Almanac Racing – no ho ho as racing hits a low

Pre-Christmas is always a penniless time on city race tracks and, for those bookies who reckoned last Saturday’s HQ day was quiet, they’ll register a new low for tickets and holdings this weekend. Responding to the treacherous weather forecast, RVL have moved the start times to [email protected] and [email protected] There’ll be no-one there anyway. My boss, who’s already pulled out of the Valley on Friday Night (lovely on the lawns but funereal in the betting ring), has flagged giving Flemington the flick also.

The news is not good all round. As hinted, the Valley will be a pleasant outing on Friday but the fields are abominable – maidens!! Hopefully the big Xmas party days at Yarra Glen (Friday) and Yea (Saturday) aren’t adversely impacted by the weather – but, let’s be honest, the heatwave and bushfire conditions are horrible and air-con in arcades is going to be the winner.

The heat is even more severe in SA which is terrible news for the SAJC’s double-header. Their twilight Xmas Party has been popular, with the first at 3.07 and the last at 7.25 their time (neatly overlapping MV), but it will be 100+ in the old which can’t help.

Elsewhere the news hasn’t been too encouraging either.

The mooted Aussie invasion of Hong Kong flopped – and Frankie Dettori won the International Jockey of The Year Award!

Owners of The Cleaner lost faith in the fairytale and Tassie’s finest is now in Gippsland with the Gelagotis boys – Mick Burles was a story the media loved but racing can be cruel.

Sad also to see this weekend that long-serving bookie, Anthony Doughty, has been charged with accepting undeclared bets. Whatever his “crime”, I hope he returns to the track as I’ve always considered him to be someone who treats punters and staff well and we need blokes like that swinging the satchel.

Meanwhile, the only “positive” seems to come from references to cobalt. There’s a general feeling that Kav and O’Brien might be doomed. The vets, Brennan and Matthews, are embroiled in really ugly accusations and the whole industry is getting dragged through the mud. And P.G. Moody’s case opened today with stewards labelling his story “hopeless”.

That, alas, might be the epithet for the game!

I’ll wander down to MV on Friday and be on the couch under the air-con watching the races Saturday – needing to make up for a lost day’s pay. Help!

Good luck!


  1. Yes Crio, it’s the Sister Olive race day at Yea on Saturday. As members we would normally go, but adrive to Yea in 40c is not my fun. I’ve been on track in Berrigan and Corowa on some stinkers, that have hovered near the 40c mark, but the twisty windy, narrow road to Yea is quite foreboding.

    I see Echuca are starting early today, with Wang on Saturday now being a twilight. I might need to wait until Corowa on December 28 before i once again grace a race track.


  2. Friday night will be a non event for me, work Xmas do is starting in 30 mins and on to another one this evening, so hopefully I’ll be bright eyed enough to take on the early start for tomorrow.
    Flem Race 3 Lunayir was an OK run in Adelaide and this field is weaker so I’ll have something on.
    Race 6 Lonrock Star
    Race 9 Anaphora
    Adelaide is a very average meeting and it’s going to be 43 deg (AGAIN!!) so I’ll be very careful.

    Here’s my Cobalt market to get off
    O’Brien 100/1
    Kav 100/1
    Moody evens
    The interesting thing will be if anyone tries to sue Brennan because there is probably some professional indemnity insurance, I’m sure the legal developments will go on forever.

    I’m potentially at Caulfield on Boxing Day so looking forward to that.

  3. Well RVL have pulled the plug on Saturday. A pity but perfectly sensible. I’m still none the wise what Racing NSW will do with the Albury meeting. Ditto re South Australian racing with Morphetville. It’s been a stinker over there. Now , time to sit down and study what is actually running.


  4. Adelaide is now cancelled so looks like a lazy day on the couch unless there’s some Sydney tipsters out there or the Budge has found one in Briisy

  5. Could be worse. My 16yo son has played 2 days of golf tournament at Barooga, next 2 days are at Tocumwal. Fortunately he doesn’t want me to caddy for him so it’s beers by the pool at Tocumwal for me.

  6. Perfect night at the Valley. Light breeze. Not hot. Races rubbish.
    Has to be better than watching the T20 crap.

  7. Crio I totally concur re the BBL shite. I watched the last few races, but did not have a bet. I’d put enough on Steel Trigger of late, but bot this start. To my chagrin the bugger saluted. It is truly a mugs game.

    I watched the trots from Finland. They were intriguing.


  8. I’m sure the T20 would have been on tv at the valley. Great holiday fare.

  9. I should have had a try today. As notified, big Sam Clipperton fan.
    Still, no bet equals no loss. and no work today equals no coin

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