Almanac Surfing: Dips is up (for real)

Dips O’Donnell took up surfing a few years ago after being given a surf board by his old Friars’ mates for a milestone birthday. Indeed, he told the story in our writing magazine Long Bombs to Snake. An extract appears HERE.


We now have evidence that he can actually do it.




  1. Nah that’s not Dips. Midget Farrelly?

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Great pic Dips. Hope that’s been framed and on your wall front and centre.

  3. Ha! Thanks lads.

    As I’ve said to our great leader a few times, when I’m in the waves the whole world can go and get st*****.

    I could be the worst surfer in Victoria. But gee its good fun.

  4. Point Leo surfers are really hard core!

  5. Hey Dips, did you asterix out the word, stuffed? That’s fuckin cool man. You surfers are rad.

    Love that you’re on board the board and I will stop punning now.


  6. RK I’ve never asterixed out a word in my whole life. Except **** and *** ********.

    In primary school I asterixed out *******, but only because the stupid fu***** teacher told me to.

    I’ve never been cool because, as I explained in the piece about surfing some time ago, I never had the right hair (when I had hair). It was compulsory in the 70s and 80s that surfers had long, blond hair. Mine was thick and dark. Therefore coolness evaded me. Thankfully that fad has passed. I’m now allowed in the water. And I am so fucking cool now. Sorry, so fu***** cool now.

  7. Straight to the pool-room for that pic, old mate.

    You look at ease, Dips, and appear to be doing it (ahem) on the break.

  8. Love it.
    *high five emoji*

  9. Colin Ritchie says

    Great stuff Dips, Keen surfer in my teens but these days only an ocassional body surf or on the boogie board. I’ve threatened to buy a board and get back into the surf for a number of years now but something always holds me back, your story might just be the impetus I need to take the plunge again. To the dismay of my wife, I’ve been letting my hair grow long (if you can call what I have got left these days as capable of getting longer!) so I won’t be out of place back in the surf! The wrinkles might be a giveaway though!

  10. Great stuff Dips well played !

  11. murray walding says

    Hey, are you the Colin Ritchie from Colac…get a board and get out there, even if youre not the real Colin….

  12. Colin Ritchie says

    Yes, I am the Colin Ritchie from Colac, or rather, Irrewarra these days! I’m tempted again! You still selling them? Though I think my old one is under my sister Margaret’s house!

  13. murray walding says

    Hi Colin…nice to bump into you on-line. I’ve been out of retail now for some years but still help out one of the local guys at times…otherwise I’m mainly surfing tho, writing, gardening and going to the footy.
    Get out that board and get it back into the water…tell Margaret I said it was okay!

  14. Jeez Dips. I’ve come over from Perth for the weekend for Bells Beach and the Eagles at Kardinia Park. Now I read this and I think I’ll have to leave the budgie smugglers and styrofoam board in the suitcase. Can you interpret this surfie-speak for me? See you at the Lord of the Isles on Sunday.
    ‘‘That last section, you are riding the wave the whole time knowing it’s coming but you don’t know what you are going to get. You just don’t know whether it will be a warble, a double-up or a boil, and it’s just big in there, kicking up next to the shelf in Winki,’’ said Florence, who is drawn to face fellow superstar Gabriel Medina in a blockbuster quarter-final.

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