AFL Round 11 – Melbourne v Collingwood: Who is Mr 100%?



As far as confusing and impossible football cliches go, giving 110% almost takes the cake.

But as far as effort is concerned, nothing is more respected and honored in footy. We’ve all heard the coach at the 3 quarter time break when your side’s down. “You’ve got to give it all you’ve got! You’ve got to give 110%!”

In this day and age, I’m sure there is some sort of GPS-Tracking-Heart-Rate-Sweat-Pulsing-Energizer that measures an AFL players ‘effort’, but for now, I’m stuck with the AFL’s conventional statistics.


I can hear the 3 quarter time coach again… “It’s those One Percenters that can make the difference! Smother, Shepherd, Bump and Spoil for Christs Sake!”

Ah yes! Of course! The One Percenters!

We can all remember Nick Riewoldt’s smother or Matty Scarlett’s toe poke. The little sparks of effort inspire and can be the difference between a win and a loss. They’re invaluable (and your coach will love you too).

But just who exactly gives 100% in the AFL? (Answer later in the article…)



In other news…


In the first of the 3 bye rounds of season 2013, 12 teams took the field over 4 days.


On Friday Night, two heavy weights, Carlton and Essendon slogged it out at the G. After stretching out to a 31 point lead at the 14 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, Essendon stormed home to beat the siren and the Blues by a lazy 5 points. In a game with many talking points, such as Jarrad Waite’s career best 7 goals, and Jake Melksham’s 3rd major at the 29-minute mark, few interesting stats were thrown up afterwards.
It was Essendon’s 140th anniversary of their first match against Carlton, and the rivalry between the teams were not lost. In that time, the pair have faced off 238 times, with Carlton winning 50.8% of the time. Close games aren’t rare between the two, and Friday night’s 5 point margin was the 50th time the game was decided by a goal or less (and a draw on 5 occasions).

The victory marked Essendon’s 100th home and away win against Carlton. Essendon now move up to 4th on the Ladder at 8 – 3, whilst Carlton has yet to beat a current top 8 side this season.



In less dramatic fashion, Geelong handed GWS a 59 point thrashing away from home at Skoda Stadium. Shockingly, the Giant’s took the lead at the first quarter slamming 5 goals to Geelong’s 2. Hard running from Jeremy Cameron kept the margin even late in the third quarter, But from then on, the Cats were in full flight. 5 goals from James Podsiadly gave the Cat’s their largest 4th quarter this year (8.5-53). Their eventual scoreline of 24.13-157 was the 4th largest recorded this season. Whilst GWS’ score of 15.8-98 was their 4th largest in their club history.

In stark contrast to the attendance of Essendon and Carlton’s Friday night game, the Sydney Showgrounds saw a crowd of just 7809, making it the largest disparity in crowd attendances in consecutive games ever (74,830 difference). This week, Geelong will sit atop the AFL Ladder as they wait for Hawthorn to return from their bye. GWS sits last, waiting for their elusive first win of 2013.



In the 13th edition of the classic ‘Queens Birthday Clash’, between Collingwood and Melbourne, the Magpies proved way to strong for the Demons, winning outrageously by 83 points. Sadly, this margin is only 5th heaviest defeat this season. Despite holding onto the first quarter by only 1 point, the Pies smacked a total of 16 goals for the rest of the game, but it could’ve been a lot more, as they accounted for 20 behinds as well. Dane Swan picked up an easy 39 disposals, to add his 2013 tally to 335. He still trails Gold Coast’s Gary Ablett by a further 18.

It was Collingwood’s 8th Queens Birthday victory, and their 5th highest ever against the Dees (Highest 109pts R15, 1919) . Interestingly, it was only the 2nd time Collingwood have beaten Melbourne in all quarters since 2002. But Melbourne’s 5.9-39 was their lowest score against the Pies since their 2.7.19 in round 4, 1960.


But on the upside, and probably most appropriately, Colin Garland racked up his 100th ‘One Percenter’ for 2013.




Yes, the answer you’ve been waiting for is actually Colin Garland.
In 2013 he’s given the Demon’s 100%, in fact. And it doesn’t surprise me at all. A tireless and versatile defender, Garland’s effort can never be questioned.

It threw up some fascinating stats on the statistic…


Hawthorn’s Josh Gibson currently holds the record for ‘Most One Percenters In A Game’, with his 21 against Sydney in the 2011 Semi Final.

Unsurprising enough, he has also recorded the most in any season, a total of 259 in 25 games, averaging 10.36 per game. This year, Gibson is sitting back in 10th position, with a total of 71 in his 9 games.

The last 2 years, Gibson has been the trendsetter for One Percenters in the league. He topped the 2012 and 2011 leaderboards.

Year Player Team Games Total Average
2013 Colin Garland MEL 23* 209* 9.1*
2012 Josh Gibson HAW 22 194 8.8
2011 Josh Gibson HAW 25 260 10.4
2010 Dale Morris WB 21 145 6.9
2009 Dale Morris WB 25 150 6
2008 Daniel Merrett BL 22 150 6.8
2007 Daniel Merrett BL 22 182 8.3
2006 Brian Lake WB 24 181 7.5
2005 Mal Michael BL 22 166 7.5
2004 Mal Michael BL 25 176 7
2003 Mal Michael BL 23 158 6.9
2002 Mal Michael BL 25 162 6.5
* Projected


This year, Garland has equalled the record for the least amount of games to reach 100 one percenters in a season. Gibson did it in 11 games (at round 12) in 2011.

The records I found on the net, didn’t seem to stretch very far back, but what I did find, was that before 2002, the rate of One Percenters drops off dramatically; either they were not recorded correctly, or a sign of a major switch in the style of play.

But this year surprisingly, the Gold Coast Suns, of all teams, top the list of the most one percenters in 2013 – with the struggling Demons not far behind. Whether it is a sign of team committment, or merely the structures in place for defending teams, I am unsure.


What I am sure of though, was that it was a fun statistic to investigate.

Cobba’s Round 11 Footy Graph…

Mr 100%



Well done Colin Garland (aka Mr 100% – as opposed to Josh Gibson who shall be crowned King 260%)



Do something,


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