Almanac Melbourne Cup Think-tank: The time-honoured Almanac trifecta




Hi Punters


The time-honoured Almanac Melbourne Cup trifecta will be the subject of discussion over a Microsoft Teams think-tank from 7.30 pm (Victorian time) tonight (Monday). Looking forward to the theorising.

Join us via this link:

Also, please send JTH an email to say you’re getting involved so he knows to look out for you. His phone number is 0417 635030 if you’re having any problems with the link.

We’ll run a few sweeps.

One $20 sweep to make the prize worthwhile. (Unless there is a groundswell against this idea) Everyone will get a horse.

And a number of $5 sweeps, according to numbers.


Also, your contribution to the Cup trifecta is welcome.


Please EFT

To Malarkey Publications
BSB 633000
A/C 154103428

Make sure your name is in the reference.


All mail on all race meetings around the country welcome.

D.I. Dodson will have runners, including one with a chance at reasonable odds..


See you tonight.


Good punting,


Can anyone remember us winning it:






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