All Australian Squad announced – who makes the final cut?

(First published Monday 29 August)

The All Australian squad of 40 players was announced today (Monday 29/8).

The Interstate teams are well represented with Adelaide having 6 selections, 5 for GWS and Sydney and West Coast 4.


Who do you think will make the final 22 to be announced on Thursday?


Who missed out?


Eddie Betts, Josh Jenkins, Rory Laird, Tom Lynch, Rory Sloane, Daniel Talia




Sam Docherty, Kade Simpson


Scott Pendlebury, Adam Treloar




Lachie Neale


Patrick Dangerfield, Corey Enright, Joel Selwood


Tom Lynch


Stephen Coniglio, Toby Greene, Tom Scully, Heath Shaw, Callan Ward


Jack Gunston, Sam Mitchell, Cyril Rioli


Max Gawn


Robbie Tarrant


Jasper Pittard


Dustin Martin, Alex Rance


Jack Steven


Lance Franklin, Dan Hannebery, Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, Dane Rampe


Andrew Gaff, Josh Kennedy, Jeremy McGovern, Luke Shuey


Marcus Bontempelli, Matthew Boyd


  1. There’s always got to be unlucky midfielders in this. Tried filling all the other positions first and then did the midfielders by process of elimination.

    At a rough guess:
    B: S.Docherty (Carl), A.Rance (Rich), K.Simpson (Carl)
    HB: H.Shaw (GWS), R.Tarrant (North), D.Talia (Adel)
    C: L.Shuey (WC), R.Sloane (Adel), L.Neale (Frem)
    HF: C.Rioli (Haw), L.Franklin (Syd), L.Parker (Syd)
    F: E.Betts (Adel), J.Kennedy (WC), T.Lynch (GC)
    R: M.Gawn (Melb), P.Dangerfield (Geel), J.Kennedy (Syd)
    I/C: D.Martin (Rich), M.Bontempelli (WB), D.Hannebery (Syd), J.Selwood (Geel)

    Unlucky S.Mitchell (Haw), S.Pendlebury (Coll), J.Steven (St.K)

  2. I don’t mind your selections aussie80s however I would have included Rampe in the back line at the expense of either Simpson. Docherty has been great for the Blues, as Simpson but I don’t think you could have two Blues in the team this year particularly defenders. Rampe has been effective on every type of forward.

  3. Glenn Butcher says

    Josh Kennedy from the Swans has to be in after his bewildering omission last year. Has possibly had an even better season. Heath Grundy stiff not to make the squad.

  4. Peter Warrington says

    Second ruck! Mummy?

    Would lynch do it?

  5. Trevor Blainey says

    as usual the issue is ‘who to leave out’ but Zach Merrett is very unlucky. he has the 6th highest disposals in the AFL at a very high efficiency rating (70+%), 12 30+ games in a poor team. he’s 20. he’s had to be a sheep dog to losing rucks with no help. they probably don’t know him yet but they will.

  6. Pittard probably wont make the final cut. But he’s been one of the few shining lights in 2016 for Port. His decision making, run and carry and ability to take the game on has been a breath of fresh air in a season where Port as a team have struggled.

  7. F E Betts ( Ad ) J Kennedy ( WC ) T Lynch ( GC )
    HF L Parker ( Syd ) B Franklin ( Syd) D Martin ( Rich )
    C J Steven ( St Kilda) P Dangerfield ( Gee) A Treloar ( Coll)
    HB R Laird ( Ad ) A Rance ( Rich) C Enright ( Gee)
    B H Shaw ( GWS ) D Talia ( Ad) D Rampe ( Syd)
    1st Ruck M Gawn ( Melb) J Kennedy ( Syd) R Sloane ( Ad )
    I T Greene ( GWS ) D Hanneberry ( Syd) J McGovern ( WC ) C Ward ( GWS )
    Unlucky the other 18

  8. Unlucky re the 40 Brodie Grundy,P Cripps and Z Merrett among a fair few others

  9. Lachie Hunter (Western Bulldogs) very stiff not to be included

  10. I went for balance on the bench but after thinking more the Bont can’t be denied so in Bont out Greene

  11. I reckon this whole All Australian palaver is a diversion.
    Selection for a team that will never exist?
    Does anyone care if they are selected?
    Or are players able to see beyond the externally-bestowed “honour.”

    Of course selection is subjective. Any All Star selection smacks of judgement and a deluded importance placed on winning trophies/ medals/ someone else’s high opinion. Just play the footy. Re-instate interstate games if representative teams are important enough.

  12. Ben Footner says

    Agree with you in part there ER.

    Even if State of Origin is dead in the water as a concept, I’ve never understood why they still don’t have an ‘All South Australian/Western Australian/Victorian’ team announced.

    Surprised the SANFL/WAFL haven’t done something like that as a bit of a money spinner. The acknowledgement of a player’s origins would also keep the state leagues relevant IMO.

  13. Paddy Grindlay says

    Zach Merrett, Pat Cripps, Lachy Hunter very unfortunate.

    From the above:

    FB: Dane Rampe (Syd), Alex Rance (Rich), Heath Shaw (GWS).
    HB: Matthew Boyd (WB), Robbie Tarrant (NM), Rory Laird (Adel).
    C: Adam Treloar (Coll), Rory Sloane (Adel), Jack Steven (StK).
    HF: Dustin Martin (Rich), Lance Franklin (Syd), Luke Parker (Syd).
    FF: Eddie Betts (Adel), Josh Kennedy (WCE), Tom Lynch (GCS).
    Foll: Max Gawn (Melb), Marcus Bontempelli (WB), Patrick Dangerfield (Geel).
    I/C: Stephen Coniglio (GWS), Daniel Talia (Adel), Dan Hannebery (Syd), Josh Kennedy (Syd).

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