Almanac Poetry: Brothers

by Bluestone




I saw them; walking side by side
In the evening when the light had died,
As the mist began to fall
The elder’s arm embraced the ball


Along his side walked his brother
Tired, slower he could not walk faster
And the elder’s arm across his shoulder
Drew him on as it grew colder


The darkness, growing, engulfed them both
A streetlight flickered on the post,
It was their bond on which it shone
And lit their path as they made for home


And my thoughts fled back to my own youth,
To darkened times when we were used
To kick the ball out on the street,
A single light to guide our feet


And I wonder now if a friendship grew
Between us then; the Old and New,
The younger son and one just older,
An arm across the others shoulder.



About Andrew Mains

I understand that footy is constantly evolving, that what we see today is a result of what has gone before. I'm not sure though that we shouldn't spend a little time harking back, reveling in what it was that drew us to the game. That may be the 1920's, '60s or even the Millennium ... whatever it was, when ever we went, whatever we saw made us converts to a greater village. Sharing the feelings and some facts may shed some light on what was good then and that we might compare it to today.


  1. Judy Sporton says

    That is very very beautiful Andrew! Thanks to my dad ,I do love poetry-have written some myself!! Good for you! Keep writing!!!

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