Almanac Country Footy: The Rupanyup FC song

Steve Earl mentioned that he had the Rupanyup club song ready to go at the Geoffrey Blainey lunch recently.

Timely, given DaveP’s excellent piece on Rupanyup (who play in the Horsham District League these days) to celebrate the words:



(to the tune of ‘Along the Road to Gundagai’)

C’mon boys make some noise
We’re the red hot saveloys
We are the boys from R-U-P
With the football we are handy
We’re always slick and dandy
So take this tip from me….
You can train all your locals
And train ’em to the top
But the Rup boys are coming
We’re coming on a hop
Any plum any pud
Are the Rup boys any good
We are the boys from R-U-P!


Read DaveP’s piece on the Rupanyup Rumour in The Footballer, 29 May 1954


  1. The mere mention of Rupanyup makes me think of Johnny Sudholz, an overweight, unfit goal sneak, but what a legend, still fondly remembered by anyone connected with South Melbourne back in the day,and to hear of his problems in later years makes me very sad, hope he bounces back like anyone else dealing with the Black Dog, cheers

  2. Classic! Would love to know who wrote it. They have a way with words up at Rup. A Town with Pulse as they have self-promoted and 2016 is the International Year of Pulses. Saveloy and pulses – Rup is the food bowl of the Wimmera and with the Barley for the beer they have it set.

  3. Peter Clark says

    Reading the words of Rupanyup’s club song to the tune of ‘Along the Road to Gundagai’ I suddenly thought I was back in the sheds at Nixon Park Temora in 1977 singing the Temora (Kangaroos) club song.

    “Are we good, are we good, are we any bloody good

    We are the boys from Temora town

    You can bring up all the locals and bring ’em to the top

    Temora boys are coming, w’ere coming on the hop

    Are we good, are we good, are we any bloody good

    We are the boys from Temora town”

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