AFL Round 21 – Review: Port has reserves under its nose

My heart goes out to the lane family who lost a son due to a senseless act of violence in the USA. A champion kid and baseballer from Melbourne’s northern suburbs gets gunned down by three teens that wanted to be famous. I vividly remember going to the US in 1999. Two months before my arrival, the Columbine High School massacre took place. The media was 24/7 talking about guns and senseless violence. Did anything happen? No. Of course, this is ratified in the US Constitution – the right to bear arms. Indeed the Batman massacre of 2012 was met with the kind of reaction by some that the perpetrator could’ve been shot had someone in the cinema had a gun. And there you have it…a round in circles it goes. Much talk and no the meantime more innocents die for wrong reasons and I get the sneaking suspicion that a gun culture is beginning to form in Australia. Many mornings on the Today Show someone else has been shot overnight. I assume that as a nation we are smarter than that. I assume…but I don’t hold my breath.

Back to footy…Adelaide Crows have a reserves team in the newer 10-team SANFL for season 2014. Great stuff for the state of South Australia and the standard of football over there and possibly even good spinoff effects for the rest of Australia in that regard. Apparently though Port has no reserves though. I nearly choked on my weeties!! Didn’t Port get an AFL licence off the back of Port Adelaide Magpies winning 35 SANFL Premierships. Why do they not use them? Instead of using many SANFL teams to play your lower listed players, use your Magpies team. Fair dinkum how hard is it? The standard of the SANFL will improve even more, surely. Why is Port Adelaide even in the AFL if it doesn’t use the Magpies. The Power’s history/relationship with the Magpies hasn’t been great/connected at all times but now is the time to consolidate. Get moving Kochy, the answer is obvious and a perfect way to move forward.

Rd 21 2013 FEARLESS: Pierre Pierre makes his debut for the Blues.

It did help the Hawks to have Hodge, Franklin and Birchall into the starting lineup to face the Pies on Friday night at the MCG. Swirly conditions didn’t seem to bother the Hawks forward potency. 18 goals from 11 scorers compared to 12 goals from 8 for the Pies. Given the wind, that Buddy kicked 4.0 – amazing! Hawks win well by 35pts.

According to MMM, ¼ of 80’s synth-popsters Pseudo Echo made his debut for a Carlton team that’d been savaged by the media in the past week. The Blues proceeded to take the Tigers to FunkyTown…conceding 5 goals by ¼ time to reel in their supposedly better-performing rivals. Waite down back a good move. Blues 10pts.

Always hate to see an unconscious player as was the case when Gold Coast’s Seb Tape clashed heads with Port’s Hartlett in the 2nd qtr at AAMI.. Port started strongly but the Sunnyboys fought back to reduce a 24pt lead to a 7pt lead at the main break. Gazza a bit off with 22 and 0.3. Power eclipsed the Suns in the 2nd half. Port 17pts.

For a side entrenched in the 8, the Bombers seem to have been listless over the past month. Facial expressions on Jobe etc saying much. Greater forward potency seemed to be North’s ace. Even Evandale Tasmania’s Nathan Grima kicked his 1st AFL goal, much to celebrations of all the team. Wells continued his stellar form. North by 45pts.

Geelong headed far west in what many neutrals regarded as a danger game. Someone forgot to tell the Cats. The Eagles have been brave for much of the year but injuries have really hindered their footy. That the Cats led by 56pts and won by 66pts meant the pace slowed. Dean Cox’s report on J Selwood turned out to be a laughing matter.

Oddly Brisbane have now won 5 out of the past 7 and have just sacked their decorated coach and almost favourite son, Michael Voss. With Harvey and Roos both ruling themselves out, the Lions’ board look like they might’ve erred. Brisbane was too good for GWS at the Gabbatoir by 60pts. The Lions look potent for any new coach.

Fremantle got a taste of the big stage on the eve of finals as they played Melbourne at the MCG. Just add about 80000 more spectators. The Demons had Viney, Watts and Sylvia trying hard but they were never in Fremantle’s league. The Dockers powered to a 95pt win. Pav kicking 4, as did Ballantyne before he got injured as did big Aaron.

The Saints made the trek to the SCG to take on the Swans. A Sydney player happy to just be a sub was Gary Rohan who suffered one of the AFL’s worst injuries of 2012, a broken leg. The Saints 1st half was pretty decent, only trailing at the main break by 14pts. A 59pt win to the Swans – they took flight after half time. Tippett 5, White 3.

Footy journeymen Tory Dickson and Tom Campbell kicked 10 between them for the much improved Underdoggies, as they saw off the Crows in a shootout at Etihad. Adelaide kicked 17.12, normally enough to win a game but 20.11 meant that the Dogs had found some scoring options. The Crows led by 22pts in the 3rd, but Dogs by 17.


  1. Dan Hansen says

    Yes it makes sense for Port Adelaide’s SANFL team to be Port Adelaide’s AFL’s reserve team. However the SANFL is run by bitter twisted spiteful old fools still grinding an ax from 1990. These fools are saying to Port that we can use their SANFL team as an AFL reserves team but only if we dismantle our SANFL reserves and underage teams. The club is not willing to accept this belligerence from the SANFL and nor should it.

    The Port Adelaide SANFL team will be the Port Adelaide AFL’s reserve team eventually but there is no need accept the conditions laid down by the SANFL fools. Until then the club can trade in its young recruits after the SANFL has handed them to the other SANFL clubs.

    Its a mess but time will sort it out.

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