A happy Blubbering mess

Maybe this will be the year; maybe, just maybe my boys might pull it off.

The only problem is that first we have to get through Geelong.

Thompson was right to say that we are jealous; I personally can admit I am.

Geelong have everything going for them, they kick our derrieres every time in finals.

Then comes the factor that IF, and I say IF we get past Geelong we still have to get past the Saints and…Riewoldt *shudder* so basically, it’s not looking good.

I do not doubt the skill of my players; I just know that the other teams play better in finals with, Geelong having the most experience.

When asked how my team will go, not once did I give a hint of confidence, obviously because I seem to have none.

Mick’s selection continues to puzzle me.

He chooses Davis, who hasn’t been having a great year and is known to magically disappear during finals, over Medders and Tarks.

He still keeps in Macaffer, who was pretty hopeless last week and the week before.

Hmmm…do I see coach playing favourites? During finals? Surely not!

So here we are yet again, another year, a different team.

Im curious to see how this group of Magpies will cope but at the same time I don’t know how I will deal with disappointment. I was once AGAIN provoked by THE CULPRIT who repeated what she last said, this time LOUDER and PROUDER!

Bloody CARLTON supporters! Just because her team wasn’t good enough she tries to drown mine. This time I wanted to react, I really did. No point why should I end up in the coordinator’s office with a few weeks to go and stain my perfect record?

She’s not worth it.

“I HOPE COLLINGWOOD LOSE” she said, directly to me in front of a class.

My first reaction was- IS SHE F*CKN KIDDING ME?

That to me was like a slap in the face.

I turned to her smiled sarcastically and said “oh, THANKS.”

Did she really think I CARED or even WANTED her spit worthy opinion?

What killed me is that she doesn’t even know what she’s on about.


I can’t stand people like that! Its one thing being a BLUE and bagging Collingwood BUT why the hell would u bag a great team like GEELONG? Obviously she’s not intelligent enough to respect what Geelong has shown in the past few years.

One of my friends, also a Magpie read the look on my face, possibly detected the smoke coming from my ears and called me over to calm me down.

Even the teacher realised my reaction, he asked where I was going when I headed for the door.

Boy I was PISSED OFF but I contained myself and just stormed out of the room.

When talking about this to CIVIL Geelong supporter, fellow Prez of the welovecameronmooney fan club, fellow Taurian and long lost sister-galfriend Susie, I made it known how we would deal with one of us being unhappy due to the result. Even the fellas; Barns, Healy, Bulman, Duckie ECT don’t know how to deal with that fact that either way, Susie or I will rid Melbourne of drought, ever heard the song Cry me a river? It might take a day or two…even a week if needed to settle down and get the grief out of my system.

While Susie is to- quote ‘drown in a hole’, my preferred measure of action is cliff jumping.

WHY? Why did these two teams have to meet before the BIG DAY?

Geelong scares me to pieces, which is why I admire and respect them the way I do.

I spent last night lying in bed wide awake thinking that the season could end the next night. Facing me was the team poster which I could see reflecting the light off my mobile phone. I was too sacred to fall asleep knowing that if I did the next day would come and with that comes the end of our season.

Yet another shot at premiership Glory would be ripped away from us by the worthy and classy opponent of Geelong. Waking up I felt sick, great morning sickness- what a perfect way to start my ‘study holidays’ you should see my bed room, its like a bomb of text books has exploded or something. I go for a jog (more like a light walk), they say exercise is a form of stress relief and I admit it was nice being in the fresh air, getting beeped at by cars because of my Collingwood jumper. Then I get back home, quick shower and hit the books.

Three and a half hours of business revision later I’m happy to put it all aside, that’s enough for one day; I can now watch the game without feeling guilty.

Two hours to go, I grab the newest ‘Spa CD’ Candy made me and switch it on.

Perfect song comes up, Michael Buble- Just Haven’t Meet you yet.

I find myself singing along…the words scarily match my feelings.

I’m Not Surprised
Not Everything Lasts

Broken My Heart So Many Times,
I Stopped Keepin Track.
Talk Myself In
I Talk Myself Out
I Get All Worked Up
Then I Let Myself Down

THEY tried So Very Hard Not To Lose It
I Came Up With A Million Excuses
I Thought I Thought Of Every Possibility

And I know Someday That It’ll All Turn Out
THEY’LL Work hard So We Can Work To Work It Out
And I Promise You GUYS That I’ll Give So Much More Than I Get
WE Just Haven’t WON IT Yet…..

Time goes fast singing and dancing to Michael Buble in your footy jumper.

Next thing I know they’re running through the banner and everything around me goes out of focus. As the game unfolds, the pressure is great from both teams; it’s neck to neck until we get on the board early.

Travis, Pendles!! PENDLESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Pendles is a great player AND his WAG Alex Davis replied to my tweet on twitter regarding her All Australian Dress, so that was really nice of her!  :)

Maxwell shows why he’s CAPTAIN with great leadership down back doing his best to rush behinds through.


Add THAT to my ‘if I could marry a goal list!!’


That ladies and Gents is why I LOVE MY LEE-LEE BROWN!

