 2018/19 Sheffield Shield player of the year Scott Boland has played 14 ODI’s and 3 T20I’s for Australia, while Scotts Prestwidge and Kremerskothen were very good all-rounders for Queensland and Tasmania respectively. And of course who could forget 2 Test fast bowler Scott “can’t bowl, can’t throw” Muller!

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