AFL Round 13 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Etihad Blues

Pies fans have become accustomed to the team starting slowly this year. But not in this game. Collingwood kick the first 3 goals of the game, one to Cloke and two to Elliot. This is how we need to be starting. Thoughts turn to what Geelong are doing to St Kilda at Kardinia Park in the 1.10PM game. Hopefully we can get a similar percentage booster to keep us firmly entrenched in the top 4 against a Bulldogs team that has been really struggling. This is the last time for the day that these kind of thoughts enter my head.

By quarter time the Bulldogs are a goal up. They are running hard. Griffen kicks their first and is getting plenty of the ball after being out of form in recent times. Mitch Wallis, who in my limited Bulldog viewing always impresses, kicks their second after Marley Williams gives away a free for running too far. Silly mistakes. Jones and Stevens goal for the Dogs.

The second quarter becomes even more free flowing. Aesthetically pleasing attacking footy. Quite the opposite of the Melbourne v Collingwood game 6 days ago. The Dogs kick 5 in the second, the Pies 6. Cloke has 4 at half time and looks like tearing the game apart. But Griffen and Tom Liberatore are dominating in the midfield. Dahlhaus, not as recognisable anymore with his short haircut, is dangerous everytime he gets near the ball. Which is often.

Marcus Bontempelli chose the third quarter to announce himself as a future AFL star. He is full of class, has plenty of time and should be a wonderful player for many years for the Dogs. I’m trying hard not to enjoy watching him play so well.  Liberatore continues his great game, he is as tough as they come. Brodie Grundy gets subbed out for the Pies to allow Tim Broomhead to make his debut as the 1115th player to represent Collingwood at senior level. Immediately he swoops on the ball and finds Elliot who goals. Nice start to the young man recruited from the SANFL Port Adelaide team. At the last break we are a goal down. Still confident the Pies will take it up a notch and run all over the Western Bulldogs.

It doesn’t happen. The Bulldogs put four quarters of hard running, attacking footy together. We play catch-up for the final term and can’t bridge the gap. Well done Dogs. Plenty of great young talent in their mid-field. Why they haven’t been doing better is a mystery, even given the inconsistencies of youth. As for the Pies, were we focusing too much on the Hawthorn game next week? The resting of Beams makes me think so. Like most clubs Collingwood needs all it’s good players on the park to compete every week and with Sidebottom already out just can’t afford not to have Beams out there as well. Nick Maxwell was also very much missed, Collingwood’s backline, with the Dogs bringing the ball in very quickly, looked unorganised without it’s chief organiser.  A game we couldn’t afford to drop. 10 goals between Cloke and Elliot was great, the lack of output and goals from Jesse White a real concern. Ben Reid is being badly missed in this team.  Top 4 will be hard work now.

Only just over 28,000 for a Pies home game. Collingwood fans just don’t like Etihad Stadium. Neither do I. 11 home games at the MCG would be nice.

WESTERN BULLDOGS:     4.2     9.5     13.6     16.10     106

COLLINGWOOD:                  3.2    9.4     12.6     15.8          98


WESTERN BULLDOGS: Liberatore, Griffen, Jones, Bontempelli, Dahlhaus, Macrae, Wallis

COLLINGWOOD: Cloke, Adams, Pendlebury, Elliot, Seedsman, Dwyer


WESTERN BULLDOGS: Jones 4, Stevens 3, Tutt 2, Griffen 2, Giansiracusa, Wallis, Grant, Bontempelli, Crameri

COLLINGWOOD: Cloke 6, Elliot 4, Swan, Thomas, Ball, Adams, Pendlebury


UMPIRES: Mitchell, McInerny, Chamberlain

REPORT: M. Williams (Coll) for striking N. Hrovat

CROWD: 28,339 at Etihad Stadium

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  1. Thanks Luke. I was in the Glenelg Surf Club and had an eye on the game. Not many would have tipped the Bulldogs, probably even Bulldogs fans. I reckon you missed Maxwell, and had too many players who were below their best. Still, better to have a stumble in Round 13, and not Round 23!

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great summary Luke I agree there is enough talent in the bulldogs line up for them to be doing better overall and agree that the pies got ahead of themselves they are a good side but not elite if Beams was rested a hue error . Maxwell is a very very good player and elite leader I don’t get it how so many people don’t appreciate his ability . Bontempelli photo with his dad was sensational , thanks Luke

  3. Nice write up Luke. Forms is hard to follow. How can the Bulldogs get spanked by Brisbane at home who then lose to GWS and the Dogs beat the Pies.

    Maybe the Pies did think it was just going to happen for them.

  4. E.regnans says

    Well done again, Luke.
    I read somewhere that T Goldsack also missed. There’s something about his kamikaze tackling and helter-skelter presence that lifts those around him, I reckon.
    But still – you need to win with who you’ve got.
    Well done Bulldogs. Great to read of a free-flowing game.

  5. It’s amazing how much Collingwood, Essendon and Richmond all losing can help replace some of the gloss that comes off after a Carlton loss…

    Carlton cannot get out of Etihad quick enough.

  6. Pies: stop Pendlebury and Swan and they’re vulnerable. With the Cats its stop Stevie J and Selwood. Both teams are at a similar point I reckon.

  7. well done Luke

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Thanks all for the comments.
    Litza, has any club benefited from playing at Etihad? Happy to go there for the odd away game. That’s enough.
    Agreed Dips.

  9. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Luke, we missed Goldsack and Beams and we are 2-3 years away from seriously challenging. I have faith in Bucks, but dropping games against the bottom 4 is a worry.

  10. Luke Reynolds says

    Phil, Goldsack’s absence very underrated. Noticed this week our injury list the biggest in the comp. Plenty of faith in Bucks.

  11. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Luke, No one wants to see Buck’s lift that cup more than me. Saw him carrying ordinary teams through the late ’90s. Don’t know if he’s got the defensive strategies to go all the way. We get get caught on the break far too easily.

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