Crio’s Racing: Nothing to report

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I’m reduced to looking for quirky names or exotic places. Racing, as always, goes on, but there’s a sense of sameness – whenever you hear commentators obsessed with jockey premierships and the like, it is a given that there’s little else to excite attention.

So I’ll cast my eye far and wide, as usual.

Somehow, I never look to Sydney. Their racing is such a disappointment. A fortune spent on amalgamations and grandstands and now with terrific city prizemoney, it rarely rises above ordinary. As a sacrifice I cast a glance at Rosehill. R3 $85k Alrouz 61st start 12/1! Heavy track again.


BR has its metro at the Sunshine Coast. Heavy8. miaow. RQ hosts most of Australia’s meetings but are in strife. Some partnerships and investments are highly questionable. The Government’s now involved, which rarely helps. The Eagle Farm reno better be good.

Adelaide racing, once the nation’s best “pound for pound” is nowadays a one track provvy.

So, despite enormous misgivings, I must not confuse the self-serving (“gin soaked” as Dr Turf refers to their Committee) VRC with RVL. Let’s not pretend that Vic racing doesn’t have serious flaws but, the truth is, it remains the nation’s yardstick.

Thus, if I was a serious punter I’d be looking to Caulfield and this Saturday’s Monash Stakes meeting. A hardy few will attend but plenty still take their Quaddies and nowadays watch via 708 or Corporate sites.

I’m not working so might follow the same path. Early inklings:-

MR6- 6 and 2 with 3 the fluke

MR7- tough. 5 for sure. Lots of bad gates. 11 must go in. 10 a blow out?

MR8- cheap G3. Form v Chautauqua irresistible so fav goes in but not a betting proposition. 9?

MR9- 14. Lay off if still alive.

Here’s all the Ladbrokes information with fields and prices for tomorrow.

But the punt is very much on simmer at present. Trivia is more prominent…note, for example, MR3 No6, Winchester Club, out of the mare Call Minder. That’s the sort of stuff distracting me from dreams of warmer climes….

Like this week’s destination for notorious R.Tan (ref last week’s piece), who is moving inland from the Pt Hedland disappointment to take rides at the Marble Bar Cup meeting – not to be scoffed at, the big race has a 30K purse! It’s a big weekend in Australia’s hottest town, with a ball on Friday night and the races on Saturday. Only certain winner is the publican.

Mick Heagney, though, has stuck to the coast and gone to beautiful Broome, a town packed with wealthy retirees at this time of the year. Good prizemoney (100K for the day), magnificent weather, humdrum horses. I watch ‘em to see the sparkling Indian Ocean in the background.

Help me to refocus! Winners please, before the quirky names and exotic places descend to murky names in erotic places.

Good luck!


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Golden Horn v The Grey Gatsby this Saturday in the Eclipse.

    Shame New Bay has pulled up sore.

  2. RIP Phil Walsh!

  3. Not to forget there is a TAB meeting in Corowa on Tuesday.


  4. unfathomable Higgo.
    Glen, presumably you are heading to Corowa? Donald is another good option Saturday and Casterton have the Heywood Cup and magnificent hedge Steeplechase on Sunday – it will be sombre as Walsh was a Hamilton boy well regarded throughout the Western Districts

  5. Got the news from the beach about Phil Walsh.has taken my mind off horses somewhat.

  6. G’day Crio. We’ll be in Corowa Tuesday. I’m trying to work out bets for the weekendas i’m pretty much bypassing Victoria currently. Collie Haze in Albury is an option, i’l also check what M Heagney rides in Broome as well as S Brown trained horses in Darwin.

    Still left numb by the horrible death of P Walsh. Like another person said it’s one of those moments you’ll remember where you were when the news came through. I saw the TV news at a home, there was mention of mans murder in a house in Adelaide: it meant nothing. Then driving into 3CR i heard the ABC radio make a special announcement who was killed. WTF !!! Deepest condolences to his family. Family violence is a horrible blight on Australia. Will a high profile case like this help lead to effective action on this ?


  7. Yeah Glen
    Have a good break
    I grabbed my son, put on the L plates and we headed to Growling Frog for 9 holes together
    Shocking week for putting sport back in its place as the most important unimportant thing in life
    A young trackrider lost her life in a training fall at Caulfield during the week
    I guess we just get on with it

  8. The Growling Frog hey Crio. I drove past there a few times last Saturday, but haven’t popped in there for ages. Did you have a bite to eat there ? I’m curious what the tucker is like. We had dinner at Donnybrook hotel last Saturday, The meal for the Cheese’n’Kisses was fine; mine was a different issue so we discussed if it’s worth having a meal at the Growling Frog Any advice ?


  9. True crio.

    Speaking of getting on with it, and with due respect to Phil Walsh and his family, I thought Riziz could ring the bell for Adel at $21 at Caulfield. Should be good pace on to allow him to run on and carrying weight should be no problem. Think the track should only be dead at worst? so that should bring the fav back to them a bit and he’s certainly short enough if track not wet. Riziz should’ve finished far closer in the Goodwood and been freshened for this.

    Good luck to all and I will be having a good cheer for the Adel Crows on the weekend should they get over the Cats. Regardless of who we support I think most of the country will be behind them this week. Kind of makes you pinch yourself!

    Yes crio, saw that news with the German girl at Caulfield….another horrible event for the week. Anyone heard the latest on Amy Hermann?

  10. Glen, after years of reading my racing tips you should be eating wallpaper rather than asking my culinary advice. Tom recommended the chocolate muffin. Food looked OK but we are heading home now to feed and discuss whether MCG bound tonight or not. Big issues in ClubCrio!

  11. Everyone over here is in a daze after the Phil Walsh news, unbelievably tragic.
    On a brighter note the mighty Bays beat Norwood so it’s been upbeat all week for me. Also must note that the Budge’s roughie last week was very unlucky not to have at least been placed.
    Racing is hard to get enthused about tomorrow but I still feel as though there is a winner or two waiting for me.
    I like Stereosonic in the 4th at Caulfield and that’s it for the day there.
    Adelaide has a few good races. Race 2, Justify That has won 7 of 10 for track/distance so must be hard to beat. Last 2 races are the best fields of the day and I’m keen on Classy Jack who is overdue and in the last Tangier Sun-most unlucky last run.
    Biggest decision will be to punt at home or go to the Bay to see if they can back up last week and beat Sturt

  12. Go to the Bay

    I even looked at flights yesterday!

  13. cowshedend says

    After having my hard earned on the dyslexic Pies last night, some old chestnuts will get my money today, Tried and Tired will go forward and get the gun run for Arnold.
    Sorry Budge, I’m buttering up on Chiavari today, though my “group” horse has the propensity to drink saucers of milk, its today or never!

  14. A few people have been pulling my coat about Pink Perfection. I have no firm opinion but scratched from Adelaide to run at Caulfield and big odds

  15. very concerned about you Jock…”no firm opinion”!!!
    Hope you’ve made the decision to go to the Bay. Filthy that I dithered and didn’t come over. No racecourse work for me so, presently 8 dgrees and an icy wind, we’re off to the VFL at Western Oval. A 20/1 winner would be nice.

  16. Didn’t get to the bay, been applying an ice pack to my neck off and on all day. I must have spotted a good looker yesterday and had a vicious double take. Good to see they followed up with another win, Norwood also beaten again. My punting was no good, even suggested to little bro that laying Lord of the Sky for the place was the go and didn’t even do that.

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