AFL Round 11 – St. Kilda v Collingwood: Junktime at The Dome

Friday night footy and the Pies and Saints were on the big stage and under the neon lights of The Dome for Indigenous Round.

Since our epic 2010 Grand Final clashes, the Saints have been like the Coles ad, heading “down down”, whilst the Pies have regenerated under Bucks and are challenging for a top four spot. The Pies have 11 of their premiership players in their side, whilst the Saints have 7 veterans from their GF side still hanging in there. The “resting” of Swan, Ball and Grundy with niggles shows how much the depth of these two lists differ since they were locked in that ultimate battle of 2010.

A lot of the media focus this week was on Big Trav who, for the past 5 years, has been “armstrong and leg weak” as the best contested mark in the game, but so far this season it’s been “arms and leg weak” as he struggles for form.

As the teams lined up, the underrated Delaney takes Cloke at the Coventry end and at the Lockett end it looks like a Bros reunion as Frost dances up next to Riewoldt. Macaffer locks onto Jack Steven and will trail him all night like a Private Dick.

At the first bounce Sidey impersonates Robbie Muir with a maverick act and cleans up Weller. A dodgy handball from a concussed Weller led to the Saints fluffing around and big Trav stormed in laying a huge tackle to get into the game early. We dominated forward 50 entries and our early forward pressure led to the first goal after a classic Sidey dinky pass found Faz who kicked truly.

Our ball use transitioning into the forward line was again haphazard as we struggled to hit the side of a barrawarn, I mean barn. And the Saints capitalise on our waste with 3 goals in a row to get out to an 11 point lead despite our dominance of possession. Trav got into the play with a couple more strong efforts, but only registering points. Maxy succumbed to the old man’s injury with a strained calf and is subbed off with Seedy coming on mid first quarter. He has an instant impact spotting Sidey who again sets up a goal, this time through Jesse White. Maxy has been the “cox of the backline boat” this season so with Rooey looking dangerous for the Saints it could be a significant loss for the young Pies’ backline.

Opportunist goals to Thomas, Blair and Faz were followed by another pinpoint pass from Sidey to Faz for his third goal of the quarter. A free kick and goal to Thomas on the siren is six goals in a row and scoreboard reward for our 22 to 9 inside 50s. Sidey is on fire with 11 possessions in the first quarter and one can only assume that after his 3 goal quarter, Faz went up to Forward Coach Mat Lappin with a comment like “Ah,Mat I bet you like having me back in the forward line after that quarter!”.

The Pies jump out of the blocks quickly in the second quarter with Seedy, Langdon, Young and Heritier (in the spirit of indigenous round, one must use his indigenous name) driving the ball forward with Cloke and White goaling. The Saints drop a couple of extras into defence and the next 15 minutes is as boring as an episode of Corrie (Coronation Street). The Pies struggle to spot targets and are goalless in this period, whilst the Saints kick a couple of goals through Rooey who was getting away from Frost and has 3 on the board. Another classy Faz snap goal finally breaks the mini drought, then missed chances from Adams, who sprays a sitter, and Thomas keep the Saints in touch and Jack Steven steals a goal on the siren with an effort that we’d all like to see from the Socceroos in Brazil. At half time we’re 27 points up after kicking 8 unanswered goals and having 38 to 22 inside 50s. Thomas, Beams, Langdon, Seedy, H, Pendles and Young are getting plenty of the ball, Faz is showing his opportunist class with 4 goals and Trav and White are looking dangerous, but the Saints are hanging in.

The Pies start the 3rd with the first two goals via Elliott and Cloke, with Clinton Young starting to dominate finding space, running hard and using that classy left leg of his. But again the Pies couldn’t lay the killer blow, and poor turnovers from Sidey and Adams result in Saints’ scores as they gallantly hang within 6 goals. A long awaited contested mark from Trav and a monster 50 metre goal triggered fire krakouer type celebrations from the big man. A goal to Siposs interrupts our dominance and then Beams, who has played his usual cool, classy and contested game all night, has the Pies 39 points up at ¾ time with our 30,000th goal – imagine how many we’d be if Clokey had kicked straight in his career!

After letting the Tiggers and Blosers off lightly earlier in the season with soft last quarters after big leads at ¾ time, it was essential for the Pies percentage that we jyagmoor goals in the last quarter.

The Pies dominated clearances in the last quarter and bombarded the forward 50. With Maxy off the ground, young Tommy Langdon rose to the challenge. He was as wise as a ugle owl with his reading of the play and he used the ball like a veteran. Along with Young, Seedy, Marley and H they continued to run-and-carry and use the ball effectively going forward. The Saints backmen looked as comfortable as a vegan in Vlado’s, as Cloke and Elliott took full toll of the fast and accurate delivery with three quick goals between them to get out to a 10 goal lead.

In the cold of the night, the Pies defence locked down tighter than Fort Davis Alaska and the Saints forward line was as quiet and sparse as the streets of Wellingham Shire in Norfolk UK. At the other end it was like peak hour in the big city as Witts intercepted an errant Saints’ kickout and sent it straight back over his head like a boomerang for a cheap goal. The party pies continued as Cloke, then Elliott and then Thomas all goaled to make it a smart 86 point percentage booster and I lovett.

For the Saints it was Nightmare at the Dome, as their Lyon-inspired side of aged veterans and untried youngsters, with nothing much in between, were dismantled in the last quarter. For the Pies, the last quarter was thirty minutes of Junktime at the Dome as they finally buried a side with a near four quarter effort, apart from two brief lapses in the first and second quarters. The three things from the night that got me excited were; i/ the ball usage from Seedy, Young and Faz showing class and damaging weapons; ii/, a healthy percentage boost, and iii/ an improved work rate and reward for Big Trav hopefully trending upward for the business end of the season. Floreat Pica and #gopies!



