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I come to you, my Almanac brothers, and sisters, to help Denise, my sister and I understand one major concern in our lives.  Here we are, with Denise recovering from her colonoscopy and me being the caregiver needed in these circumstances, playing a game that she picked up in her apartment foyer.  A discarded game left lonely and abandoned until Denise finally relented and took it home.


Its first foray into the world of our play is on Thursday afternoon.  After a rest and a few games of rummy tiles, we watched life from our fourth-floor windows the Larwill Studio Apartments in Parkville, people walking their dogs and running up and down the hill outside, and the sky turning from grey, to blue, to pink singed wispy clouds.




With our cups of tea, dried fruit and chocolate, we shifted our attention from outside to  inside a square box.

‘Footy Trivia: A game of Skill and Knowledge’. Yeah, if you were a deep footy fan of the 80’s when it came out.



There are two footy players on the back, one we know gone in awful circumstances, Danny Frawley and another player (help?). They look totally engrossed in this AFL sponsored game.


Maybe they understood the rules.


The game has long lost its small footy token.  We are uncertain whether the almond and the macadamia nuts we used as our ‘players’ were meant to be both used, or whether, after laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants, we were meant to use only one representing the ball in a game.



With 15-minute quarters set on the timer on my phone, we changed the rules several times as it became clear we were hopelessly lost in the rules. Do we move individually, or as one? We had choices, questions A, B or C.  If we moved near to the goals, we could ask a goal question.



We knew we were hopelessly lost, as we kept changing the way we played.



So we throw it out to the Almanac community.  How the hell do we play this game?  We tried to Google instructions. Zilch. I know there are enough footy nerds/brilliant minds and insane people that at least some of you may have heard of this game.


We will play again tomorrow.  Can you help us crazy gals with the rules?  There are some written but obviously with not enough clarity for we two so that’s why we keep making it up as we go along (because we can, says Denise.)  Thanks in advance people of the mad variety.  All hope lies with you.



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About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Looks like Gavin Brown with Danny Frawley. Good luck with the game!

  2. Tony Taylor says

    Ask questions
    Answer questions
    Win or lose.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Thank you Colin for Gavin …thanks Tony for making us laugh again. You are right!

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    A funny thing happens when you read instructions a few more times… I think we figured it out… was funnier when we stuffed it up!

  5. Chris Weaver says

    I remember this game. It was the brainchild of Hawthorn half forward James ‘Freak’ Morrissey – he released it in 1992 with an official AFL licence. (I know this because he tried flogging it at a footy clinic I was at that was run by one of his former teammates).

    As others have stated, that’s Gavin Brown with Danny Frawley.

    Good luck, Yvette – I hope Denise has a safe and speedy recovery.

  6. Chris, 1992 was a great year for St Kilda beating Collingwood in the Elimination Final,. Of course, the 1966 Grand Final against Collingwood was even better. I could go on with finals wins by St Kilda against Collingwood in finals in 2008 and 2009.

    If only, St Kilda could have held on in the last 5 minutes of the 2010 Drawn Grand Final against Collingwood after Brendan Goddard took a Sainsational mark and then kicked a goal to put St Kilda 6 points up.

    Why have I mentioned all of this?
    This is because it’s all Footy Trivia between St Kilda and Collingwood.

    I really hope St Kilda can do in 2023, if not next year, what Melbourne has done so far this year and even better. Melbourne finished 17th in 2019, having finished 4th in 2018, and are currently top of the ladder after 13 rounds in 2021. The Saints have enough talent. St Kilda need luck with injuries to key players in the next few years and a better game plan, as Ross Lyon came up with a winning game plan in 2009, with 19 wins in a row. Come on St Kilda, don’t think, don’t hope do! Win your 2nd flag by 2023, and hopefully with Paddy Ryder still in the team.

    If St Kilda can do that, it will be much more than trivial to all its very long suffering supporters, and the Board game will be the current St Kilda Board’s gain!

  7. Hi I have already emailed some notes on this board game, not sure if you received them.
    My name is Gary Barnett and back in the late 80’s I started up a company called Clever Thoughts Etc.
    In the early 90’s I invented a board game called Footy Trivia, the game was a great success throughout Australia distributed in most states.
    If anyone wishes to speak to me call me on 0401 343 878.
    I later went on to invent the board game Howzat Cricket Trivia which was also distributed throughout all the states.

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