Almanac (Local) Cricket: Pomborneit Cricket Club 2020/21 Season – January, February & March Review



Welcome to the Pomborneit Cricket Club’s January, February & March review newsletter, published with many thanks to John Harms and the team at




Five wins, one loss and two abandoned games across January and February for the Division 1 Bulls, who finished the home and away season in third spot. A successful finals campaign saw the Division 1 Bulls claim their third consecutive premiership, a feat not achieved since the early 1950’s.


Round 11
Cobden 9/181 (Grant Place 3/27, Tharaka Sendanayake 2/54) def.
Pomborneit 65 (Tharaka Sendanayake 18)


Round 12
Pomborneit 2/15 v Mortlake
Match abandoned due to rain


Round 13-
Camperdown 51 (Lahiru Fernando 6/11, Tim Place 4/16) lost to
Pomborneit 1/53 (Dave Murphy 24)



Round 14-
Pomborneit 140 (Tim Place 20, Tom Place 19, Luke Reynolds 18, Dave Murphy 16) def.
Bookaar 89 (Lahiru Fernando 3/19, Jack Darcy 2/12, Tim Place 2/23)



Round 15-
Pomborneit 9/268 (Tom Place 96, Dave Murphy 49, Tharaka Sendanayake 44) def.
Simpson 87 (Sam Darcy 5/15, Lahiru Fernando 2/23, Simon Darcy 1/1)


Career best 96 to Tom Place


A maiden 5 wicket haul to Sam Darcy


Simon Darcy made his Pomborneit CC debut alongside sons Jack and Sam


Round 16-
Round abandoned due to lockdown


Round 17-
Noorat 145 (Lahiru Fernando 4/16, Sam Darcy 2/30, Tom Place 2/35) lost to
Pomborneit 2/147 (Dave Murphy 58, Tom Place 49*, Grant Place 23*)


Round 18-
Heytesbury 131 (Tharaka Sendanayake 4/17, Tim Place 3/30, Brad Hillman 2/19) lost to
Pomborneit 7/133 (Tim Place 50, Tom Place 39)


Semi Final-
Pomborneit 5/223 (Tom Place 85*, Grant Place 41, Steve Murphy 36, Dave Murphy 23) def.
Noorat 95 (Brad Hillman 2/13, Tim Place 2/17)



Grand Final-
Mortlake 9/131 (Tharaka Sendanayake 4/23, Lahiru Fernando 3/17, Sam Darcy 1/14, Tom Place 1/26) lost to
Pomborneit 5/136 (Dave Murphy 50, Grant Place 40*, Lahiru Fernando 17)


Division 1 three-peat!


Skipper Grant Place hits the winning runs


Man of the match Dave Murphy


Tharaka Sendanayake presents his medal to the injured Tom Darcy


The winning moment- Grant Place & Stephen Hill embrace


The secretary and the president Luke Reynolds and Dave Murphy




Our Twenty20 team took out the South West CA Twenty20 title, the second such title the club has won, before going on to make the Semi Final in the regional Sungold Cup held in Warrnambool.


T20 Semi Final-
Pomborneit 7/132 (Tom Darcy 24*, Dave Murphy 18, Steve Murphy 16*) def.
Cobden 87 (Lahiru Fernando 4/6, Stephen Hill 2/12, Tim Place 2/24)


T20 Grand Final-
Pomborneit 9/95 (Tim Place 31, Stephen Walters 13, Tom Darcy 12) def.
Mortlake 86 (Tom Place 3/8, Tom Darcy 3/19)


The Twenty20 premiership winning Bulls


The winning moment


Twenty20 GF Man of the Match Tim Place


Sungold T20 Cup Quarter Final-
Hawkesdale 41 (Tharaka Sendanayake 2/3, Lahiru Fernando 2/7, Stephen Walters 2/8, Tim Place 2/9, Brad Hillman 2/13)
lost to
Pomborneit 2/43 (Lahiru Fernando 30*)


The Bulls at the Sungold Cup in Warrnambool


Pre game talk


Sungold T20 Cup Semi Final-
Woodford 5/145 (Stephen Walters 3/32, Brad Hillman 2/25) def.
Pomborneit 8/115 (Stephen Hill 33*, Grant Place 22, Sam Darcy 16)




Six losses across January and February for the Division 2 Bulls, who finished the season in 8th place.


