Adam Voges – A Baggy Green hard earned and well deserved

I had heard about a talented young ‘Chinaman’ coming up through the junior ranks of WACA cricket while I was trying to establish myself as a player in senior ranks.

The first time I came across Adam Voges was in a Colts match (under 21’s) when I cruised to 40-odd not out before trying to show him that he had a long way to go with his left-arm wrist spin by launching him back over his head. About half way through my charge down the wicket I knew that I had totally misread his wrong-un and I didn’t bother to look back after desperately trying to get a tiny amount of bat on ball only for it to dip sharply and spin past my outside edge.

Over the next few seasons we would meet in 1st Grade matches each year and Adam’s wrist spin took a back seat as his batting developed quickly. A sound technique kept the good balls out and he scored freely with powerful cut shots and a trademark whip through mid-wicket, still a feature of his game.

Adam was always a fierce competitor and never gave his wicket away easily. He was one of the old breed who enjoyed chatting with opposition players at the bar following a days play.

Before too long Adam made his first class debut for Western Australia and he proved to be a player that you desperately hoped was on state duty when your club was scheduled to play his because he viewed grade cricket as an opportunity to spend time at the crease, fine tune his game and add another century to his list. Somewhere along the way Adam’s bowling changed from wrist to finger spin and his all-round abilities made him the main man at a very strong Melville Cricket Club alongside the likes of Steve Magoffin, Dimitri Mascarenhas, Duncan Spencer, Scott Meuleman and several other players who would go on to play first class cricket.

Adam’s versatility as a cricketer, and in particular his busy batting style earned him an opportunity in the Australian 50-over side. Despite averaging 45 as a batsman, he has only been given 31 opportunities in the eight years since his debut, often overlooked for players with more destructive reputations.

Not many would have given Adam any hope of reaching the Test team as his career stuttered for a period in a WA team that struggled to make any impact on the domestic scene for a number of years. However, some outstanding seasons in County cricket followed by a phenomenal year for the Warriors in 2014/15 led to Voges earning a position in the touring party to the West Indies. Injury to a former teammate, Chris Rogers, gives him a chance to wear the Australian cap for the first time.

35 years old and with over 10,000 first class runs in the bank, Adam Voges has paid his dues, done the hard yards, persisted longer than most and thoroughly deserves a Test debut. Most cricketers around the country would view him as ‘one of the good guys’ and would be hoping that he can continue his golden run, now at the highest level.

Good luck Vogesy!

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Sports broadcaster with ABC Grandstand, AFL Nation & NIRS in Perth.


  1. Great piece. Def a well deserved debut after an exceptional season across all forms for WA/Perth. Hoping he goes on with it on day 2. Great bloke and a terrific leader too.

  2. It’s a great story Reggie and one scratches their head why Vogues was constantly overlooked during the transition period between the Unbeatables to the current crop.

    Hopefully he has a few years to eke out a lot more games and runs in the baggy green and yellow.

  3. Now , correct me if i’m wrong, Adam Voges was 12th man in the WACA Ashes test in 2006-07. It’s been a long wait to go from 12th man to being part of the starting 11.

    Dan Christian has also been a 12th man once for Australia, let’s hope he gets a chance to be part of the starting 11.


  4. The coach could certainly identify with Voges’ struggle Glenn.

    12th man in 1990 before finally getting a gig in 1998.

    Any stats boffins know the answer to the longest stretch between pouring cordial and downing a Crownie?

  5. Todd Allison says

    Sorry Glenn, let’s hope Christian never gets that chance or we’ll be back in the doldrums. He ain’t a test cricket – barely a first class cricketer.

  6. Citrus Bob says

    Glenn you had me tricked for a while when you mentioned the Unbeatables! I thought you were referring to the Unbearables circa 2012-2014.

  7. Malcolm Ashwood says

    A deserving and over due opportunity for a fine player and well respected person around the cricket traps the similarities between, Adam and Darren Lehmanns career are quite remarkable hope he goes on with it on day 2 and then becomes a key player in the ashes battle

  8. Correct Glen, Voges was called into the squad when Martyn retired, Symonds was selected and Voges was 12th Man.

  9. Ta Raggie, that confirms it. Now while i’m on the topic Voges is the oldest debutant to make a ton. That wait is certainly worth more than a Crownie, a Henrys of Harcourt cider would be a fine way to celebrate !


  10. Days between being 12th man & wearing the Baggy Green;

    Voges: 3094 days (2006 -2015)
    Lehmann: 2973 days (1990 – 1998)

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