Almanac Synchronised Yobbo Diving: Yarrawonga

The story of Phyllis O’Donnell who won a couple of trophies and a packet of Craven A for winning the first women’s World Surfing Championship in 1964 was well told on the ABC’s 730 recently.,-who-won-the-first-ever/10733782


Just wondering if Dips O’Donnell is related. Apart from his surfing, he can be found this week actively involved in water sports at Yarrawonga. Here is an example of his preferred discipline, Synchronised Yobbo Diving.




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  1. He nearest camera, methinks perhaps Dips himself, may need to be disqualified for adopting a style too closely approximating ‘orthodox’ – far too coordinated with overtones of self-preservation!

  2. Ian – self preservation was a major factor as I was in the shallow end. Difficulty factor 7.8.

  3. Dips, bonus points to you for selflessly taking the most difficult position in the line. I love the guy second from the right – there’s a certain mindless abandon to his ‘style’ moderated by the mildest hint of fear in the eyes. What was the local tsunami factor post-plunge? (I only hope that women, children and those of a more fragile disposition were evacuated from the area prior to the competition.)

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    It’s the most graceful thing I have seen all day. Onya boys

  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Place to be Dips!

  6. Is that a yoga mat behind you Dips?

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great pic Dips. Fun and frivolity wherever you look. We need more of it !
    I don’t know if you should be eligible for a comp of this magnitude. Where is the beer gut? The terry-toweling hat, thongs and a full polystyrene esky as accouterments to your jump?
    Here’s some inspiration for next year:

  8. No yoga mat J Harms. That’s a pool noodle. Get one at your feet and one at your head and float around the pool in early morning (when all are asleep) and hangovers just disappear.

    I’m trying to get a BSL going. Big Splash League. Would put it up against AFLX. Reckon it would win the ratings.

    Enormous fun. Brings out the kid (and yobbo) in me.

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