AFLM Round 7 – St Kilda v GWS: And in the end, boy, did we prevail.

7.50pm, Friday 05 May

Yvette Wroby



There were some good indicators for a fine Friday night. Good friends joining us for the night, getting to the city early and grabbing dinner together, a warmish night, a stadium entrance decked out in my favourite colours and a Saints team coming off a win. A Friday night game is a rarity for St Kilda these days, but 2017 brings us four.  I hope they are all as enjoyable as this one turns out to be.


Travis and nephew Lochie join Uncle Bob, Gary and me at the ground.  I have given Uncle Bob his copy of ‘Siren’s Call’, my memoir.  It had arrived midday and I spent the day in a heightened state of excitement. Now Bob had a copy in his car and Gary would get one by the end of the night. My love story to my family and to my footy club is out in the world. A new period of life has begun.


Come game time, it felt a new dawn was happening in footy too.  Even though Jeremy Cameron started GWS scoring with a goal, we answered quickly though Jack Billings. Tim Taranto responded, but so did Darren Minchington.  What’s different is how attacking the Saints were, the players were everywhere, Roberton, Gilbert, Steele, Steven, Stevens and Newnes.  Wonderful to watch.


Adam Kennedy is off with knee problems (and later we find out he’s done an ACL.) Aussie rules is a brutal game.


GWS keep pushing – a goal through Jacob Hopper and Nathan Wilson leave the Giants 10 points ahead at quarter time, but it doesn’t feel like we’re out of it.  We’ve been attacking the goals for less accuracy all night.


We are in for another close quarter.  Nathan Wright scraps one through before Cameron takes advantage from poor Saints kicking out of defence. Ferocious Saints tackling everywhere. Josh Bruce sprays one before Roberton gives are a score from outside 50.  Perfect. Both sides are inaccurate from pressure, and the ball pings from end to end. After several misses, Billings gets his second and Saints are ahead for the first time. Geary lays a massive tackle on the huge Jonathan Patton, and it lifted the crowd and the Saints players.  The ball is out of their hands and being passed from Geary to Bruce to Tim Membrey who goals.


Ping-pong continues, and Patton gets one through from a strong mark and Stephen Coniglio follows.  They are ahead by 5 points at half time, but Saints are shining.  We are enjoying this game and the way St Kilda are applying heaps of pressure. The smallish crowd is making heaps of noise.


The fans around me are chatty. I sell a book, even though I didn’t bring one with me. I will bring it to Wendy to my right next game.  I am buzzing.


GWS come out with purpose with Rory Lobb and Tom Scully scoring quickly. Wright answers with a messy play and a good goal to keep us going, before Jade Gresham, superstar, snaps one from the side of his foot. The joy in the crowd comes from feeling that Saints are in this up to their eyeballs. Dylan Shiel a settler, but Gresham hasn’t finished and Jack Newnes brings us back to equal pegging.


I think of Kerrie Soraghan all night, and because of her writing and wonderful book “The Mighty West”, I keep thinking of GWS as the ‘acronyms’.  It’s stuck in my head now, forever. Devon Smith kicks the last for the quarter and they are 7 points ahead.


And then the games really started.  Saints came out the last quarter and went wild.  And the fans jumped on the ‘joy’ wagon with them.  Friday night rocked with Blake Acres twice, playing keepings off GWS, Bruce and even a point to Minchington. Patton sprays an attempt with no score, and Kobe Stevens gets one from a great run from defense. Gresham starts again, Membrey misses one, and Steven now just adds cream to the top of this delicious experience.  We let Scully pull one back at the end and we float home with a happy 23-point victory and an awesome start to the weekend.


Saints fans on the trains are sated. Gary and I decided to watch the last quarter again before bed, and I discover on Facebook Saints fans from all over staying up way too late into the night watching replays.  It is after 1am when I finally hit the sack, happy with a day well spent. And I watched the whole thing again with Rina the next night.  Now to keep the prevailing going Saints.



St Kilda           2.4       6.7       10.9     16.12            (108)

GWS               4.2       7.6       11.10   12.13            (85)

GOALS St Kilda: Gresham 3,Acres 2, Billings 2, Wright 2, Steven, Minchington, Stevens, Roberton, Bruce, Newnes, Membrey
GWS: Cameron 2, Scully 2, Shiel, Smith, Hopper, Patton, Wilson, Lobb, Coniglio, Taranto.

BEST    St Kilda:  Steven, Billings, Ross, Acres, robrton, Brown, Stevens, Webster, Carlisle, Longer. GWS: Ward, Kelly, Shiel, Scully, Shaw, Smith

UMPIRES          Rosebury, Hosking, Stephens.     CROWD 21,160

OUR VOTES      Steven (StK) 3, Billings (St K) 2, Ross (St K) 1.

About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    The Saint’s depth of players, especially mid-fielders, reminds me a lot of the Dogs as they headed to the grand-final last year. On Friday a champion team with a hundred years of history beat a team of champions.
    How sweet your book-launch will be on Thursday. I am looking forward to reading your book…nearly as much as Kerrie’s ‘The Mighty West’.

  2. John Butler says

    Yvette, the Saints showed they can play the tempo that’s required this year. Now they need to master the consistency. I’m afraid they might show that on Saturday.

  3. The Saints look promising this year. A good mix of experience and youth has seen the Saints slowly come together. I expect a 7-9 finish for them.

    John, you are spot on about the consistency. That will be the telling factor for the Saints’ finals chances.

  4. “I sell a book. Even though I didn’t bring one with me.”
    That is brilliant!

    Watching replays into the night – this is your time, Yvette.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Great win for the Saints Yvette. Really starting to hit their straps.
    Congratulations on your book, really looking forward to reading it!

  6. Hi Yvette,

    Keeping motivated and energy at the last quarter has done at the match. Plus bouncing back. Midfield works were brilliant! I wish I could watch the game.

    I reckon your book’s releasing gave out Saints more power. And boys answered to your passions (actually our passions?).

    Congratulations on your milestone Yvette.

    All the best


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