AFL Finals Week 1 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide (Haiku Bob): when blossoms fall

when blossoms fall –
falls apart



caught between
two defenders
the moon



September jitters –
passing it to the guy
who isn’t there



blown by a wind no one can see behind



bright moon
making no impression
on the scoreboard



keeping us in the game
just Swan



all the different moves
still no one
on Wingard



unthinkable moon
the blank stare
of the coach



the winners and losers’
different worlds



About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Brilliant. As always.

  2. Haunting, HB.
    Evocatively haunting.

  3. Brilliant HB. Just brilliant……

    Infinitely better than the media outlets who all parrot the same stuff after each game.

    “Passing to the guy who isn’t there…..”. Says it all so simply.

  4. haiku is my therapy.
    you need therapy following this mob.
    thanks for indulging me.

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