AFLW Round 6 – St Kilda v Richmond: Great win in tough times giving Tiges goalless Saturday

Saturday 14 March 2020
5:10 pm
Moorabbin Oval

Coronavirus situations had to close doors at AFLW games affecting Saturday and onwards, as well as Round 1 for men’s competition.


It was an emotional day for footy and the club. St Kilda supporters would want to watch the game against the fellow new launched club of Richmond, at our heartland of Moorabbin.


Then while travelling on a train to Amagasaki (the west neighboring city of Osaka) on Saturday, I found St Kilda AFLW asked fans to make supporting comments on their Facebook page. Messages would be printed out and placed in the changing room so that girls would see before heading onto field.


Here is what I had to say:

“It’s a tough time for all of us – players, coaches, staffers and supporters. I’m sad that footy will be played without a crowd. I am likely to watch tonight’s game in Amagasaki or Osaka in Japan via Watch AFL with cheering girls up passionately (ending with red, white and black balls)”.


Before leaving the comment to my girls, I watched a video featuring club’s great volunteer, Georgie Day on AFL app. She has helped my research to write about club’s history for the Almanac and showed Yvette and me some collections  displayed at former Heritage Museum in Moorabbin. Her works are impressive and she contributes to the footy club a lot.


Then I saw our good friend, Yvette Wroby in the video. I messaged her on the train and she was unaware of her appearance.


Later she found herself in the video, took a photo and sent me it.


Yvette in an AFL video

Yvette in video “Georgie Day – A life of St Kilda”


Once everything has been done in Amagasaki, I asked a person I met if there was a cafe who offered free wifi services in that city or not, but that person had no knowledge, so dropped me off at a train station and I was heading back to Osaka.


Getting to a Starbucks cafe near Osaka Station, it was busy and I had to be in a queue. It was only minutes before the first bounce, but I didn’t want to miss anything, so switched on Tablet and tuned in Watch AFL.


Indeed I took off earplug for the right one while being served to respect a barista. She told me that I might have to wait for a while to get a table, but luckily other customers had just left, so she put a reserved seat sign on a table so that I was able to secure it.


Being unaware at that time, now I can recall it was the beginning of the great AFLW game.


Saints dominated from the beginning and Patrikios booted from 50 metres out, but the ball was held off by Seymour. A free kick was awarded to Greiser and she scored a goal easily.


The new G-Train took a high mark winning a contest with height advantage later at first quarter. Her high kick went through the goal posts and the goal number two was created.


Times in forward line in the midday first quarter was St Kilda 87 per cent, Richmond 13 per cent. Inside 50s at entire first quarter were Saints 11 to Tigers one.


Richmond put on much pressure  during second quarter. They laid multiple gang tackles that created stoppages. St Kilda girls couldn’t break the tough Richmond’s defense line. We were silenced at second quarter while Tigers’ powerful forward Frederick missed opportunities scoring just two behinds.


Patrikios’ high kick at third quarter was held off. Someone saying no was heard and Leigh Montagna reckons it could be a Richmond runner. Greiser was awarded a free kick.


She never misses an opportunity. G-train operated her third Morrabbin express service for the day.


Greiser tried to get a good place to do a set shot but was tackled by Miller. A free kick was given to the Tiger.


Former Bulldog and now Tiger Conti (I feel sorry for the team I had formally supported until my Saints entered to the competition for losing key players) picked the ball up nicely and ran fast to exit congestion.


But her classic midfield ball works didn’t deliver to their forward well. And our defenders worked hard. Fitzpatrick laid a tackle on Conti.


Then Priest handpassed to Whitfort and she ran and kicked at 45 metres out. Co-captain Shierlaw picked up the footy and booted a goal. Our team goal widened the margin to 27 points.


At last quarter Xenos was tackled but the ball was handled by our girls with kicks and handpasses. Finally Drennan’s handball came back to Xenos and she just kicked to finish up her job.


It was another team goal and my girls exited the congestion well.


Later Xenos was tackled again and footy was dropped off. It was picked by Dillion and handpassed towards Drennan. She assisted a goal with a handpass to Gutteridge. Yvette’s sponsoring girl just snatched a goal.


Team plays were done with passing balls to right spots. Due to no spectators, St Kilda calling players each other was heard in the live Fox Footy coverage. Then such team plays brought us a great win. And we kept the opponents the goalless match.


My disappointment came up after the match because the club song was not played. Joey said that it wouldn’t be played as the official didn’t need to inform patrons who won the game. What about Fox Footy viewers? Even everyone knows who wins, supporters of winning side want to hear the club song with a proud feeling.


Eventually the famous song described by Montagna was played, but soon after girls gathered and they kept singing the theme song.


We St Kilda supporters would have wanted to witness such a great win with the history in the home stadium.


I am very happy with the massive win and the fact Richmond had a lowest score in the AFLW history.


Well done Saints girls and I hope coronavirus crisis ends soon.


ST KILDA 2.1 2.1 4.5 6.6 (42)
RICHMOND 0.0 0.2 0.2 0.3 (3)


St Kilda: Greiser 3, Shierlaw, Xenos, Guttridge
Richmond: Nil


St Kilda: Greiser, Dillon, Patrikios, McDonald, Xenos
Richmond: Conti, Campbell, Monahan, Ross

3. Greiser (STK); 2. Dillion (STK); 1. Xenos (STK)



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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Very satisfying Yoshi, great win to the Saints!

  2. Yes Colin. Richmond putting pressures worried me but Fitzpatric has done good jobs to keep Tigers goalless at the game. And Greiser winning contests made me smiles. Her height brings us advantages. It was a great game!

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