AFL Round 19 – Carlton v Fremantle: The Freo journey continues for this Victorian

By Di Waddingham

It was a typical wintery night in Melbourne with a biting wind and driving rain, but nothing could dampen my apprehension about this game.  Yes there was a roof and our super coach Ross Lyon had turned our woeful record into an astonishing winning streak at Etihad that could literally blow the roof off, but this week had been the final straw for me!  I was sick of hearing about Carlton’s  mosquito fleet including “Baggy Shorts” (Eddie Betts) greedy grab for more money and Mick’s (Michael Malthouse) amazing plan to stop the boat people and fix the Australian economy.  I really did hate losing to Caaarrrllltttooonnn!!!  I was also sick to the stomach thinking about the consequences of a loss

With Ibbo (Garrick Ibbotson) not even making it to breakfast with a dodgy Achilles, the Dockers would have to bring their A game and uncompromising game plan to ensure I was going to sing the Freo chant in all its glory. I was worried but people who know me, understand this is a normal state of affairs, before, during and after a game and we still had Pav (Matthew Pavlich) and Luke (Macfarlane) still waiting to break back into the team. Also, I never want to be too cocky as this can come and bite you on the bum!!  The 3rd round Essendon fade out still haunts but I digress…….

The first goals of the game were kicked by Caaarrrllltttooonnn which did not help my heart rate nor my churning stomach.  But with a few minutes to go in the first quarter, Freo hit back with goals in quick succession to take an 8 point lead at quarter time.  Not too bad but not too good.  For this Docker tragic, I am only satisfied if we are twenty goals up with 30 seconds to go.  I was still a nervous wreck and there was still another three agonising quarters to go!!

The second quarter was fairly even with Freo furthering their lead by a whopping 1 point to lead by 9 points at the main break.  The third quarter was a bit of a nightmare, especially when Tuohy from Carlton kicked two goals to put them in front.  The noise from the then sleeping Blues supporters went through the roof and I thought I would lose my dinner.  The Freo of old would have packed up their kit bags and started the trip back across the Nullabor.  However we have the new Freo now, a team who dig deep, switch gears and leave the opposition in their wake.  Normal status was returned with Freo to lead at 3 quarter time by 10 points. A blistering 5 goal burst in the final quarter by a rampaging Freo and a paltry 1 goal from a downtrodden Caaarrrllltttooonnn ensured a mighty Dockers win. The Freo chant was simply brilliant and my journey was to be continued…….

I finish this brief by sharing my game highlights:-

F   – Fyfe awesomeness on display with awareness and skill defying his 21 years

R – Ranked #1 in points conceded.  The dashing and ruthless Dockers backline, locked down the opposition (again)!!

E – Energetic and exciting small forward, Michael Walters, leading the way with 4 mesmerising goals.

M – Marks by Zac Clark and Chris Mayne competing for mark of the round/year.  Special mention to Mayne’s hang time!!

A – Aaron “211” Sandilands reaching for the sky and creating opportunities.  Fine tuning his game beautifully in readiness for the finals

N – Nick Suban’s aggression and mighty left foot showing the way.  Some Ross tough love has turned his game around into something special.

T – The Tagging genius of Crowley.  Gaining the respect he deserves, with Murphy wishing he was still shopping down Chapel street and Juddy thankful he is past his best so avoided being the “chosen one”.

L – Large contingent of Blues supporters, departing in droves with still 10 minutes to go until the final siren.  Looks like the Weegirls supporters have some tough opposition.

E – Electric Stephen Hill.  Silky skills and magic left foot leaving the opposition in his wake.


D – Dockers Coach Ross Lyon – need I say any more!!

O – Outscored the Blues in the final quarter, 5 goals to 1 in a dominant display of pressure football.

C– Centre clearances, contested possession – winning some of the stats that matter.  Finally, on the right side of the ledger, thanks to the ball magnet Michael Barlow

K – Kings of purple, the mighty Dockers, first time in history finals will be played in successive years.  Who doubts the game plan now??

E – Ending Carlton’s 2013 dream of finishing in the 8 and winning a first up premiership under Mick

R – Ripped Guernsey and rippled “six-pack” of Ballantyne – once again had the opposition sucked in and the Fremantle faithful in raptures.

S – Security needed to protect the poor Blues’ from the dash and spunk of Freo….Unleash the mayhem!!!



CARLTON        3.1   6.2    11.6   12.8   (80)                  

FREMANTLE    4.3   7.5    12.10   17.14  (116)          



Carlton: Tuohy 3, Garlett 2, Henderson 2, Watson, Rowe, McLean, Judd, Armfield

Fremantle: Walters 4, Ballantyne 3, Hill 2, Neale 2, Suban 2, Sandilands, Mzungu, Barlow, Pearce



Carlton: Scotland, Robinson, Tuohy, Simpson, Judd, Gibbs

Fremantle: Fyfe, Walters, Ballantyne, Barlow, Neale, D Pearce, Crowley



Carlton: Carrazzo (bruised calf)

Fremantle: Ibbotson (achilles) and Taberner (team balance) replaced in selected side by Sheridan and Sutcliffe; C Pearce (right calf)



Carlton: Kane Lucas replaced Andrew Carrazzo during the second quarter

Fremantle: Tom Sheridan replaced Clancee Pearce in the fourth quarter


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Meredith, McInerney, Mollison


Official crowd: 30,457 at Etihad Stadium


Votes:   3              Fyfe (Fremantle)

2              Walters (Fremantle)

1              Suban (Fremantle)


  1. Cheryl Critchley says

    What a great report Di, and a magnificent touch at the end! You really encapsulate the passion of footy fans and to give so much to a team that is based thousands of kilometres away is truly admirable. And a great win by the Dockers to boot! Let’s hope they go deep into the finals for you as you deserve to see some success.

  2. Neil Belford says

    Nice story Di – I think the extra security was a bit over the top, I don’t think Hayden would have done anything too bad to those boys.

  3. Ballantyne is lovely. Nice to see the Carlton fans warming to him.

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