Didak slots one on a slight angle, too easy for Dids, he’s a star!

*SQUEALS* PENDLES!!!! He’s on a roll!


By now I was a buzz! I was bouncing off the walls.

Steele adds to the glory and kicks his first ever goal against Geelong.


(If that makes any sense!)



Bloody hell, it’s all coming together!

Who knew Cinderella was a Ranga? Linggy loses his glass slipper well before the last siren. Poor Linggy, he looks so tired, he shouldn’t be out there, he cant keep up to the spring of Daisy!

He then gives away a 50meter free which turns into a present, a goal for Swanny!

Someone pinch me!!

I don’t think I have ever yelled at Ling, but when he wacked my LEE-LEE I was NOT VERY HAPPY, so he copped a verbal bashing from me. My poor Lee-lee!!!

Then a fight, FIGHT, FIGHT breaks out and I start having a skits at my boys.



Don’t they know we need everyone ready for selection!!

The last thing we need is Dale and Didak throwing punches!!

What impressed me was the control LEE-LEE had, I LOVE YOU LEROYYY!!!

Stevie J and Varcoe both score- “ahh…SHIT!”

End of the third, we are up with a healthy lead but im still scared, I wont be relaxed until the final siren sounds with us leading.

Pods misses, he hasn’t been going too well tonight.

TRAVIS GOALS, followed by Byrnes and Stokes.

Travis tugs another shot.

Pods finally finds the middle! Poor guy, Nathan Browns been good on him all night.

Ottens goals…OMG STEEEEELEEE!!! Yeahh baby! That’s my hill-billy! Wooo!

Bartel gets the last for the night and the Cats in 2010.

The supporters are off their seats cheering, the last few seconds tick down on the clock.

The siren sounds, I fall to my knees crying. For once it’s tears of joy. I’m a blubbering mess but I’m a happy mess.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Danni

    You have to understand the Blues/Magpies thing.

    It’s tribal. Never take it personally. :)

  2. Danni, well done to your boys!

    Told you all week you had NOTHING to worry about and that you’d smash us – and you thought I was being coy :P

    I wish you all the very best next week. And never fear, Geelong fans aren’t sad (actually, I speak only for myself) we just weren’t good enough. I think I’d be heartbroken it we’d played exceptionally well and lost a close one, but this year is the year of the magpie, and I couldn’t be happier for you.

    p.s. When you win the premiership, make sure to let the Culprit know aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about it ;)

  3. 1- JB, trust me even a nice person like you would dislike the culprit!! i have to take it personally, she directed it right at me she didnt just say it not knowing who i go for.

    thankyou SOOO SOOO MUCH for you blessings and support!!
    lol yeah i WILL! how about i wear my jumper over my school uniform? lol

  4. Congratulations to your boys Danni, enjoy it!

    Well done! Smash those sorry Saints next week, make Riewoldt cry again. (Sorry Doggies’ fans)

  5. 4- Thanks JOSHY! :)
    im enjoying it VERY much.
    we had a little party last night, watched the replay and the cousins didnt leave until about 4:00am lol.
    ……ARGGHH Riewoldt!! *does angry face*

  6. Jake 'Cobba' Stevens says

    Yeah Danni, i agree,

    I absolutely HATE it when single minded IDIOTS insult your team for no reason whatsoever.
    It does my head in.

    But anyway good luck for next week! :)

  7. 6- Hey Jake, great to get a comment from you. Thanks for the luck, if i got all the luck from my good friends on here, id have a very big bottle of it! :)


  8. Danni,

    by testing your reaction against these points you will get a handle on whether I seriously understand or not.

    I would like to see a happy snap of you round about Thursday arvo just before the teams are announced. Not a pretty look.

    My understanding is that the closer you get to Saturday the further you are away and the harder it gets.

    When you wake up on Saturday morning – if you got to sleep as it is harder than Santa time – your nerves will be raw. People will know immediately to keep their distance. No matter what they say they really love you and are trying to help. Especially your mum.

    The morning is generally shite. You are twitchingand feel like going back to bed to hide. This is quite normal.

    The bit between mid day and the bounce is very hard. Did I say very hard, what I really meant to say was really very hard.

    When you see the other team come out onto the ground you start to doubt, again, no matter how covertly confident you are and how you have settled yourself down.

    Your heart rate will be variable between racing and racing.

    When the siren sounds to start the game and your guys hit the ball you will have an uncontrollable urge to scream ball or bullshit or bloody beauty.

    You will cry on several occassions during the game. Real tears relating to real love. This is again normal,:very normal.

    If you lose the pain will be unbearable and totally justified.

    If you win the joy will be exquisite and, dare I say to a Collingwood nut, totally justified.

    You will remember the day. One way or another you will remember the day.

    From the time the final siren sounds you will morp into a zombie either speaking in tougues that only your kind will understand or you will shrink away and wish your parents had never met.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride. Footy is a beautiful thing. And grand final day for true believers whose team is playing is a right of passage.

    PS. You need to understand that win or lose there is eventually life after the grand final.

    PPS. Get a ticket.