Round 10-
Boorcan 8/210 (Tayla Reynolds 3/42, Tyson Kelly 2/29, Luke Lenehan 2/39) def.
Pomborneit 87 (Luke Reynolds 28, Charlie Voutier 22)


Round 11-
Simpson 6/280 (Wes Lenehan 2/37, Riley Bernoth 2/38) def.
Pomborneit 7/132 (Luke Lenehan 34, Hunter Reynolds 16, Jack Smith 15*, Garry Riches 15)


Round 12-
Pomborneit 43 (Wes Lenehan 9) lost to
Mortlake 2/46 (Luke Lenehan 1/17, Riley Bernoth 1/11)


Round 13-
Pomborneit 71 (Luke Reynolds 26, Jimbo Reynolds 11) lost to
Princetown 5/72 (Hunter Reynolds 5/36)


A maiden 5 wicket haul to Hunter Reynolds


Round 14-
Round abandoned due to lockdown


Round 15-
Pomborneit 77 (Charlie Voutier 30, Jack Nolan 10*) lost to
Ecklin 2/81 (Luke Lenehan 1/13, Hunter Reynolds 1/22)


Round 16-
Woorndoo 4/246 (Dan Lenehan 2/33, Patrick Johnstone 1/30, Tyson Kelly 1/33) def.
Pomborneit 81 (Wes Lenehan 18, Hunter Reynolds 13, Harley Reynolds 12)





Three wins and three losses to the Division 3 Bulls across January and February, finishing the home and away season in 4th spot. The Division 3 Bulls bowed out with a loss in the Semi.


Round 10-
Pomborneit 165 (Stephen Hill 65, Stephen Walters 25, Matt Richardson 17) def.
Princetown 88 (Stephen Walters 4/25, Tony Evans 2/12, Stephen Hill 2/13, Matt Richardson 1/12)


Round 11-
Camperdown 122 (Brent Noonan 4/19, Matt Richardson 2/14) def.
Pomborneit 99 (Matt Richardson 37, Stephen Walters 19)


Round 12-
Pomborneit 32 (Brent Noonan 5) lost to
Bookaar 3/43 (Stephen Hill 2/14, Matt Richardson 1/8)


Round 13-
Noorat 54 (Dean Tevelein 5/7, Stephen Hill 4/17) lost to
Pomborneit 3/57 (Stephen Hill 41*)


First 5 wicket haul at Pomborneit for Dean Tevelein


Round 14-
Round abandoned due to lockdown


Round 15-
Pomborneit 9/169 (Tony Evans 51, Stephen Walters 22) def.
Mortlake 65 (Stephen Hill 4/4, Matt Richardson 2/10)


Round 16-
Pomborneit 8/82 (Tony Evans 21, Stephen Walters 16) lost to
Princetown 5/83 (Stephen Walters 2/10, Stephen Hill 1/21)


Semi Final-
Bookaar 155 (Stephen Hill 3/34, Dean Tevelein 2/27, Stephen Walters 2/28, Tony Evans 2/34) def.
Pomborneit 94 (Stephen Hill 27, Daniel Buck 19)




Pomborneit Women-
4 wins to our Women’s team after the Christmas break saw them finish on top of the ladder after the home and away season, earning the right to host the Grand Final, which unfortunately saw a 5 run loss to end an otherwise very successful season.


Round 6 v Irrewarra
Irrewarra 8/67 (Narelle Place 2/12, Jess Moulden 1/4, Sam LaFranchi 1/12)
lost to
Pomborneit 1/145 (Jess Moulden 31 retired, Grace Lee 31 retired, Sam LaFranchi 30 retired)


30 retired to Jess Moulden, Grace Lee and Sam LaFranchi


Round 7 v Bookaar
Pomborneit 1/122 (Jess Moulden 33 retired, Sam LaFranchi 31 retired, Narelle Place 20*) def.
Bookaar 94 (Remeny McCann 2/5, Nellie Sadler 2/2, Jess Moulden 1/10, Sam LaFranchi 1/13)



Round 8 v Pomborneit A
Pomborneit 4/142 (Jess Moulden 32 retired, Remeny McCann 30) def.
Pomborneit A 6/66 (Sam LaFranchi 2/1, Tayla Reynolds 1/2, Nellie Sadler 1/5)


