AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: The Game is different down south

The Belconnen Flying Squad are in town to assist on a special operation. “The Game” has been played out for over 100 years in the south but the “the Game” has changed. There has been a tip off that local gangs, the Bluebloods, from Little Italy, and the Hawksters, from Upper East side, plan to break heads in the docks area tonight. Agent Steve Smith and I have seen it all before and don’t expect too much crap as the Hawksters are cashed up and have called the shots for more than five years. Senior Dect. Dave Ryan is a crusty old school copper from up north but this is his first time working in “the Game”. Same with trainee Agent Dobson.  A fresh face kid with enthusiasm like a puppy who has just been rewarded from shitting out the back, rather than on the Persian rug. Then shits on the rug again.

The Hawkers are a mixture of new and old money most of it made through racketeering and insider trading. Their former head honcho, “Jeff the Lip” Kennett, was once a state premier who got to big for his own good and was run out of town. But Jeff still has the mouth, and the connections. The Bluebloods are establishment. Been around since “the Game” first started and been back on the rise since Don Prattanoni saved the joint 5 years ago. The Bluebloods once had plenty of European heritage. The Hawksters wrap sheet now has more vowels than the dictionary. Something that would never have happened a decade ago when the likes of “Skinny” Camporeale roamed Lygon St.

16.30pm Richmond

We rendezvous at the All Nations Hotel to load up and plan out the job before heading down town to the docklands.

19.55pm Docklands

Traffic is bad so we are late for the arranged 19.50pm meeting time. Local uniform guys, Stevic, Nicholls

and “Razor” Ray Chamberlain are trying to maintain control. Razor has a reputation down south for being

all badge, no balls. Predictably, the Hawksters are riding rough shot and have made some early hits with

Lance “$Million” Franklin and “Pineapple” Roughead  doing the dirty work. The ACT boys thought we were

in for an easy night but Blueblood’s loose cannon, Mitch ‘Mad Dog” Robinson, was picking Hawksters off

and things evened up. We were on high alert. More supplies were needed. The Bluebloods also had a big

incentive to turn the tables. Chris “Showboat” Judd had racked up his 250th rumble and the Bluebloods

weren’t going lay down an take a beating at the hands of some merchant bankers from Kew.


After a brief break to re-arm, the Bluebloods have the upper hand. “Muscles” Casboult

and “Knuckles” Tuohy were in it up to their eye balls. Hawktsers hard man Luke “The Hammer” Hodge

took out Marc “Baby Face” Murphy. The Bluebloods were down one of their best men and “$Million”

and “Pineapple” were difficult to stop. Normally unable to hit the rear end of a cow with peashooter, both

are hitting targets. Also hitting targets with the uniform guys. “Razor” was handing out tickets to every

Blueblood that looks at him sideways. Could he be on the take?


The fight had been bigger than anything seen between to two rival gangs for many a year. I

guess we wont be getting the early flight back to Canberra. The next 30 minutes or so was full on warfare.

Sam “The Kid” Mitchell is running the numbers and the Blueblood’s go to man, Andy “Bouncer” Walker,

has been suffocated. “Sniper” Betts is sneaking around picking off the crumbs. Jarrad “Head Case” Waite

is charged with impersonating a standover man and Brian “Deep” Lake has his measure. “Two Chins”

McLean has chances to inflict some pain and but has never been good in these types of fights as he has is

a former Demon as only got to join the Bluebloods because his old man owns a strip joint. “Pineapple”

levels the Bloodbloods with three bombs. More back up is needed and we go for more supplies as this is

going to get ugly.


Things a tight. The Bluebloods are hurting and “Mad Dog” has taken one in the shoulder. Could all the

uniform guys be on the take? I’ve never seen so many indefensible charges get thrown out of court. The

Hawksters slowly got the upper hand and any chance of an upset is quickly burnt after “Razor” cordoned

off the Blueblood’s home patch and gives the Hawksters an armed escort back to Glenferrie. “Showboat”

limped back to Lygon St. The guy is tough and Bryce “the Apprentice” Gibbs stood by the Blueblood’s

main man all night. I tell the boys that we haven’t seen the last of this rumble as the Bluebloods earned

some respect tonight and this turf war is not over. News comes through over the radio the Mick “the

Organiser” Malthouse is angry. He wants the uniform guys investigated as he thinks the “Jeff the Lip” has

got to them. Dispatch says that someone tried to take “Razor” out afterwards with a Molotov. I’m thinking

he deserves to be taken out. Cops like “Razor” give the force a bum rap. They have no place in “The



Job complete, Nothing left back to head back to the hotel, nestle up to a bottle of Jack and write up the

job sheet. 34 infringement notices to the Bluebloods, 14 to the Hawksters

1.30am 15 June 2013 Jollimont

It’s been a long day. I’m beat and Dave and I call it a night. Steve and the new kid have headed out for a

few night caps at “Two Chins” old man’s joint.  Dave says that the law sure is different down south. Roger

that Dave. Roger that.


Hawthorn                            Carlton

15.12.102                             13.9.87

Our Votes

S Mitchell 3 votes

C Judd     2 votes

L Hodge                   1 vote

R Chamberlain. 12 months non parole

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