AFL Coach Approval Ratings: Your thoughts?

The AFL recently conducted a fan survey to ascertain the approval ratings of all  AFL coaches. The results of that survey are in and are listed below.



(1)  A.Simpson 99%

(2)  C.Fagan / N.Buckley 98%

(3)  A.Clarkson 97%

(4)  S.Goodwin 96%

(5)  D.Hardwick 95%

(6)  J.Worsfold 89%

(7)  B.Scott 88%

(8)  L.Cameron 85%

(9)  L.Beveridge 83%

(10)  D. Pyke 76%

(11)  J.Longmire 69%

(12)  S.Dew 68%

(13)  B.Bolton 63%

(14)  K. Hinkley 41%

(15)  C.Scott 40%

(16)  R.Lyon 37%

(17)  A.Richardson 29%


While the ratings for Adam Simpson and Nathan Buckley are to be expected, suggesting  Chris Fagan is the equal second approved AFL coach may  surprise some,  considering the final ladder position of Brisbane for the season!


John Worsfold, Stuart Dew, and Brendon Bolton have ratings perhaps  higher than  one may have expected in view of their individual team performances and ladder position for the year, the indication suggesting  this is more of an acknowledgement for the future possibilities and potentials for those coaches and their teams.


At the same time, the respective ratings for Chris Scott, Ross Lyon,  Alan Richardson, and even Ken Hinkley belie the under-performance of their teams acknowledging  the lost faith supporters are developing  with them.


The low approval rating of Geelong premiership coach Chris Scott may be a shock and rile Cats supporters but perhaps his use-by date is approaching or has been reached, or it’s a message the man needs to pull the  proverbial finger out!


The off-season is indeed a most interesting time.


Obviously for a few coaches, next season will be the making or breaking of them.


Time will tell!



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  1. The rating of Chris Scott is about right. Hasn’t improved the young blokes, doesn’t get the players to play for him, doesn’t improve his assistant coaches, has an ordinary record when you take Kardinia Park out of the equation, coaches to achieve good corporate reporting not good sporting reporting, isn’t a great match day tactician, says the Cats have been transitioning since 2011 – transitioning to where?

  2. Of course I have no personal involvement or knowledge of Chris Scott’s working tactics, but was somewhat surprised at various remarks made about him when I attended the VFLW grand final. And they were from people involved with Geelong.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Agree Dips.

    Except I’m surprised the C Scott rating is so high.

    Wish he would take up chess full time.

  4. If the ’tiser ever turns on Hinkley and/or Port don’t make the finals next year, he’s in a bit of strife. Seems like as long as a team is good or is demonstrably on the up, coach satisfaction is extremely high.

  5. Any surprise that the two coaches who, through AFL360, have the most exposed voices and the greatest opportunity to endear themselves to the footy world and their fans, are on 40% and 29%.

    Why is this so?

    My theory:

    Those close to the footy industrial process believe in control and believe in their own place in the control of it.

    Footy Fans believe footy is a chaotic game where players/coaches attempt to assert some control.

    And my main conclusion: a lot of people can see straight through Orwellian football and Orwellian footy talk.

    Here’s an idea:

    Football is an art form. Treat it that way.

  6. Buckley = Lazarus
    It will be interesting to see how the coaches rate this time next year given the evenness of much of the competition, player movements, the pot luck season draw and player injuries all conspiring.

  7. Brad Scott at #7 and 88% ?????

    This must be some sort of piss-take.
    I don’t know many (any) North supporters who are approving of him

  8. george smith says

    Oh god where do you start? i was a Malthouse fan, I treasured his book when the Buckleyites cast derision on it. So it was bittersweet to see Buckley orchestrate an achievement like that after five years of the worst performances as coach since the amazing Tony Shaw. But like the end of “The Outlaw Josey Wales” the war is over, it is time for healing…

    Sadly he has turned into a modern day Bobby Rose, with the footy gods yet again snatching the prize away from Collingwood like some Greek tragedy. I hope he doesn’t end up like Blight or Mathews, getting his ultimate reward at Adelaide or God help us Hawthorn!!!

    At the end of the day only premierships count. The big league is littered with ghosts of coaches past – Ayres, Lyon, Northey, Bourke, Ratten all who achieved but couldn’t bag the big one…

  9. John Butler says

    Pleased to see Bolton holding his own among the Carlton fans. The only arguments I’ve had over footy this year have been with fellow Blues fans who think sacking someone constitutes an actual plan, so I’m encouraged that I appear to be in the majority still.

    BJ is right, it will be interesting to see how much this fluctuates year to year. And whether clubs ever use this info to justify decisions.

  10. Managing expectations seems to be the common factor here. Port, Cats and Saints fans just expected more. Ross has just outlived his welcome. Been rebuilding for 3 years now and going steadily backwards.
    Beveridge, Pyke and Longmire maintain support based on past success. Brad Scott thrives on the low expectations of North fans (thank God we weren’t total crap). Woosha the same.
    Leon Cameron gets a pass mark in Sydney that he wouldn’t get in Melbourne with similar talent. Sydney locals were just grateful not to be going to Canterbury Bulldogs or Balmain Tigers games.
    WA Police are searching for the ungrateful 1%. Mixed marriages where the Freo husband stole his Eagle wife’s voting pass?

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