Noel Young

Originally from Pyramid Hill, a small country town in mid-northern Victoria, Noel Young spent virtually all his working life as a banker. As retirement approached, Noel decided he would turn his hand to drawing and painting, which – not coincidentally – was his best subject at school.

Noel’s a passionate St.Kilda fan (since I was about 12-13 yrs old) and has been a Saints member for the last 40 years (and counting!). He still remembers the very day he bacame a Sainter. “My local club Pyramid Hill (who wore the Saints jumper in those days) had just won a game for the first time in many years, making us all very happy. As we jumped in our old ford pilot to go home after the game, we heard on the radio that St Kilda had also broken a long drought of losses and their young Full Forward Billy Young (name-sake, although not related) had starred in that win kicking 7 goals! That was enough for me and although we only won the one premiership in ’66 they’ve provided me and members of my family memories that will be treasured for ever.”

Self taught, Noel’s main subjects of painting are either portraits or action shots of prominent AFL players.

Over the last 18 months – now with more time on his hands, Noel produced portraits of Ron Barassi and his coaching mentor, the great Norm Smith.

Ron’s very positive response in accepting these as gifts has encouraged Noel to do more of the same, and the sample prints on canvas of Noel’s originals are the result of many enjoyable hours at the easel.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the painting details.

Buddy Gaz

Harvs Roo