Almanac School Visits: Northcote High School

Northcote HS Aug 2016

Recently I was invited to be part of Northcote High School’s celebration of all things literary. I was very impressed with the school. The atmosphere is friendly and industrious.

I took two workshops in their library. The students were very keen and had an excellent knowledge of sport – and an enthusiasm for life. I really enjoyed my time there.

Four students followed up on their session of thinking and remembering and planning – and polished up their pieces. Those four stories were first published at

Congratulations to Ethan Munro, Alex Johnson, Nick Obst and Zac Johnstone. You are now published authors.

Read their stories by clicking on the links below.

Thanks to Paul Gilby and Prue Morris at Northcote High.

[If your school is interested in workshops – tailored to suit – contact the Almanac.]

Round 21 – Richmond v Geelong: Don’t be the loudmouth

Even the loud and somewhat obnoxious Tigers fans ultimately couldn’t spoil what was a crazy game of footy. Thank goodness Grade 8 Northcote High student Ethan Munro stayed after three quarter time to see it to its conclusion. [Terrific piece Ethan – JTH]


Junior Footy – Preston Bullants v Banyule Bears: Putting it all on the line.

Alex Johnson (Grade 8 at Northcote High School) gives a very clear and honest account of the Preston Bullants’ Under 14 match against Banyule.


Junior Almanac – Athletics: Bolt wins, again!

Nicholas Obst (Northcote High School) reports on the 4 x 100 metres final at the Rio Olympic Games which resulted in yet another gold medal for the great Usain Bolt.


Junior Almanac – Soccer: Stamford Bridge

Zac Johnstone (Year 7 at Northcote High School) had a family holiday in England last Christmas. He and his Dad went to Stamford Bridge, homeground of their beloved Chelsea. Here’s his story.



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