The Malarkey Medal (Footy Almanac) – Monkhorst Ball Francis Award (Floreat Pica – to commemorate the three Pies’ premiership players who also played games for the Aints) goes to Dayne Beams for a strong consistent four quarter effort.

3 – Beams;

2 – Thomas;

1 – Clokey.

Unlucky Young, Pendles, Langdon and Seedy.



ST KILDA              3.2   6.2   8.5   8.6 (54)

COLLINGWOOD   7.2   10.5 14.8   21.14 (140)


St Kilda: Riewoldt 3, Milera, Ray, Steven, Dunstan, Siposs

Collingwood: Cloke 5, Fasolo 4, Elliott 4, Thomas 3, White 2, Blair, Beams, Witts


St Kilda: Hayes, Riewoldt, Montagna, Newnes, Dunstan

Collingwood: Beams, Pendlebury, Cloke, Young, Thomas, Elliott, Fasolo



Collingwood indigenous players to have played VFL/AFL* games and/or currently on the list (including references where you reckon they might be a bit dodgy!)

Robbie AhMat – 1995 – 1997, 25 games

Tony Armstrong – 2014, currently listed but in the magoos.

Richie Cole – 2002 – 2005, 56 games.

Anthony Corrie – 2009, 3 games. (Reference:

Shannon Cox – 2007 – 2009, 25 games.

Neon Leon Davis – 2000 – 2011, 225 games. (Reference:,_Alaska)

Brad Dick – 2007- 2011, 27 games. (Reference:

Chris Egan – 2005 – 2008, 27 games.

Andrew Krakouer – 2011-2013, 35 games.

Wally Lovett – 1982, 15 games.

Peter Yagmoor – 2012 – current, 2 games.

Sharrod Wellingham – 2008 – 2012, 92 games. (Reference:

Kirk Ugle – 2012, 3 games. (Reference:

Lionel Rose – no games, but he was an indigenous legend and great Pies man.



About Ramon Dobb

A footy and cricket fanatic. A lifelong passionate one eyed Mighty Magpie fanatic. My writing is unashamedly written with one black & white eye open only - so please don't take offence, it's nothing personal, it's just the black & white way! Also a lifelong player and member of Washington Park Cricket Club, the Mighty Sharks. My 15 minutes of fame includes regular contributions to Hot Pies, the 1999-2004 Fanzine, and regular contributor to the Coodabeen Champions weekly competition from their heady 3RRR days. Go Pies and Floreat Pica.


  1. Steve Fahey says

    Magnificent Ramon, the Bros reference is as hilarious as it is accurate

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic Ramon, also had a good laugh at the Bros reference. Another indigenous pie was Norm Le Brun 1933-34 19 games. Also played for Essendon, South Melbourne and Carlton. Was killed in action in WW2, remembered reading about him around Anzac Day. Looking at your list makes you realise how few indigenous players Collingwood has had compared to most other clubs. And almost all have played in the last 15-20 years.

  3. Skip of Skipton says

    Not that many Aboriginal blokes played in the VFL before the ’80s, Luke. The success of the Krakouer Bros kick-started things. Victoria has a small Indigenous populace compared to other states.

    I also reference Bros, and kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Enjoyable read Ramon even for a non pies man my immediate thought when reading the indigenous players reference was exactly the same as , Luke’s the lack of is something I am sure , Collingwood would not be proud of thanks , Ramon

  5. David Zampatti says

    True Malcolm. Especially up against the 32, including eight current players, the Dockers have had on their list in its twenty years, the most in the AFL. They’ve only played one game, in 1995, without an indigenous player, and had seven in one team (Jeff Farmer, Troy Cook, Steven Koops, Roger Hayden, Antoni Grover, Des Headland, Dion Woods) in 2003, another AFL record.
    Include the ground-breaking work of Gerard Neesham at the club and later at the Clontarf Football Academy, and you’ve got yet another compelling reason why the showcase game of the Indigenous Round should be yet another sinecure for a couple of big Melbourne clubs.

  6. ramondobb says

    Luke, in a way I’m glad I didn’t find Normie in my list – not sure how I could have fitted a reference to 17th century French artistry into the game wrap (maybe some of Pendle’s work?).

    Malcolm, agree that the Pies don’t have a lot to be proud of on the indigenous front prior to 2000. Given the high profile incidents involving the Pies in the 90s and the superficial generalisations that follow Collingwood supporters, I’d assumed that our numbers would statistically show us as an extreme outlier. If the details I looked at on Wikipedia are correct, what I found surprising was not just Collingwood’s low proportion of indigenous players, but most of the Melbourne based clubs having similarly low numbers (Essendon is a an obvious exception given Sheeds’ approach; Geelong has surprisingly very low representation). From my largely uneducated assumptions on indigenous demographics, geographic, cultural and lifestyle dynamics it’s not surprising to me that Freo, Eagles and Brisbane would be high. I think the Melbourne based clubs’ records are a mirror on our society and whilst the Pies would not be proud of its historical record on this, they were/are not Robinson Crusoe. Hopefully, things continue to improve through this century.

  7. E.regnans says

    Well played Ramon.
    Love your creativity.

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    We’ll summed up , Ramon yep agreed we hope and trust that this will improve

  9. Luke, Norm Le Brun WAS NOT indigenous. His ‘colour’ was due to a partial Jamaican/Cape Verdean background. The AFL need to correct their site.

    The first indigenous player for Collingwood was Wally Lovett in 1982.

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