AFLW – Round 3: North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Jumping Like a Kangaroo, and that’s just me!

University of Tasmania Stadium


Friday February 15th 7.15 pm


I was late getting to the TV, but I could see by the end of the first quarter, there was only a point in it and it looked like a pretty quiet game.  North’s very first goal-less corner, say the commentators. I had added interest in North, even though I am an AFLW Western Bulldogs Foundation member.


Courtney Munn was playing.  A Southern Saint VFLW player.  When the Southern Saints had their very first practice at RSEA Park at Moorabbin, I was there.  I stood on the boundary watching as the only player to come out before the team meeting and start of practice, was Courtney.  She brought 4 balls with her, and quietly slotted goals from every angle.  I watched in amazement, and when the forward coach Dale came out, I asked the name of the player I saw before me. Courtney Munn.


All through last season, when I could get to games of Southern Saints, I would be amazed at her, and many other Southern Saints, fine work. And she was playing in this game in Tassie.


Courtney, back and in middle, is facing Dale the forward coach at a game in Frankston for the Southern Saints.


There were heaps of red, white and black for me behind the blue and white stripes and the red, white and blue.


Alison Drennan was playing her 3rd game for North and was the joint Best and Fairest winner in 2018 of the inaugural Southern Saints season. I had seen Moana Hope play with the Sharks in 2015 and beyond. I have a photo of Jasmine Garner in my book ‘Siren’s Call’ taken by Vicki Hansen, playing at the Peanut Farm Reserve in 2015. She was outrunning the opposition, and all muddied up. I had been watching Jenna Bruton from that time too. Jenna (like Emma Kearney) were Bulldogs last year. Moana and Jasmine, Collingwood.


The Doggies I have watched closely too. Eleanor Brown went to the Dogs Round 1 Pick 10 in the 2018 AFLW draft. She was a Southern Saints in VFLW 2018 as well. Selena Karlson is yet to play for the Dogs, so I am yet to admire.


So essentially, this is what is different for me between AFLM and AFLW. I am following my colours at present, no matter how they are dressed today. I find myself admiring my women across most of the Victorian teams. Even Brisbane Lions have a Southern Saint playing for them, Lauren Arnell.


The second quarter rocked my, and the AFLW world.


Kate Gillespie-Jones gets the ball out of the centre and powers it forward and the only one in the Kangaroos forward is Courtney who continues her journey forward to get her first goal in AFLW. (She had 10 last year for the Southern Saints.)


North defend better and get the ball back from Bulldogs forward.  Bruton gets one from the centre and hits up Emma King. It doesn’t make the distance but is in Norths forward. Moments later, it happens again with Bruton making a huge kick to see Munn take a huge mark, and she again goals. Perfect. The Kangas are two goals in front.


North are so clean and fast. My Bulldogs can’t seem to keep the ball. Drennan is working hard. Her red hair unmistakable.


Katie Brennan is busy. Bonnie Toogood is improving. But Courtney comes through and intercepts a sure mark to the Dogs and passes to Ashmore then Kearney.  She’s smart and she sets it up and Jess Duffin marks and goals.


I can only see blue and white.  Their game is mesmerising.  They are confident and capable.


Bruton is so busy in the centre. Kaitlyn Ashmore goals.  No mistakes. Four goals in the quarter.


Bruton is everywhere. Now its Jasmine Garner’s turn to goal. I am in red, white and black heaven (behind all the blue and white.)


That’s 5 goals in the quarter. The Western Bulldogs are completely rattled.


The game goes back to a struggle, which is a win for the Dogs.


The third quarter remains a struggle.  The Doggies finally get their first goal in three quarters from Utri. Their skills lift.  They have been shaken but seem to have lifted.


Come the fourth, Bulldogs are defending better. Brennon perfectly kicks a second goal for the Dogs. Munn sneaks through another, soccer-ing off the ground for her third.


Bruton and Kearney have the highest disposals. Against their old team mates.


Bruton again pushes the ball forward and from the scrap, Courtney dribbles on through, like she’s been doing this for 100 years. “She can make the ball talk,” says Kellie Underwood excitedly. Courtney has arrived in AFLW with super powers and style and 4 goals.


Emma Mackie gets one for the Dogs on her debut.


Moana Hope gets a beauty and the last goal of the game.


This match had it all. Head clashes and reports, amazing goals and argy-bargy.


I find myself under the spell of North, and buy a membership to their AFLW team the next morning. Something else that’s unique to AFLW. Multiple memberships.


Of course, next year I will have a third.


BTW: Wonderful Courtney Munn is the Rising Star nomination for this Round.  Way to go superstar.


North Melbourne            0.2         5.3         5.3         8.5.53

Western Bulldogs           0.1         0.3         1.4         3.4.22


North Melbourne Munn 4, Duffin, Ashmore, Garner, Hope

Western Bulldogs: Utri, Brennan, Mackie


North Melbourne: Munn, Bruton, Kearney, Ashmore, Gillespie-Jones,

Western Bulldogs: Conti, Lamb Brennan, Blackburn.

Official Crowd 3123


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