Almanac Racing: We snagged the Cup trifecta

Well played Lunchers.

The trifecta romped home.

26.78% x $1541.30 = $412.75

To be donated to the charity of our raffle-winner’s choice.

We will now have $100 on The Quarterback this Saturday.

[Can anyone remember who won the raffle?]

Melbourne Cup Lunch 2016


After much deliberation and with the assistance of Greg Carpenter, Robbie Griffiths, and Andy Gemmell, the Almanac Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch has sorted out The Cup. We’ve gone with, in order of selection:


6.  Hartnell

12.  Jameka

20.  Oceanographer

17.  Almandin

  1. Big Orange

8.  Wicklow Brave

13. Heartbreak City

9. Almoonquith



This means we will have an 8 x 7 x Field trifecta (1232 combinations) for $330

1 6 8 9 12 13 17 20

1 6 8 9 12 13 17 20


That gives us 26.8% of the trifecta dividend.


The remaining $100 will go on Robbie Griffiths horse, The Quarterback in the Darley Classic on Saturday.


Good punting everyone.




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  1. A camel is a horse designed by a committee.
    The Gamblers Anonymous (WA Chapter) annual golf day is assembling on the first tee at Royal Wembley golf course at 8.30am today (WST). All wishing to avoid the hoopla, bullshit and drunks are welcome to join in.

  2. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    Best of luck all…

    Gai and Adrian Bott off to a fly at the time of replying.

  3. If you watch the race, remarkably K. McEvoy does not fan on the corner. Rather, he holds his nerve and goes back inside a couple of horses. He maintains the smother,confident the gaps will appear in a field under pressure. Then finds clear running at the right moment.

    Jameka is off the rails and perfectly placed four wide with nothing in front of her – looking like The Diva. Unfortunately she didn’t have the Diva’s sprint left. Almandin and Heartbreak City go either side of her.

    The accelerate better than any others, at the right time.

    Who Shot Thebarman accelerates late. HIs old mate Grand Marshal follows him home.

    It was a thrilling race.

    Of course I dismissed Almandin outright on Offsiders.

  4. “Can anyone remember who won the raffle?”
    A question which indicates that it indeed must have been a good lunch!!

  5. Smoke – it was a marvellous lunch as usual. We were due to snag the trifecta. Been very close in recent years.

    JTH if the raffle winner doesn’t come forward I’m sure the Knackers would be happy to see the coin go towards Daniher’s MND cause?

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