AFL Round 21: Dogs back to A-grade form

Alleluia! The school week is finally over!

My whole week consisted of Sacs.

Monday: Literature sac

Tuesday: English sac for a double period

Wednesday: Literature sac for a double period

Thursday: Literature sac

Friday: English sac.

Today I completed my English sac and resisted the temptation to rewrite the whole thing in the single period. Have you ever written an essay, read over it a number of times and not felt happy with it? That’s what happened to me. I liked my ideas but I wasn’t confident in my execution.

To rewrite the whole essay in the single lesson would be like shooting myself in the leg, so I left it as is hoping that it’s not as bad as I think.

Many people overestimate my writing abilities.

I have even on occasion stunned myself with my year ten English exam.

It was for the first semester that I was travelling with no grade under an ‘A’ then I was able to get a D+ on my exam. Yes, jaw dropping I know!

This just proves it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have because it’s how you apply it that matters.

Don’t worry, I was able to bounce back and received an ‘A’ for my end of year English exam, but to this day when my friends flatter me about my writing skills I can’t help but shrug off their compliments.

The start of first period and my tired ‘sick of school, why am I here?” attitude, caused me to sink into a depression for the rest of the day. What does this have to do with footy?

I’ll tell you.

It seems that Bulldogs need to bounce back from their D+ back to their ‘A’ grade.

IMO the Bulldogs were more of a threat around the middle of the season,

They, like me also need to get out of their depressed ‘can we win this?’ attitude, especially in the cases Brad Johnson and Jason Akermanis.

Aker wants to play on and the Bulldogs want to keep him, but they cant afford him.

Johnson missed two shots at goal that could have made the Bulldogs even more comfortable on the ladder.

Tonight they face the Cats for what should be an interesting game.

In having a gut feeling I tipped the Bulldogs and that’s the only difference to my tips and those of my favourite writer in the Herald Sun, Jon Ralph.

The Prince of the AFL Higgins and the handsome Giansiracusa are big inclusions for the Doggies. I have chosen not to watch the game but to base this report on what I read on the Herald Sun’s Superfooty live coverage of the game. This is an experiment and also so that I don’t bore you with a lack of creativity in my reports.

The internet has all this information right at your fingertips, until it goes so slow that you can’t watch an ‘up close and personal’ interview of the gorgeous Jack Anthony!


Matt Windley is conducting this games live coverage.

He goes on to talk about who is umpiring, the inclusions for both sides until the bounce.

Geelong scores the first through Taylor.

The Dogs are finding it hard to get the ball in their fifty.

When they do Hahn kicks their first.

Prince Higgins hits the wood work, he’s so PRETTY!

Gilbe goals and in the words of Matt Windley: “Dogs on song early”

Dogs are applying a lot of pressure until Byrnes gets one for the Cats.

Looooooooooooooooooooooong goal from Cute Hawkins.

About 7,000 are online tonight yet some of my messages are getting through!

ME: “How is Higgins’ hair looking?”

Matt Windley: “Delicious”

WB: 23     GEEL: 20

Good game so far, lots of run and carry.

A Cooney goal starts the second term and Johnson gets the fourth poster of the match.

Matt Windley finds it very amusing at the amount of kicks that are hitting the post.

Both teams finding it hard to score.

Hill goals for the Doggies, Mooney scores twice and Chapman does a hammy!

Boyd goals for the Dogs and a small debate occurs about who is better, Judd or Ablet?

Matt Windley answers, Judd because he’s more consistent.

Welsh puts dogs up by 20 points and Chapman comes back onto the ground.

WB: 54       GEEL: 35

Matt Windley: Great half of footy here. But, if it weren’t for some poor shooting from the Bulldogs, they could be a lot further in front.

During Halftime another of my questions went up and was answered:

ME: Matt, any advice for someone who wants to go into the sports journalism field???

Matt Windley: Just put yourself out there as much as you can. Publish as much as you can. Weight of numbers should eventually win.

I was so excited when he answered my question!!

Third quarter begins with a Ward goal, great start for the Dogs.

Murphy who has been good tonight adds a goal to his name.

A fifty meter penalty to Hawkins, you guessed it, GOAL!

Gamble makes it two in a row.

Aker, Hawkins and Mumford all find the middle.

The Cats fans rejoice and I groan as Mooney brings the margin back to 3 points.

I thought my reaction to Mooney was bad, it was much worse when Stokes put the cats in front. My message saying: “ARGGGHHH damn you!!” went through.

WB: 72            GEEL: 75

The last quarter was crazy, poor Matt was typing hysterically with major enthusiasm.

Johnson goals, Byrnes goals, Boyd goals, Selwood goals, Johnson goals AGAIN.

The comments were flooding in.


“Come on Doggies!!”

And even: “Marry me Fevola, I love you.”

My reaction: “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!”

Cooney and Hill both goal and with hope and two minutes left Mooney decides to make my life hard!

Thankfully the Dogs cleared from the center and the ball got to his Royal Prettiness, Prince Higgins himself who put the nail in the coffin.


WB: 110                 GEEL: 96

Well the Dogs defiantly bounced back; they are no longer at D+ level now!

Messages of thanks flooded Matt Windley and he even tipped a grand final between St.Kilda and Collingwood!

Let’s hope the Pies do win the flag this year so that I can focus on my VCE!

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  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Nice writing Danielle.

    How do i get this live coverage thing? It sounds interesting

  2. Thanks.
    The live coverage thingo is on the Herald Sun website, keep checking all week until they post which match they will cover.
    if i find out ill let you know.

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