A-League Round 5: Central Coast Mariners v Wellington Phoenix – Clearance

Last week, our lovely Australian young lady guests told me that they had to change the train due to break down. But it seemed to occur because someone was hit by the train.

On Sunday around 11:20, I was at Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Railway Line waiting a train to Osaka heading to the Australian footy pub to watch the A-League game. I was heard that trains were running late due to an accident at a level crossing. My train departed but was running a bit slow and was stuck at the next station. They informed us that the site was concealed by Police.

No clearance was given on my way to Osaka? I just made a sidelined trip to get there. In other word, diversion or detour. I was offered alternative transport by Kyoto subway and JR.

Having planned to watch the game to show my support to the Phoenix, I was relieved to get to the bar.

Then I remembered that the Test Cricket was on. I have decided to go to the pub earlier so that I would be able to enjoy both sports.

The barman was watching the cricket telling me he was a huge cricket fan. It is good to watch the sport with him,

He said that it was raining heavy in Brisbane. No clearance was given on the cricket match.

Just before 3:00 pm, the barman tuned in the football match. I could not wait seeking how boys would be playing.

It was great to see the kick off. A great opportunity to watch soccer has just started.

Nix boys touched balls well and pushed towards the left side of the field. The ball is kicked from right to left and vise versa. Ball movements are much different from footy (AFL).

At 10 minutes, McGlinchey kicked a goal. The ball was kicked over heads and he caught the ball and kicked towards the right of the goal post.

Good start for the Phoenix!

Then the forth and back movement usually seen in the soccer matches applied to the game which I had longed to watch.

The score at Half Time was 1-0. Phoenix led. My thought was the Nix would win in the close game.

But after the whistle was brow, the Mariners touched the ball more and pushed towards left.

They tried to kick the goal, but Phoenix defense was good at not creating clearance.

However it was finally broken at 76 minutes. The Mariner, O’Donovan kicked a goal to even the score. Like the railway tracks were cleared eventually, the Phoenix gave clearance to the Mariners. No need to do!!

Meanwhile I was feeling so tired from hardworking. My head was not clear and I was a kind of unconscious. I might have fallen asleep.

Sadly the Phoenix had less opportunity to kick another goal. The final whistle was blown and the game was draw at 1-1.

Having seen rain dropping on the camera screen in the football match, I was wondering if it was clear for the test cricket to go on.

The answer was no and the friendly barman tuned in a South African cricket match.

The bowler bowled the ball far from the batsman. The game was slow. I found the game was crazy as well as South African commentators’ accent was funny (sorry South Africans but I know how nice you are).

While Carlton were rated as comedians as memes, watching the South African cricket competition is comedy for me. My minds got clearances.

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