Almanac Footy Teams – Max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Blue Max was a movie released back in 1966. It was about a German fighter pilot in the latter parts of the “Great Trade War”. I have very vague memories of seeing it circa 1967-1968. I was VERY YOUNG.


Any how it made me think of the name Max, and some of those called Max who have graced our footy ovals.


B:   Oppy, (Rich).                                  Spencer, (GC).                                Walker, (Mel).


HB:     Rooke, (Geel).                          McMahon, (Haw).                          Richardson, (Coll/Fitz).


C:  Kroger, (Geel).                               Urquhart, (Coll).                              Papley, (SM).


HF James, (SM.)                                 Cross, (Foot).                                   George, (Fitz).


F: Crow, (Ess/St K/Foot).                 Oaten, (SM).                                     Rippon, (Fitz).


Foll: Gawn, (Mel).  Ritchie, (NM),   Evans, (Rich).


Inter: O’Halloran, (Foot/Carl). Parker,(Foot).  Duffy, (Freo). Bailey, (Haw).


Emer:  Miers, (Carl/Fitz). Turner, (Coll). Warren, (NM). Hetherington, (Geel).


Who would be the coach?




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  1. Oh Glenn

    You have left out my favourite Max of all time-a guy with one of the coolest names ever-Max Kruse.

    Also of interest is the fact that there are three Swans Maxes all of whom have had sons play for the club – Oaten (Michael), James (Heath), Papley (Tom)-actually, he is a grandson

  2. Good point Mark. How did i leave out Max Kruse !?!?!

    Not to many from Leeton have played this game at the highest level.


  3. This side is MAX-ed out!

  4. My vote for coach – Max Merritt. Max is still with us, aged 77, God bless him!

  5. Mark, you’d certainly get MAXimum effort from that side. Max bygraves could be lead singer for the club’s song.

  6. Team Sponsor – Max Kirwan Mazda ………….. “Good one Max !”

  7. Even though you have named Max Ritchie on the ball, he could always be Chairman of Selectors.

    Vivid memories of him performing that role, wearing a garish checked jacket (in club colours) alongside Ron Barrassi in North’s 1977 Premiership win.

  8. Mark this is a bit of a jaunt across the Riverina. From Leeton, home town of Max Kruse, over to Culcairn then home of Max Ritchie.

    In the middle of this we have Lockhart from where Max Urquhart hails.


  9. Ross Treverton says

    Max Robertson from South Melbourne would push a claim for CHB.

  10. Vague recollections of m y Max Roberston footy card when I was a kid.. From memory he had a blond kind of affro.

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Terrific team Glen ! Unlike the Bruces, the Maxes are making a comeback in the schoolyards across Australia.
    My nominations:
    Max Davidson -16 games for Collingwood in 1956 including a Prelim, then disappeared from the VFL.
    Max Cole – Fitzroy (52 games from 1965-69)
    Surely Max Hudghton from StKilda deserves a spot ?
    Coach: Max Hislop (One game for Richmond against Carlton in 1920 for a loss) If only they’d given him a bit more time !

  12. Team sponsor has to be Pepsi Max with the official team scorer being Maxine someone- or – other. Any player not performing up to the standard required could expect to cop Maxwell’s silver hammer on his head.

  13. PS Why hasn’t anyone given consideration to Max Headroom?

  14. Max Von Sydow as the Greatest Coach That Ever Played addressing the team at half time in the GF. 12 a side in those days. Good to see AFLW gets a mention, with Mary at Full Forward for the big comeback in the second half.

  15. Mark Duffett says

    Max Basheer to be club CEO.

  16. Well played, Glen!
    The nickname of this team is surely the 86-ers!

  17. Ta chaps.

    Sorry Mark, Max Urquhart is from Urana Lockhart is a metropolis compared to Urana.

    How did i leave out Max Hudghton ?Easily the best of the modern day Max’s.

    Phil some more name sides are on the card, though further research is required. Options could be Harold, as in Preston legend Harold Martin who played 1 game for Fitzroy in 1968. Maybe Derek, as in Derek Peardon an indigenous fellow who played for Richmond in Tommy Hafey’s era. Possibly a team of players called Brendan, or Arthur, but how many Arthur’s can you include ?


  18. Good work Glen!
    Good fun.

    Reckon you’re a bit harsh suggesting not too many good footballers have come out of Leeton….

    Current players include Jacob Hopper and Jacob Townsend.

    Previously Jim Lyons (Carlton), Ross Elwin (South Melbourne), and Craig Nettlebeck (Swans/Freo/Melbourne).

    Tommy Hafey famously declared that if Craig Nettlebeck didn’t make AFL we could send him to Hollywood!

    Last time I ran into Netters he was living in a neighbouring suburb in Sydney.

  19. G’day Rocket Nguyen.

    I actually can’t recall too many players from Leeton in my life time. The young pair you mention, yep, i know of them,ditto Craig Nettlebeck

    Some information now please. Jim Lyons, Ross Elwin, are players i surmise predated my following of footy, circa 1969, thus i ‘m not cognisant of them.

    Can you update me on their playing careers?


  20. Singers Rocket says

    Thanks for your interest Glen!

    Des Lyons only played a few games on match permit with Carlton in 1960 at CHF before heading home to help with the family trucking business. Widely regarded as one of the best not to go on and play VFL. See Adam McNichol’s piece in last year’s Country Day match special in the AFL Record.
    Des came back to Leeton and won a couple of Gammage medals and played a pivotal role in the South-West league’s VCFL Country Championship win in 1964.

    Rossie Elwin went to South Melbourne in 1968 and won the Best 1st year Player award and played until 1970 when he returned to coach the Reddies’. He coached Culcairn in the Farrer league 1971-71 before returning to Leeton and playing in their 1975 and 1978 premiership teams. He then went out to Barellan. I got to know Rossie when he was a club delegate for Barellan in the old Central Riverina League when I was at the Bushpigs. Terrific fella.

    And I’ve forgotten two!
    Jacob Townsend, who of course played in Richmond’s 2017 flag winning team, and before that the Giants. Son of Pete. Not from The Who.
    Damien Lang who played with the Swans and Carlton in the early 1990s.

    A reasonable number Glen!?

  21. Security for the team would be covered by agent 86 himself – would you believe it, MAXWELL SMART, with a little help from 99 and the Chief.

  22. Manager of Football Operations …………….. Larrabee ……………. Not !!!

  23. Ta Dr Rocket, always happy to defer to your knowledge of all things sporting from the Riverina,and beyond.

    Family trucking business, hey? Des Lyons seems like a predeccesor to the great Berrigan ruckman Fred Way who returned home to the family trucking business.

    Ross Elwin would have been a contemporary of Fred Way but i can’t place him.

    Jacob Townsend finished 2017 in a blaze of glory. Richmond delisted him end of 2018, but i believe now have him on the rookies list . Who is his dad Pete?


  24. I seriously thought that as a young player Damien Lang was going to be the next big thing.

    As a youngster, he reminded me very much of a young David Rhys-Jones.

    He never quite lived up to my lofty expectations.

  25. Look out in the future for St Kilda’s Max King. He could end up the best Max of all! Hopefully, he does and has a good run without any more major injuries for St Kilda’s sake.

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