AFLW Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: Pups scoring more and Welcome Aisling


Western Bulldogs versus Geelong Cats
Saturday, 9 February 2019, 7:15 pm
Whitten Oval, Footscray


Having seen the previous low scoring match against Crows and the new comer Geelong’s win, to be honest, I had uncertainty of winning the second game of the season.


On Wednesday, as I thought of having a check up, I went to see a doctor; however was told I should have seen him a week after. Unfortunately he discovered I was so scared of pains if I bent my injured finger more. I was referred to a rehab session.


My recovery process has been going well, but the slow one. Like scoring shots in the Round 1.


Then a physiotherapist helped me improving my finger and I believe I get ready more for the Dingoes’ game against the Senshu Powers on Saturday this weekend (16th).


My work schedule let me follow the whole match with a delay as always.


Here are the match highlights:

Rennie hit out against O’Connor (the former Bulldog), but Pups weren’t able to push forwards. Congestion was established in the centre field.


Geelong forward McWilliams had a good opportunity early in the match with the right angle. She kicked a goal beautifully.


Then the co-leading Bulldog, Brennan took a mark inside 50. Kicking 45 metres out, but it dropped off short of the posts.


Bad lack hit the ruck girl of Rennie with a concussion. She was taken out the footy field.


Being awarded a 50-metre penalty, Utri set a shot close to goal posts and finished her job easily. One goal was scored each side.


Tricky conditions at the Whitten Oval allowed the visitors to dominate the game. Bulldogs led in marking 10 to two, but Geelong had seven inside 50 to Bulldogs two.


Cats led by two points at the first break.


Rennie was back on the field at the beginning of the second quarter.


The top girl dog, KB picked footy, but couldn’t bounce properly. Geelong put a lot of pressures on the home side.


McWilliams jumped high and took a contested mark. Her set shot was in the good angle, but Spark’s good incept mark gave her no score.


Deanna Berry ran 30 metres and bounced, then 20 metres and kicked a goal as her first one in the 2019 season.


Two more quick goals followed.


Toogood picked up footy inside 50 where Cats were on a chase, and kicked straight in a soccer style.


Then co-captain Blackburn stepped inside 50 and set a shot 48 metres out. Her beautiful long and straight kick widened the margin to 16 points.


Former Bulldog O’Connor took a mark and had a big opportunity, but kicked towards out the boundary line.


Girls went on the main break.


Bulldogs pushed hard on the wing, but couldn’t keep the ball working.


Then the defender Clarke picked footy and scored a goal.


Later in the third quarter, Aisling McCarthy who is new to the sport and still learning rules with help of her coach Paul Groves picked up the footy in congestion and kicked her first goal in her AFL career.


Welcome to Australia, AFLW, Melbourne and Western Bulldogs!


Her goal was celebrated in her native of Ireland as the AFL Ireland Women’s posted a video of the goal on their Facebook page.


The gun Cat McWilliams had two opportunities to hit back in the third quarter, but missed both.


Tough contests with intensity occurred the last quarter. KB couldn’t finish her job at an opportunity.


Moody had a good opportunity to score her first AFLW goal just before the final siren, but only a behind was scored.


Geelong has a scoreless quarter. Western Bulldogs won by 18 points.


On the game day, I had thought no training would be done at the Dingo-land, but it was organised after having booked my days off for the first half of the month.


Because of it, I missed the team training. As a passionate player, I hate not joining the team drills. Also I admit the off field injury hurt me a lot.


But coming back on the footy field for the game is only four days left. I cannot wait.


Young Pups scored more than the Adelaide match, and the old male pup (I) had several my own drills last week and kicked better. Even a cold morning on Saturday at three degrees didn’t stop myself practising.


One player note has been created from the third quarter:

When opposition players are around me and I have a ball, run swiftly and find enough space to kick. If there is not enough space, choose a right player to kick or handpass.


I hope the Bulldogs roar and snarl at the next game against new in the competition and strong Kangaroos.


WESTERN BULLDOGS 1.0 4.0 5.0 5.4 (34)
GEELONG 1.2 1.2 2.4 2.4 (16)

Western Bulldogs: Utri, Berry, Toogood, Blackburn, McCarthy
Geelong: McWilliams, Clarke

Western Bulldogs: Blackburn, Lamb, Scott, Conti, Berry
Geelong: Purcell, McWilliams, Garing, McDonald, Keryk

3. Blackburn (WBU); 2. McWilliams (GEE); 1. Berry (WBU)

Umpires: Heffernan, McGinness, Annand

Crowd: 8612


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  1. Nice work Yoshi!

    The goal to Aisling was a big highlight, I think everyone enjoyed seeing it.

    Hope your recovery continues to progress well & you have the chance to put your plans into action for the mighty Dingoes!

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Thanks Yoshi,
    go Dog and Dingoes.

  3. Hi Jarrod and Yvette,

    My big apology to comment back very late.

    Jarrod – Aisling made a big day at the match. I’m sure Irish fans were delighted to see her kicking a goal. Unfortunately I didn’t kick a goal at the Dingoes’ match against Senshu Powers played on the 16th… I hope you are doing well mate.

    Yvette – Thanks for supporting pup footy clubs!



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