AFL Round 19 – Preview: North’s Grand Final?

John Harms with dome thoughts on Round 19.

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  1. Andrew Starkie says

    Swallow is a big loss. His close in play will be missed. Cunnington, Basty, Patch, Jack will need to lift. Don’t expect North to have the same confidence they showed for 3 quarters back in rd2.

    Unfortunately, working tonight, won’t get there.

    Go Roos

  2. Dees for me against GWS

  3. Pity you missed the game Mr Starkie, you missed a great win by your lot. If you have any Roos insider contacts can you pass on to us Hawkers how you beat them Catters? They did the Shinboner legacy proud tonight. It was a, ahem, Boomer of a win.

  4. Andrew Starkie says

    Thanks Ricker. Yep, I caught bits on TV at work. Looked like North of late 2012. Great win but in reality a bit of too little too late.

  5. RK, every club has a nemesis. We seem to have two – Freo and North. They trouble us. Unfortunately for your Hawks, your nemesis is us.

    Fingers crossed North don’t sneak into the finals. Facing Freo will be tough enough.

  6. daniel flesch says

    Yeah great win , Shinboners , and even better it was done without the captain . Rick Kane – as for your plea for inside knowledge on those annoying Cats , if you were watching on tv you probably saw the shot of Mr. A. Clarkson seated in the stand with one of his kids. Not sure why Hawthorn is Flag favourites though . Both Sydney and Geelong have tall forwards to pit against smaller Hawthorn backs. And faster midfielders. Hope to be proved wrong though.

  7. Andrew Starkie says

    been watching highlights over and over. Spewing I missed it. North appear to have really taken game on. Mullett and Atley important ,when they run, North go well.

  8. AS, they seemed to have learned a lesson. They did look nervous in the last 10 minutes – and I thought the Cats would overrun them – but they didn’t. North held firm. Maybe next year.

  9. Dan Crane says

    It was a boomer of a win. But the cats will be back. The Roos just fit against us. Hope our paths don’t cross again.

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