30’s to Remeny McCann and Jess Moulden


Round 9- Bye

Round 10 v Irrewarra Youth
Pomborneit 2/167 (Jess Moulden 35 retired, Mary Place 33 retired, Sam LaFranchi 31 retired, Remeny McCann 16) def.
Irrewarra Youth 3/91 (Sam LaFranchi 1/8, Tayla Reynolds 1/13)



Grand Final v Bookaar
Bookaar 8/101 (Remeny McCann 2/13, Grace Lee 2/17, Sam LaFranchi 1/11, Jess Moulden 1/16) def.
Pomborneit 6/96 (Jess Moulden 30 retired, Mary Place 30 retired, Narelle Place 15*)


The Grand Final team


Pomborneit A Women-
4 losses after the Christmas break to the Pomborneit A team, finishing the home and away season in 5th place.


Round 6- Bye


Round 7 v Irrewarra Youth
Irrewarra Youth 7/128 (Belinda Lenehan 3/8, Amy Dempsey 1/8, Eden Skene 1/20)
Pomborneit A 7/91 (Lauren Murphy 28, Belinda Lenehan 25*)


Round 8 v Pomborneit
Pomborneit 4/142 (Sheridan Heath 1/14, Honor Rahles-Rahbula 1/20, Janelle Whitehead 1/21) def.
Pomborneit A 6/66 (Mary Place 21)


Round 9 v Bookaar
Pomborneit A 8/50 (Tayla Reynolds 13, Amy Dempsey 4) lost to
Bookaar 3/144 (Tayla Reynolds 1/16, Ella Sadler 1/25)


Round 10 v Irrewarra
Irrewarra 4/155 (Shae DeFrancesco 2/16, Ella Sadler 1/27) def.
Pomborneit A 4/148 (Lauren Murphy 33 retired, Ella Sadler 30 retired, Janelle Whitehead 30 retired)


30 retired to Ella Sadler, Lauren Murphy and Janelle Whitehead




Two wins and two losses after the Christmas break to the Under 16 Bulls, finishing the season in 5th place.


Round 10-
Bookaar 3/163 (Noah Riches 1/26) def.
Pomborneit 60 (Noah Riches 19, Harry Fleming 8)


Round 11-
Cobden 63 (Noah Riches 3/8, Riley Bernoth 3/14, Gavin Reynolds 2/7, Finn Tolland 1/3, Josh Colman 1/26) lost to
Pomborneit 8/90 (Josh Colman 22, Gavin Reynolds 20, Finn Tolland 14)


Round 12-
Mortlake 8/141 (Finn Tolland 3/24, Gavin Reynolds 2/19) def.
Pomborneit 85 (Ben Whytcross 16*, Josh Colman 11, Gavin Reynolds 9, Noah Riches 8)


Round 13-
Abandoned round


Round 14-
Camperdown Dragons 59 (Finn Tolland 5/7, Gavin Reynolds 2/5) lost to
Pomborneit 8/128 (Gavin Reynolds 30, Finn Tolland 19*, Josh Colman 15)


A five for to Finn Tolland


The Under 16 Bulls of 2020/21




One win and three losses to the junior girls after the Christmas break.


Round 6-
Colac 1 2/161 (Tiffany Van Es 1/8, Nancy Leonard-Pekin 1/17) def.
Pomborneit 9/48


Round 7-
Pomborneit 5/79 (Lily Van Es 8, Stella Horspole 5, Lila Horspole 4) lost to
Colac 2 3/98 (Stella Horspole 2/8, Tiffany Van Es 1/7)


Round 8-
Round abandoned


Round 9-
Birregurra 6/77 (Nancy Leonard-Pekin 1/3, Lila Horspole 1/6) lost to
Pomborneit 3/92 (Lily Van Es 8, Nancy Leonard-Pekin 6, Ella Riches 6, Lila Horspole 5, Isla Spokes 5, Charlotte Richardson 5)


Round 10-
Apollo Bay 5/175 (Charlotte Richardson 2/12, Nancy Leonard-Pekin 1/10, Lila Horspole 1/14, Isla Spokes 1/14) def.
Pomborneit 86 (Stella Horspole 10, Lily Van Es 6, Charlotte Richardson 6)




A fantastic season for the Under 13’s, finishing off the season with a Pomborneit derby. While no points are played for in Under 13’s, the enthusiasm from all 26 players who played for the club at this level at both training and on game nights was outstanding.





