AFL Round 13: Collingwood v Fremantle: Five in a row — thanks Freo!

By Danielle Eid

As Round 13 came along so did the school holidays. As I left the school gates I was bursting out in song, singing: “Ceeeeelebrate good times — come on!!”
The holidays couldn’t have come fast enough. But unlike most students, even though I’m on holidays I’m still constantly thinking about school work. I have even mapped out what subjects I’m doing on what day. Over-dedicated would be a good word. Take last night for example: I planed not to do anything just for that one night but I couldn’t help it and tarted on my history homework. So basically my holidays will consist of three things.
1. Homework (“DUH!”)
2. Shopping until I drop with my best friends (“I need new heels for the formal!”)
3. Watching the footy. (“You gotta love it!”)

Saturday’s game had my Collingwood boys up against Fremantle. The late omission of Davis and the inclusion of Medhurst made me pretty happy. I hadn’t seen Meddy out there for a while and this would be a good time to show Mick that he’s in good form.
As both teams are out on the ground Tarrant catches my eye.
“Poor, poor Tazza, he looks terrible in that Freo jersey!”
When Tarrant was at Collingwood he had most of the female fans chasing him, literally.
He looked much better in our black and white stripes and gave Hottie Hangers a run for their money. I didn’t really find him that appealing and to prove it I’ll quote from my favourite book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Tarrant is “tolerable I suppose but not handsome enough to tempt me!” (It’s a MUST READ, I LOVE MR.DARCY!!)
I laugh to myself and lie back on the couch ready for the first quarter to begin.

The first quarter starts with a miss from Leigh Brown, and a goal for Didak. Looks like it’s going to be an action-packed game. It’s a great sign that the Pies are having a few scoring opportunities so early in the game. Captain Maxwell wins a 50-metre penalty but his acting skills fall short when he tries for a second. (I would know this because I was a drama student for two years. In this case he was definitely overacting!)
While Freo try to jump at the ball, the Collingwood boys take control as Leigh Brown redeems himself and kicks our second. At first I wasn’t accepting of Leigh but he’s really trying and if he sharpens his accuracy he’ll turn into valuable asset.
Superman kicks his first, Freo continue to struggle and Cloke also adds one of his own.
It becomes a messy game as Beams scores, bodies fly and Pavlich gets Freo’s first.
To finish the first quarter Superman and Dodd each kick a goal. At this point I have noticed two things. The first is that Wellingham seems to take Pendles’ place well, if he works on his poise he could be just as good. Second: Tarrant seems to be a victim of the booing from Collingwood fans. Come on people; WE kicked him out; it’s not like he wanted to leave!

Collingwood: 39                                    Fremantle: 14

The second quarter starts with Leigh Brown’s second goal and then a reply from Schammer. Freo lose Pavlich for the rest of the match, making me predict a big win for us. Cloke kicks his second, good to see he’s getting some confidence back. Then come goals from Dick, Headland and dare I say a third for Cloke!! This quarter ends with a goal from Sandilands and, “ARGGGHH … TOOVEY!!” Need I say any more?

Collingwood: 66                            Fremantle: 45

Only a 21-point lead for my boys, they have let themselves down a bit with ball use. “That highlights Pendlebury’s absence, all right!”

During half time the camera is on the Carlton players who are spectators of this match.
Players are named and Cameron Cloke is pointed out.
Ahh yes, Cameron, my old flame.
The commentator points out Cameron’s stupidity for wearing a T-shirt in this weather and I sigh as Cameron has his back to the camera, acting all smooth and flashing his designer underwear. “Why Mick, Why did you let him go?!!”
“Why do the stupid guys have to be good-looking?”

OK, back to reality!
Defender Harry O’Brien kicks a goal to starts off the third. For me, I think that there is nothing more embarrassing then when the opposition’s defender kicks a goal. Freo are in BIG trouble if we kick another quick one. However the opposite happens and Hedland brings the gap back to only 20 points. Swan gives me something to cheer about in kicking his first. Just give him the Brownlow already!
The Collingwood boys are hungry for the ball and are playing real team footy.
I’m guessing they got a spray when Meddy stopped O’Bree’s goal from going through.
Superman bangs home his third, Lockyer and Didak also add to the score.
Freo reply with a minute left and the quarter end with a 34-point lead to my Magpies.

Collingwood: 105                              Fremantle: 71

The fourth brings a bit of pushy fighting with Superman and the Freo boys.
Hmppphh they are so lucky I’m not there, if one of them lays one finger……
After a team goal by Dick and Lockyer, Superman rips of his glove using his teeth.
Man, he has some hold over me! My heart skips a beat when he gets to the ball.
A smile spreads across my face as he puts us 46 points up.
Shaw takes an interesting grab, leaving the black and white army on their feet.
Our defence is having a picnic; Presti and Nathan Brown have full control. As I look at Nathan I analyse his build. His body resembles that of a Chiseled Greek God.
He’s so manly!
As for Meddy the poor guy doesn’t know what to do. If he doesn’t pass he looks greedy and if he does the team thing we lose the ball! By the end however Medhurst manages to add two goals, and for once he doesn’t look too annoyed when the boys come over and mess up his hair. Collingwood kicked a total of ten goals for the quarter for a win by 84 points.
That’s now five wins in a row, thanks Freo!!

Collingwood: 169                                 Fremantle: 85

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. May I ask why you dislike Alan Toovey so much? Also i’d like your opinion on Anthony Rocca. I think the Collingwood forward line is a young, up and coming group of players with the ability to kick big goals, as shown in this match, and big old, slow Rocca is knocking on the door trying to get a gig doing what Jack Anthony is doing a perfect job of right now.

  2. Thanks for the comment Josh.
    Toovey… Well what can I say?
    As much as he seems like a nice guy I can’t help but close my
    eyes when he gets near the ball. What I don’t like about him is
    that he’s so clumsy it’s not funny! There have been incidents
    where Toovey has tackled his own teammate with the
    opposition, which doesn’t make sense to me. He has also
    been a constant offender in kicking the ball to empty spaces,
    missing targets and dropping marks. It’s like sending a person blindfolded
    into a room filled with fine china! But with Toovey he doesn’t need a
    blindfold he’s naturally clumsy. So that’s the Toovey question taken care of
    now, Rocca.
    Josh, I agree with you 100%.
    Rocca is loved by the club and supporters but his time is up. Superman (Anthony)
    Is doing a magnificent job and then don’t forget about Sean Rusling.
    Im pretty sure Rocca will bow out gracefully by the end of the season.

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