Almanac Economics: To what extent will South Australians go to mention Barrie Robran?

Here is a piece from the Herald Sun which tells us a little about the new hierarchy at the Reserve Bank of Australia, but a hell of a lot more about the importance of Barrie Robran to South Australians, especially Plug Harcourt (and the likes of Fran Kelly).

Worth a read just for the reference.

That link may take you to a pay walled article – however, here’s the key words from the article about Dr. Debelle:

Former schoolmate and fellow economist Tim Harcourt, who studied economics alongside Dr Debelle at the University of Adelaide, labelled him “an obvious choice” who had cut his teeth steering the RBA’s financial markets depart­ment through the 2007-08 crisis.

Dr Debelle, who plays in the RBA’s house band — wrote his thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on inflation targeting, which came in handy at a meet-and-greet with a former PM, Mr Harcourt said.

“Rudd asked him where he did his doctorate, and he said ‘MIT’; Rudd then proceeded to talk to him for 40 minutes or so about inflation targeting, so he was clearly hooked.”

South Australian Dr Deb­elle became a Carlton supporter after watching his club North Adelaide down the Blues by a point in the 1972 Championship of Australia decider.

“Barrie Robran gave (Carlton champ­ion Alex) Jesaulenko a towelling that day,” Mr Harcourt ­reflected.

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  1. Waste of time putting up any links to News Limited articles. All behind a pay wall. User pays – what would you expect from the Reserve Bank?

  2. PB, I’ve now added the necessary reference – for all those who don’t bow to Rupert’s demands.

  3. In south Australia, there is only two degrees of separation to someone important. For example, Barrie Robran knows Fred Bloch and Fred Bloch knows Bob Neil.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Or in the case of Rulebook, one degree.

  5. Barrie Robran himself when marketing manager of north adelaide FC told me there were high level roosters supporters in arts and media notably

    Robyn Archer – musician and festival director
    Fran Kelly – ABC radio presenter
    Beccy Cole – country music star

    So it’s not just the RBA that the north adelaide FC has influence

  6. Barrie Robran = bigger legend than Bob Neil (almost). Proud to know them both (as well as Rulebook).

  7. Fair enough Ambassador Harcourt refers so smoothly in any conversation to the great South Australian and North Adelaide footy star, Barry “could’ve’vfl’d” Robran, given he’s both a Croweater and Rooster-booster. But mentioning North’s 1 point win over Carlton, without a hat-tip to Mal Brown’s East Perth beating up the VFL’s Blues a few days before is rather dissuasive.

    I raise this as one of the few Hawthorn fans to attend and survive the crowd of 37,000+ SA fanatics at Adelaide Oval the year before, who witnessed the Hawks beat Robran’s locally awesome team (without any prelims) by only 24 points in a pulsating last quarter.

    [Good pic here:

    Since, the Roosters have provided Hawthorn with an elite group of players – dashing Bohdan Jaworskyj (1973-75), the sublime Darren Jarman (1991-95), reliable Nick Holland (1994–05) – and perhaps a fourth … highly-regarded current three-gamer Ryan Burton with an opportunity for a maiden final this year.

  8. Ad Uni FC had a dinner to celebrate,the great man,Fred Chocka Bloch receiving a OAM for his services to footy and even economics in which,Barrie Robran was to be a guest speaker any way my phone rings
    Hello Malcolm Ashwood speaking good morning,Malcolm its Barrie Robran hi I am just seeing if it’s ok with you if propose a toast to Fred at the end of my speech I reply that’s fine,Barrie.I get off the phone
    wow,God just asked me for permission.! The garden job I was doing at the time the client happened to be with me at the time I suddenly went a hell of a lot higher in his estimatio.Rabs who was also heavily involved in organizing the night I am sure will agree it was a sensational night.Bob Neil,Fred Chocks Bloch and Barrie Robran well and truly,SA footy legends.I have been asked several times to compare,B Robran to a modern player my answer is Nathan Fyfe in full flight is comparable but,B Robran was a mile better kick.

  9. In 1972 I was a recently arrived Victorian who still barracked for the Blues. I was at Adelaide Oval that day and I still blame Mal Brown. I have had a hatred of the Brown family ever since. There are no words to describe this passion, despite having long since abandoned the Biues.

  10. Well, they do call Tim Harcourt the ‘Airport Barrie Robranist’ after all. But, yes, Robran has that rare quality held by few South Australian footballers of being universally admired / loved regardless of which club you follow/ed. Not many others spring to mind: Garry McIntosh (although this is very much in a hindsight sense for many), Paul Bagshaw, Ralph Sewer and a few others maybe.

  11. Ah yes, Mal Brown The Terrible…whacked about 6 blokes and got 1 week from the SANFL tribunal! Them was the days. The Robran v Ebert discussion occurs in SA and as a Port man, I am biased, but I think Robran was slightly better. He never looked to be going fast, but nobody could tackle him. Until L. Matthews.

  12. Dave, please don’t speak on behalf of everyone.

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