A third season of the Pomborneit Cricket Club’s Blast program has wound up. 26 participants who all had lots of fun. Many thanks to our Blast coordinators Dave Murphy and Brad Hillman for running the sessions.


The 2020/21 Blasters




22 episodes rounded out season 1 of the Bulls Podcast. Many thanks to everyone who listened and to all who appeared on the show. The cult following the show received was enough for it to be renewed for a second season! You can find all episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.





Thanks to ABC radio, Catherine Murphy, Tony Armstrong and producers Ainslie and Desi for featuring our Women’s team and several members right through the summer on “Grand National” each Saturday morning.





The club’s coterie group, the ’12th Man Club’ is doing a brilliant job raising funds and engaging supporters. Now with well over 40 members, it’s a great time to join in on the fun, contact Churchy or a committee member for info on how to be involved.







A well attended Sunday afternoon presentation day and vote count outside at the Pomborneit Recreation Reserve saw Lahiru Fernando and Samantha LaFranchi take out the top men’s and women’s awards.


Division 1 Team Champion Lahiru Fernando


Pomborneit Women Team Champion, Most Runs and equal Most Wickets Samantha LaFranchi


Division 2 Team Champion, Most Runs & Most Wickets, Wes Lenehan


Pomborneit A Women Team Champion and Most Wickets, Belinda Lenehan


Stephen Hill, Division 3 Team Champion, Most Runs & Most Wickets


Gavin Reynolds, Under 16 Team Champion, Most Runs & Most Wickets


Presentation day at the PCC



Association Award Winners


Nellie Sadler- CDCA Women’s Most Wickets


Samantha LaFranchi- CDCA Women’s MVP & Most Runs


Nellie Sadler, Jess Moulden, Grace Lee & Sam LaFranchi- CDCA Women’s Team of the Year


Lahiru Fernado- SWC Division 1 Most Wickets


Lahiru Fernando & Tom Place- SWC Team of the Year


Stephen Hill- SWC Division 3 Cricketer of the Year, Division 3 Most Runs and SWC MyCricket Points player of the year


Gavin Reynolds SWC Under 16’s Most Wickets








Fennell West Financial Freedom
Waldig Civil Construction
Five Star Stockfeeds
Camperdown Country Roasts & Salads
MNT Construction
Swayn & McCabe
Think Water Colac
Richardson’s Liquid Waste & Water Cartage
Hillman Building & Maintenance
Hillec Electrical Services
Sweet Giftz
GBM Technology
Country Road Farm Supplies
Camperdown BP Roadhouse
R & B Walters Gardening
TLC Tyres
Camperdown Bakery
The Butcher’s Cut Cobden
Dean Reynolds Painter
Sadler Transport
Pizza & Pasta Magic Camperdown
Benallack’s Sports
Cobden AB Co-Op
Koallah Farm
Lawrie Voutier Demolition
Stephens Agricultural Services
The Camperdown Nursery and Market




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Established 1883. Fielding 10 teams in 2021/22, catering for male and female cricketers of all ages. #gopombobulls


  1. Daryl Schramm says

    The Reynolds name is very prominent Luke. How many of you are there (assuming you are all related)?
    Certainly an informative and inclusive newsletter. The ‘one club’ theme stands out.

  2. Kevin Densley says

    Really good locally-focused stuff, Luke – as usual.

  3. Go Pombo!

    I hope to take in a couple of overs at some stage next season on my way down to Apollo Bay

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    G’day Daryl, the ‘one club’ theme is something we pride ourselves on and work hard on.
    There are two Reynolds families, there are four in the other one, while in my immediate family all 5 of us play, myself in senior cricket, Mrs R in the Pomborneit A women’s team, sons Gavin (under 16’s & under 13’s) & Josh (under 13’s) while daughter Emily is in our Blasters kids program.

    Cheers Kevin!

    Smokie, look forward to you calling in at Pomborneit one day. There’s always a ChainSAW or two in the fridge!

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