AFL Round 20: McLeod BOG as Crows see off Hawks

Fridays are great, especially if you have the day off school. I spent the most of my day off with my friends at Chadstone shopping centre. I came home, awaiting the game of footy.

I turned on the TV at 8.30pm, after deciding not to listen to the game on the radio. There were no changes to either team. I was eager to see the two debutants, Shane Savage for Hawthorn and Rory Sloane for Adelaide. Hawthorn wins the toss and head to the city end.

The game got underway and Hawthorn looks sharper. Rioli pings Vince in the forward 50 and passes to Sewell who kicks the first goal of the game. This is followed up with more brilliance from Rioli. He hacks it out of midair from the stoppage. Unbelievable. The Hawks have all the momentum. McGlynn kicks another. For the Crows’ sake, the game slowed down a bit, but the Hawks kept going. Morton got a lucky bounce in the forward pocket and snapped through another one. Hawthorn link up in their forward 50 and Lewis bangs through another. This looks more like the premiership team. However, the Crows get a lucky one just before the siren.  A Lewis indecision turns into a good dribbling goal from Thompson. It’s quarter time and the Hawks lead by 25, 5.3 33 to 1.2 8. Lewis has 12 for the Hawks, McGlynn has 10 and for Adelaide Johncock, Reilly and Stevens all have seven each.

The second quarter begins and a Bateman behind is followed up by a great mark from Tippett in the goal square. He kicks the Crows’ second. Andrew McLeod leads the Crows back into the game. The 33-year old beautifully kicks it to Porplyzia who squeezes through another for Adelaide. Vince marks and goals and an unlucky out-on-the-full against Hawthorn turns into a brilliant goal from Hentschel. It is just his third game for the season, after not playing since 2006. As Franklin’s drawstring got pulled out and left on the ground, Hawthorn were being pulled out of the finals race. Thompson gets another one from the same pocket as Hentschel. Adelaide miss a couple more golden opportunities and Renouf breaks a streak of 5.6 from Adelaide with a behind. The half time siren sounds, Hawthorn are down, 5.5 35 to 6.8 44. It was the opposite from the first quarter. Lewis has 18 disposals for Hawthorn, Mitchell has 17 and Johncock and Vince lead for Adelaide with 14. 10 of 11 goals have been kicked to the city end.

The third quarter starts and Franklin makes it 11 out of 12 with a good goal. It was Franklin’s first goal in six quarters. Three Crows are loose inside 50 at the other end and Doughty kicks a goal. Douglas kicks a clever goal on his back. Franklin runs on to a loose ball and kicks a good goal from 50 immediately afterwards. Game on. Hentschel kicks his second. The injury-plagued Hentschel gets the ball again and goals. McLeod passes to Porplyzia again and he puts the Crows 25 in front. Hentschel gets his third for the quarter with a clever snap out of a pack. Franklin takes a clever mark, and, like Hentschel, kicks his third for the quarter. Reilly marks on the three-quarter-time siren but doesn’t score. Hawthorn trail by 23. 8.10 58 to 12.9 81. I can’t see Hawthorn coming back. McGlynn has a massive 29 possessions (already past his personal best) and Lewis 26. Vince leads for Adelaide with 24.

Adelaide miss a couple of chances at the beginning of the last and a 50-metre penalty brings Franklin to the goal line. He puts Hawthorn within an even three goals. Knights marks inside 50 for Adelaide and kicks a goal. Now it’s all over. Sewell kicks Hawthorn’s fifth poster (I think) which sums up the Hawks’ day. Douglas kicks a behind for Adelaide and the siren sounds after a lackluster last quarter. Adelaide enjoy a 27-point win, 9.13 67 to 13.16 94. McGlynn ends up with 38 disposals for Hawthorn and Lewis with 33. Vince has 33 possessions for Adelaide (for the second week in a row) and McLeod 26, and three votes in my book.

For the second time in ten weeks, Adelaide has beaten Hawthorn by 27 points. I turned the TV off.

Hawthorn  5.3  5.5  8.10  9.13 (67)

Adelaide  1.2  6.8  12.9  13.16 (94)


Hawthorn: Franklin 4, Lewis, McGlynn, Morton, Rioli, Sewell.

Adelaide: Hentschel 4, Thompson 2, Porplyzia 2, Douglas, Knights, Doughty, Tippett, Vince.


Hawthorn: Franklin, McGlynn, Mitchell, Lewis, Kennedy, Bateman.

Adelaide: McLeod, Doughty, Vince, Hentschel, Johncock, Edwards, Stevens, Symes, Thompson.

My Votes: 3. Andrew McLeod (Adel), 2. Michael Doughty (Adel), 1. Bernie Vince (Adel).

Umpires: McBurney, Chamberlain, Meredith.                        Crowd: 32,583 at the MCG.

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  1. Nice work Steve.
    i read the words Chadstone shopping centre and went..”OMGG SHOPPING!!!”
    i have a double wardrobe full of clothes yet im sure that i can get much more.
    :) LOL at Buddy’s drawstring, poor guy its diff thing every week.

  2. Josh Barnstable says

    Great report Steve.
    Good on Melbourne with today’s performance, especially after last week’s game.

  3. Josh, dude whats wrong with your Roos?
    how did Mitch Brown do? i didnt see the game.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Mitch Brown got injured Danielle. He came off in the first quarter and didn’t come back on.

