Almanac Art: Bustling Billy at Punt Road (by Kate Birrell)

Kate Birrell Billy Barrot


Bustling Billy at Punt Road

by Kate Birrell

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  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Nice one Kate

  2. Kate Birrell says

    The Billy piece is part of series looking at old grounds, stands and players that I have read about, and, or who have captured my imagination.

    You can read more here
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  3. He was a terrific centreman for the Tigers in his prime. Clay, Barrot and Bourke will never be bettered as a centreline. Billy coached my West Torrens in the SANFL at the end of his career. An ageing thoroughbred trying to inspire a mob of cart pullers. His 3/4 time addresses are burnt into my ears.
    I was there for Billy’s famous 90 metre goal against Swish’s Centrals at Thebarton Oval in 1973. Only the Blight after the siren is a better kick for goal. Billy is at 3.40 in this clip.

  4. Vale Billy Barrot.

    My earliest footy memories of the VFL are the late 60s. I just remember it was always Richmond and Carlton and Collingwood. And the name Billy Barrot had some appeal – Billy Barrot.

    Thanks Kate, for this terrific painting.

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Bit before my time Kate. Read about him as a kid and watched him in full flight in the replay of the 1967 GF (My all time favourite GF as the artistry of football is displayed in droves)

    I love the painting and how it captures the burgeoning modern athlete (Billy) transcending eras. If Richmond don’t pay you a packet to put this wonderful piece of work up in their club rooms, they have rocks in their head. Bottle this one !!

  6. I have vague memories of him from my , long ago, youth.

    Jog my memory. Was there an episode i the players rooms where Kevin Sheedy floored him ?

    I remember more of seeing him on TV in 1971 playing for the Blue baggers.

    He was the best of the Barrott brothers to play VFL.


  7. I had a poster of Barrot in my bedroom. His muscles were huge. Someone said he kicked a drop kick goal from the centre of the MCG. The swap with Stewart was big news, no one saw it coming.

  8. bring back the torp says

    Thanks for the video, Peter B., very interesting.

    Barrot was well known for his monster torps.

    Out of curiosity, the commentators said it was a 90 metre torp. Do you know the ground dimensions, where exactly on the ground did he kick it from, was he kicking with a strong wind (it was about half way up the post)?

    Did other segments of the media also comment on its length, any consensus about the 90 metre claim being accurate?

    Barrot was very strong, and executed many superb long torps -but 90 metres would have been one of his best! A part of the game sadly missing now, to our great detriment. Kids used to love spending hours, kick to kick, trying to perfect the torp! A wonderful part of our culture then.

    Jeff Fehring kicked a torpedo goal for St Kilda from the middle of Moorabbin in 1981. A few days later, it was carefully measured out at about 87 metres.
    Anthony and Sav Rocca could both kick monster torps. Many Collingwood fans say the biggest roar they have ever heard was when, in a Prelim. final,Sav Rocca kicked a huge torp goal, against Adelaide I believe.

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    If you look real closely, you’ll see me on the receiving end of Barrot’s goal.

  10. Amazing goal PB. it reminds me of one ‘God’ kicked from the centre of Princess Park when Geelong beat Fitzroy there in 1994. That kic came from amos the dead heart of the ground, 1/2 the ground length

    ‘Swish’, the black and white coverage makes it hard to recognise you. Give us a clue: what sort of top are you wearing ?


  11. Comments and reflections are much appreciated everyone.

    Thoughts too, with the Barrot family and their loss.

  12. Lovely stuff, Kate. Just beautiful.

  13. For some reason, I seem to remember Bill Barrot playing reserves footy at North Melbourne in the mid-70’s, but I may be mistaken.

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