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The Tykes are a very hard club to follow from the other side of the world. They stayed in the Championship about a year ago by incredible circumstances. To my great surprise they won their last three games – the three teams above them all losing by big margins.


So roll on to 2020/21 for another season battling relegation. They didn’t surprise me. After winning their first game they suffered defeat after defeat, a couple of draws, and then sacked their manager. Once again they were down in the cellar; a place they knew well after spending most of the 2019/20 season in it.


I didn’t bother checking the results over the summer break. I was a coward. I hate the thought of those Barnsley lads drowning their sorrows at the Prince William Hotel in cold depressing weather. On returning from the West Coast in Feb, I plucked up the courage to see how the Tykes were going and I got a very pleasant surprise. Instead of being in the bottom three they were mid table, winning more than they had lost over the last six weeks.


Next week they lost, so not wanting to moss them, I didn’t check for a couple of weeks. Last week I checked again, they had won five in a row, and were seventh on the leadership table. According to the BBC, they’re pressing for play offs.


I can’t quite get my head around this incredible reverse of fortunes – this new manager must be a miracle man. I shall pluck up the courage and check the BBC every few days from now on.


Go Tykes.



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  1. george smith says

    One of the joys of getting up on Sunday morning is getting the results from England, to find out if your team has won or lost. If they won, it’s a little gift from Santa and a settle down to watch a mini match replay on Optus Sports, followed by the highlights hour of all the Premier League round (scenes of derring do from Liverpool and the 2 Manchesters). If they lose then it’s a little lump of coal and a bitter huff off to see the antics of the Trumpanzees on Reddit or if I’m really grumpy – Reddit Friend Zone, another story in itself.

    This has been ruined lately by the EPL putting on matches on Friday, or Sunday or, the worst, late at night Greenwich Mean Time, which means I have to suffer through will they or won’t they for 2 hours of a Sunday morning. Usually they won’t.

    Occasionally the planets align and Collingwood and Newcastle both salute the judge on the same weekend. But at the moment it’s the usual slog to avoid relegation…

  2. McAlmanac says

    The Tykes have really turned it around under Valerien Ismael. Five wins on the spin and in the playoff places with a game in hand. Astounding!

    There are no stars – Cauley Woodrow is the only one to have played Premier League – and they adhere to their pressing style admirably. Not sure I’d like to see them go up just yet, though, as they aren’t ready for Premier League at this point.

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