    Thanks Josh, I’m sorry that the Roos lost. At least Adams played well.

    GO THE DEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best team performance I have seen in ages. Not just from Melbourne, but from any AFL club. Melbourne’s biggest win since Round 8, 2006 when they beat Hawthorn by 75 points. I enjoyed strolling on the field afterwards as well. The crowd was shocking though. 13,004. Liam Jurrah is a freak!

  5. ..omg poor Mitch :(
    i didnt see the Dees game but just from the score i can see that they played great.
    i can say the Same for my Magpies Steve.. it was one of the best games.. well except for the melee…
    King has never pissed me off like that.

  6. Damian Watson says

    Brilliant report Steve,

    It now seems the Hawks are certain to spend September on the couch even thought they still have a mathematical chance of making the eight.
    The Crows are in good form although the Blues leap frogged them today with what must have been in great win (even though I didn’t see any of the match)

    That crowd at the MCG today was shocking! You could fit more people into a box!
    Good to see the Dees pick up a win in honour of their President.

    Did you go to the match?

  7. Steve Healy says

    King’s a pest. Didak completely destroyed King. King gave away 5 frees and Didak got 6. It’s also funny because King got his jumper ripped off two weeks ago as well against the Dees. Richmond are crap. Melbourne should’ve beaten them. Tigers V pies was a completely one sided game from about the 5 min mark of the first quarter.

    Changing the subject St.Kilda have come back and their only 8 down.

  8. King is a ROYAL PAIN alright!!
    and that number 27 is a real piece of work.
    they are both immature childish players just showing how weak they really are.
    i dont mind Richmond as a team but those two players are real JERKS!

  9. Steve Healy says

    Hey Josh when will the streak of games decided after the siren end? It’s 4 now with the Riewoldt miss.

  10. Josh Barnstable says

    I came on the internet tonight to post that Steve :) you beat me to it. Hopefully it’ll continue to next week, because i can’t have enough of the close games.
    Mitch Brown has a fractured meta-tarsal, which is ironic because its the first time i’ve heard of that sort of injury yet only last week i learnt about all the bones in the body including the tarsals.
    I said on the radio on friday that their would be more seagulls at the Melbourne v Fremantle game than spectators, I guess i was right haha. How amazing was Jurrah’s goal from the goalsquare? Couldn’t beleive it.

  11. Steve Healy says

    Amazing. He is the most natural talented footballer ever to play in my opinion (big call I know) but I have never seen such a great opening opening seven games. He has done at least one thing unbelievable in six of those (minus the Brisbane game).

    Do you know about the scaphoid? That’s the injury Brad Green has. There actually weren’t that many seagulls there.

  12. Josh Barnstable says

    No never heard of it lol

    its hard to type with wet freshly painted fingernails!! :P

  14. Josh Barnstable says


  15. Steve Healy says

    How many random facts do you say? Hahaha

  16. Lol..wish me luck fellas
    i have a Literature Sac tommorow that goes for 4 days and its 800-1000 words!
    i had to rent to movie to understand the novel….im going to need all the luck i can get!!

  17. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danielle if you can do match reports you can do a literature sac! That’s what I tell myself when I do homework.

  18. Haha trust me Steve i wish it were that easy. i would get an A+ if i had to write 800-1000 words on how pretty Superman and Nathan Brown are. :)
    im many times in my essay can i say: “ohhh the love i have for Heathcliff is so strong, our hearts beat as one for i am Heathcliff, we are one”

    OHHH GOD!!!

  19. Steve Healy says

    I have a great english assignment to do that is due on Tuesday (I have tomorrow off). The theme is “Dreaming”. Mine will be: My dream, A Melbourne premiership. I’m gonna pretty much do a match report on a grand final that Melbourne win. I might also get it on to the Almanac website.

  20. lmao sounds fun!
    if i were to do one it would be.

    My dream wedding to Nathan Brown LMAO
    i was so not there during class on Thursday. i even stuck a post-it note on my head saying: OUT OF ORDER
    lmao my teachers found it funny. :)

  21. Josh Barnstable says

    Haha look forward to reading your story Steve.

    I don’t know about use two but i’m in for a great week! Monday: nothing special. Tuesday: End of season break up with the footy team. We are going to the pool and then going to the pizza shop for free pizzas :) Wednesday: Birthday eve. I get my presents that night. Thursday: Birthday. Friday: Athletics Sports Day, Out of Uniform and the footy’s back!

  22. Steve Healy says

    I always look towards the round of footy during the school week as well (stating the obvious). The footy season always goes too quickly. I’ve just finished Sydney V Geelong report.

  23. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve done a report for every game this week, yet again. I wonder if there is such a thing as too much footy?

  24. Steve Healy says

    You’ve done them already? No, there isn’t such a thing as too much footy. In footy you need to “Enjoy it while you can”.

  25. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah true. I’m so annoyed that after a long season, i won’t be able to watch the Brownlow or the Preliminary finals! Yeah i do my reports usually 5 minutes after the game has finished so its still fresh in my mind.

  26. Steve Healy says

    Yea. Do you think that North Melbourne can give the Saints a run for their money next week? I think it’s likely. Well North kicked the first five goals in Round 11.

  27. Josh Barnstable says

    Nah, no chance. We’re coming off a tight slog at Subiaco, the Saints will be looking to redeem themselves so nah no chance.

  28. Hawks were impressive..?

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