AFL Premiership Posters (with a nod to WEG)


Footy is back on once again. With the season now resuming after numerous delays and much re-organisation, the premiership campaign for the eighteen clubs can once again continue.


With optimism and anticipation returning to the AFL, I’ve thought it a good idea to provide something that may help accelerate the excitement of fans, whilst also stirring a few hopes and dreams.


Here then now is my full and up to date collection of AFL premiership posters for all the winners since the turn of the millennium. Though this isn’t the first time I’ve presented this collection on the almanac, a number of edits, corrections and even some new additions to the line-up have been made since its original unveiling back in 2018 (a few years’ ones were left out of that batch). Now at its best, the collection warrants a re-hanging.


AFL premiership posters are a recurrent and purely enjoyment motivated artistic project I took up back in 2016, when my move to Melbourne coincided with developing a surprise interest in footy. My inspiration came from the annual Herald Sun posters of WEG and Mark Knight.


As for what will happen when yet another winner claims the trophy at the end of this year’s greatly shaken up season, let’s just say my usual formula may also require a bit of re-organisation.


So, without further ado, here they are. This newly updated and much polished line-up now depicts every premier from 2000 to 2019 (with no corners cut this time).






















About Ben Kirkby

Ben moved to Melbourne at the start of 2016 from country NSW. Shortly after declaring his intent to live in Melbourne permanently, his uncle Sam suggested "If you're going to live here you've got to get along to the footy at some point". After seeing his first football match (Hawthorn vs Sydney, round 9 2016) Ben's interest in AFL took off in a way highly unexpected by both himself and his extended family. Ben's team alignment was uncertain for a time, seeing an interest taken primarily toward Hawthorn during much of the 2016 season, but during the finals series he declared his intent to follow the way of his cousins and uncle and become a Richmond Supporter, primarily on the grounds of them being the team he most wanted to see win, among a long list of other reasons. Needless to say the following year saw him very happy with his choice.


  1. Stainless says

    Nice one Ben! And welcome to the Almanac in you own right.
    I love the mullet on the Lion although I’m struggling to think of any of that 2001-3 group that sported a similar coiffure. Perhaps it’s an acknowledgment of the Brisbane Bears, where mullets were plentiful!
    Looking forward to the 2018 collection.
    Uncle Stainless

  2. Citrus Bob says

    Nice work Ben! Love to have them in the biggest ART OF FOOTBALL EXHIBITION ever held in Australia.
    Give us a call. They will be great
    Citrus Bob
    [email protected]

  3. Ben The Artist says

    Thank you Bob, very much appreciated!
    I’ll drop you an email soon.

  4. Stainless says

    Nice collection Ben.
    Some rules for your 2020 poster? It needs to be 20% smaller than the rest, the trophy needs to have an asterisk next to it and the Tiger (it will be a tiger) wearing a face mask!

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