Almanac Book Cover 2016: The case for Boomer

Feels like this one writes itself. His record breaking achievement this year is a once in 119 years sort of occurrence. His quality of play was high, right up to the end, and his departure from the Roos is one of the more sensational stories of the year.

Brent Harvey was put on the NM list 20 years 9 months and 21 days ago. To play the season he has is so freakishly unlikely. He’s kicked 36 goals. He’s had nearly 500 disposals.

His games record breaking weekend surely had more individual pageantry than any other moment this season.

If we’re attaching to an individual in season 2016, it’s Boomer’s year. Paint him in the 427 jumper!


Check out all nominations – cases made here.

About Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson wore number 47 for Hawthorn. So did Dermott Brereton.


  1. Matt Quartermaine says

    Good case for the all time record holder Tony. Also a case to be made for Pav, but in terms of Almanac sales it’s probably Swanny, because we all know Collingwood sells; just ask the Herald Sun.

  2. Taylah Harris, Moanna Hope, Daisy Pearce

  3. Totally agree. Who else comes close? Good piece.

  4. I think the time has come for alternative covers on the Almanac, some with boomer, some with Swannie and some with the Big Pav on the cover.. well, just a thought..

  5. You had my vote at “Boomer”

    Who else but Boomer?

  6. Boomer first ,daylight second !

  7. Actually, for the stir of it…

    Has the Almanac ever had a West Australian on the cover? Or Crow Eater? Pav. Share the love.

    (but really, Boomer)

  8. Matt seem to remember Buddy Franklin, albeit in Swans gear on 2014 cover.

  9. It’s a no-brainer. The cover pic has to be Boomer Harvey. The all-time games record holder on the cover of the tenth Almanac. Declaration of interest: not a North fan, not even a Vic, but I am a short guy (5’7″ in the old money).

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