A-League: Red and Black Bloc not surviving

Flares at the Victory vs Wanderers game played last weekend was extremely unacceptable.

FFA’s handling with Western Sydney Wanderers is quite good apart from point reduction was not handed over.

On Friday morning, SEN’s Facebook post grabbed my attention. Breakfast Show’s co-host Francis Leach slammed the response from Red and Black Bloc.

Curiosity came up and I have visited their website but none of relevant article was found. Then having visited their Facebook page, I found their statement.

Francis was right. What they commented was garbage. Actually worse than just rubbish.


They do not take their responsibilities. The blame is put onto the media. Also flares in European football are blamed.

The Wanderers support group kills their own club and fellow supporters, I only perceive.

If some their members set flares at their game, can they just say it is an individual’s problem? Why do not they ban such bogan members? From their statement, they back such stupid actions and those who committed controversial activities.

Such attitudes will kill their ‘beloved’ Wanderers because such actions interrupt the match and reduce motivation of their players and possibly cause point reduction in the competition.

Indeed they will put much distance from the football club and fellow Western Sydney supporters.

Do RBB want to destroy Wanderers by themselves? Do they want to ruin A-League?

They should respect not only fellow Wanderers supporters and the club but also fellow football fans and the competition.

Because of so many controversies, I have very strong negative feelings towards Wanderers and want them to be removed from the competition if FFA has to strip the club license from one of 10 A-League clubs.

Wellington Phoenix should not be removed from the competition to create third Sydney club.

If I was a board member at Wanderers, I would ban fans who committed flares last Saturday for life and potentially entire RBB.

This weekend, Phoenix should smash Wanderers!! Go Nix!!

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