AFL footy commentary: any gems?


No doubt many sport-hours were watched over the last three days. Mainly footy we suspect,  but there was other sport on – NRL, rugby test, US Open tennis, racing, FedEx Cup et al.

Many sports, many contests, many stations, many commentators.

Any commentary gems?


  1. Bruce having a little dig at the Tiges. Something like:

    Three goals to Jack Riewoldt: not quite the same as Buddy’s yesterday, do you think?

  2. Channel 7 had the C Team (Basil, Darce etc) at Homebush on Saturday arvo. Early in the game one of the commentators remarked on “Hayden Ballantyne going a long way into defence to get a kick”. It was Lachie Neale. Little bloke, dark hair. Understandable mistake if you only leave Melbourne once a year.
    My real highlight was the lack of delay between the TV picture and the radio commentary on Saturday night. I took in the whole game without hearing a whisper of BT or Richo. Gerard and the ABC radio crew were concise and informative as always.
    I couldn’t do the same for Sunday arvo. “Walshie’ on the ABC in Adelaide is an overexcited dunderhead.
    Glad Bruce doesn’t call photo finishes at the races any more. His ego gets ahead of himself and he calls what he is expecting to see. “Lovely pass from Polec who looked inside to see the spare man and ……………………” Long rambling for the next minute about why it WAS a lovely pass, except that 3 Tigers defenders spoiled and ran it out.
    I have always had a soft spot for Bruce and his passion for all sport and encyclopedic knowledge. But its time to hang up the Zeiss 1020’s.

  3. Unlike Bruce to have a dig, even if we all know Riewoldt is Flat Track Jack.

  4. The bloke doing special comments on 3AW at Sydney Fremantle: “Pavlich out-numbered the defenders three-to-one.”

  5. Walshie is great… nothing like hearing a player’s name yelled six times in succession when they do something good rather than actually hearing what they did.

    I must say Tim Ginever’s SANFL special comments are surprisingly tolerable, even when he is calling a Port game. The other commentators love hanging him out to dry when he starts talking stats.

  6. A few weeks ago I heard BT on radio say soemone had “sold some dummy candy’ in a classic case of mixed made up metaphors

    This morning on SEN Andy Maher said “we’ve all got crystal balls”

    Last week in the Richmond Sydney game a seemingly very badly injured player eventually came back on the ground, which the commentator said was “a good sign”. No sh*t Sherlock


  7. Earl O'Neill says

    ‘Shin in the back of the side of his shin’ – Leigh Mathews, Friday night.

  8. SEN Breakfast is cringecity…unfortunately had it on one morning last week and after an extended intro Daniel Ricciardo came on…
    “…thanks for joining us on the Morning glory”
    (Daniel, something like, and deadpan) “It’s nice to share the morning glory with you”
    The Andys then chugged on boringly, but a golden response from a sport usually so bland.

  9. Skip of Skipton says

    I like the ABC’s VFL commentary. The super-enthusiastic young blokes who call the game, tempered by David Rhys-Jones with special comments, and Phil Cleary’s observations, mutterings and reminiscences from ground level.

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