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I remember that David Rhys-Jones was bestowed the nom de plume, The Hyphen, by commentators. How many hyphenated players have played AFL/VFL? I actually don’t know. However I thought I’d compile a list of those players I’m cognisant of.


I’m a pedant so no O’s, La’s, DE’s, Von’s, or Van’s, just the real hyphenated names.


Let’s see how this reads.


B: T. Ormond-Allen (Mel/Ade). L Roberts-Thompson (Syd). R Forster-Knight (Ess).


HB: R Lester-Smith (Haw/Bris). I Warne –Smith (Mel). G Lawson-Smith (Carl).


C: D Rhys-Jones (SM/Syd/Car). C Ellis-Yolmen (Ade). G Horlin-Smith (Geel).


HF:  W Hoskin-Elliot (Coll). C Cockatoo-Collins (Ess/Port Ade). L Wardell-Johnson (Frem).


F:   S Minton-Connell (Carl/Haw/ WB/ Syd).  T Denis-Lane (Syd). L Boyd-Gerny (StK).


FOLL:  R Fenton-Smith (Melb). S Powell-Pepper (Port Ade). B McMaster- Smith (Fitz/Carl/St Kilda).


INTER: Da Cockatoo-Collins (Melb.) Do Cockatoo-Collins (Melb). A Neale Bullen ( Melb). S Petrevski-Seton (Carl).


EMER: D Byrne-Jones (Port Ade). J Oakley-Nicholls (Rich). L Davies-Uniacke(NM).


In a captain coach role I’ll have Melbourne’s Ivor Warne-Smith.  He captained Melbourne, also coached them, as well as a stint as captain coach. Adding this to his pair of Brownlow medals it’s a pretty impressive resume for this hyphen.





  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Rochford Devenish-Meares (Hawthorn and Subiaco)

  2. Nice idea. Good team Glen! Made me wonder when hyphens ceased to be about the landed aristocracy and began to represent the blended family? DOB 1990?

  3. Mark Duffett says:

    Should be a pacy side, plenty of dash.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says:

    Super team Glen !
    Hector Lingwood-Smith played 13 games for the Pies in 1922-23.

  5. G’day Phil.

    Alfred Andrew-Street played a few games for the Pies in the 1930’s.


  6. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti worthy of a spot. Sabrina Frederick-Traub also brings strong hyphen game to the AFLW. As counter-intuitive as it feels, Danny Del-Re is also a hyphen. Audley Gillespie-Jones another quality name.

  7. Good point Dave. How did i leave out Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti ???

    He is probably the best hyphen currently running around.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  8. Dave Nadel says:

    Peter B, apart from blended family and landed aristocracy there is another motivation for the hyphen – social climbing. I wrote and researched the ADB entry on Ivor Warne-Smith. His father, Charles Warne Smith was a journalist who moved from Sydney to Melbourne.. Warne was his middle name, but prior to his arrival in Melbourne he was known as Charles Smith. When he arrived in Melbourne he began referring to himself as Charles Warne-Smith and he had registered his sons as Warne-Smiths from the beginning. He also took up residence in Brighton and sent his sons to Wesley College.

    I don’t want anyone to think that this is an attack on a Demon legend from a hostile Magpie. I admire Warne-Smith both for his on field and off field activities. But you would have to assume that his Dad was some sort of social climber.

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