Almanac (Junior) Footy: Local footy at its best

by Zachariak Kornitschuk


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon and two rivals Blackburn and Vermont were playing each other at Blackburn’s home ground. I was playing for Blackburn. Heading into the game I wolfed down my breakfast to get my energy going and ready for the game. I was really keen to play because it was a key game for our team. I arrived at the ground and was focused on the game entirely. During the warm-up everyone wasn’t as focused as we thought we were. Our coach said that we needed to lift for this particular game because they had beaten us earlier on in the season.

So the first quarter began and I started on the field at half-back. I had to admit it was a tough first quarter because Vermont was really attacking. The first quarter had ended just like it had started except we were attacking. Their lead had stretched out to thirty-two points.

We jogged into the quarter-time break and everything was positive, we had held the ball really well and didn’t crack under pressure. To add to the cold day it had started raining and from then on it was a bad game (weather-wise).

The second quarter started and the game really shifted up a gear, which meant that we performed well. I assisted with a goal. My team (Blackburn) had a six point lead when the half-time siren went.

In the half time break we discussed some key points and problems as a team and pointed out how we needed to shut down their key mid-fielder’s. We jogged out onto the ground for the third quarter and we practised hand-balling and kicking drills before the quarter was due to start.

The quarter finally started and two minutes in we had conceded two goals which wasn’t the greatest start really. In the third quarter Vermont kicked away and scored 6 goals to put them up by 7 points.

As the third quarter drew to a close, my team kicked 5 goals to really even out the game and when the third quarter finished the game completely broke open. Vermont was leading by 7 points at the three quarter time break.

During the three quarter time break our coach talked about how personally we could impact the game ourselves and how we could win the game. Coach revved us up and sent us out there to win the fourth quarter and hopefully the game. We ended up winning the game by nine points through two goals from our full-forward in the last two minutes, it was fantastic win.


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  1. Zac, The Tigers needed you and your coach in our last quarter against North!!! So great to see your piece published, Zac! It was lovely spending time with you on Wednesday and I am so pleased you polished this piece and submitted it – you must be so proud! I look forward to reading more of our your work and saying g’day!

  2. Neil Anderson says

    As an old Blackburn South boy ( really old ) I was interested in reading a report on a footy match in that area.
    I wondered if Blackburn South teams would be in your competition or perhaps Burwood and District.
    Being an older writer, I am very envious of you and your classmates. And not only for your writing ability at such a young age.
    You obviously have an excellent teacher, who has arranged for John Harms to give you an extra-curricular tutorial on sports-writing no less. Our English classes at the junior level would have involved essays about ‘what I did on my holidays’ and the story of a penny (pre-1966) as it’s passed on by various owners.
    I also realized these days you have the benefit of word-processors which I have only discovered in recent years. Oh how I would have loved to have some of my early writing attempts in neatly typed print instead of my messy left-handed scrawl.
    I’m sure you appreciate the advantages at school compared to us oldies, but I suppose you still need motivation and imagination to make the most of it. Submitting your article to the Almanac has been a good start.

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