  9. ^^ What Phantom said ;)

  10. Danni – congratulations your beloved Pies have won a Grand Final place. They were simply too good for the Cats. There have been many saying that when the end comes it will come quickly for Geelong aand it seems they were right.

    I still think we will be competitive next year, but this year looks like it belongs to the Pies. I reckon you’ll beat the Saints by 8 goals.

    Enjoy the week.

  11. Andrew Fithall says


    I am just coping. Already sleep deprived, I expect that to continue all week. It is so exciting. Friday was a little difficult because Helen (my wife) is Geelong, and she was so disappointed. It wasn’t the loss so much as they had already lost by the end of the first quarter. Just thought you would be interested to know that I saw SP_10 (we Twitter people are so cool) loitering outside Altona Gate Coles this afternoon while his girlfriend was in the store. Resisted the urge to approach and say anything. Didn’t want to distract him from his game preparation (or his food).

    Enjoy the week. And GO PIES.


  12. It may be a week Andrew but it will feel like a month and the game may be just an afternoon but it will feel like a minute.

    Phantoms know these things.

    All the Pies supporters at the local game in Tassie on Saturday made eye contact, grinned and when I walked up and gave them a big cuddle (blokes cuddle) they thanked me rather than hang shit.

    I could detect a fair amount of trembling (blokey trembling) and I immediately realised what a wonderful feeling relief is.

    I will be available for all sorts of supportive stuff this week.

    Win’em and wear’em.

    Six more sleeps. Cheers.

  13. 10- naww thanks Dips! its nice how the Geelong supporters on here have almost embraced me as thier own, i love the support. :)

    11- Andrew, i was JUST about to tweet you! lol yes we are very cool! i love mrs and probably soon to be mrs Pendlebury! shes so nice, having replied to my tweet and all. I probably would have spoken to them lol “hey im the chick you replied to on twitter a few days abouy about your all aust dress!” lol

    -Phantom, thats deep cuz, very deep. lol

  14. After going to the 2003 GF, I still havent recovered.

    It hit me hard and I’m yet to return to the fold.

    A flag this week would be sweet and might help with the grieving process.

    I’ll be watching on the box again.

    Cmon the pies

  15. Danni,

    still waters run deep.

    I have just spoken to my daughter (Brunswick) who sorted out my access to 2 tickets to the 2007 GF. I knew I was lucky then and now that the Cats are where they are I am again grateful and thanked her. I just reminded George (son) how good it was to see the game and catch the train down to Geelong post game.

    Kardinia park the next day was so much fun. Get down to C’wood on Sunday if they win.

    You must always seize the moment. They are very hard to win and I repeat 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Some people don’t see any.

    Hope you are up to date with your assignments this week because you will be distracted.

    And don’t worry about that tanker at school. She obviously has some problems and by targetting you she is paying you a compliment. Green eyed monster and likely beyond the football bit.

    Have fun.

  16. Phantom,

    Thanks for the insight into Grand Final week, I can only imagine how hectic it could be as a North Melbourne supporter. I look forward to the week when North one year make the Grand Final (I think i’m looking forward to it..)

    As I said earlier, smash those sorry Saints.

  17. Coooooooooooollllllinnnggggggg-

  18. It’s starting already Danni.

    Talking in tongues that only your own kind can understand.

    Get control of yourself, there’s still five more sleeps. If you can sleep.

  19. 18- LOL Phantom i was chanting in english just then, not lebanese! :)

  20. Danni,

    I can understand you loud & clear! The Army can undersatnd you loud & clear!

    Fingers crossed we can get the job done on Saturday. Comfort yourself in the knowledge that the Magpie Army is well over a million strong and we will all shoulder a little bit of this tension together – side by side – just like our boys on the field.

    Cheers & Go Pies!


  21. 20- Bakes, wwwooooooo!!!!
    :) :) :) :)
    SIR YES SIR, MAGPIE NUMBER 9 REPORTING FOR SERVICE and has been parading around in uniform (jumper) all day, lol.

  22. Peter Schumacher says

    On the other hand a St Kilda premiership would be nice! They haven’t won one for a while!

  23. 20 – Bakes, with your name, shouldn’t you be on to the Saints?

  24. Bakes – the magpie army of over 1 million?? Sure about that?? 1 in 20 Australians???? Really? Maybe you’re including the 500,000 South African kids in the slums of Soweto who got given a Collingwood beanie on a promotional trip a few years back.

  25. 22 …NO!!!

  26. # 25.

    Stop sitting on the fence Danni.

    Be more definite.

  27. Dips,

    You are right – my initial estimate was very conservative. Our vast legion is enormous and waiting with baited (not fetid) breath for what lies in store for us on Saturday.

    The agony & ecstacy of GF week….but I’d have it no other way!

    #20 Gigs – I’ve checked and Stevie Baker is not an immediate family member and definitely an arch enemy if he plays on Saturday! Personally, I don’t like the way he belts blokes when they are not looking – n courage there at all. I prefer the real tough nuts like Ball, Hayes, Selwood, Hodge, Judd…etc.

    Cheers & Go Pies!


  28. No pain, no gain!

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