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Trucker Slim’s Best Fairy Bread

Rick Kane selects his Top 10 acts from the recent Port Fairy Music Festival. Some oldies; some newies; all goodies. Do yourself a favour and catch these acts when they come to your neighbourhood.

Almanac Life: The Mighty Hawks, late July 2020, a ranty ramble

Trucker Slim is doing it hard with his Hawks languishing at the bottom end of the ladder. So it’s to music for some solace, the words of Bob Dylan and others for strength and guidance.

Almanac Music: Thoughts on the death of John Prine

Rick Kane (or Trucker Slim) has been shaken by the death of John Prine. In this emotional and evocative tribute, he explains why John Prine means so much to him, and his family. This is about connectedness and the things that matter. It’s about the place of music and of sadness, and how music builds healing and strength and belief we need and crave. A mighty piece of writing about a mighty man.

Grand Final – Richmond v GWS: Talkin’ takin’ sides

Trucker Slim lets loose with his reasons why he’ll be barracking for the GWS Giants tomorrow.

Finding the Joy

Trucker Slim illuminates today’s page with a heartfelt tribute on the loss of two loved ones. Amongst the sadness and the struggles, he finds joy. (Simply beautiful! Ed.)

Almanac Music – Blinded by the List: a Springsteen game for the whole family!

Not interested in horse racing or can’t wait for next footy season? Trucker Slim has come up with a game based upon the music of Bruce Springsteen as an alternative for you to while away your time instead.

Finals Week 1 – Hawks? Canaries!

Trucker Slim assesses his Hawks but can’t find any easy answers to how they, or anyone for that matter, can tame the Tiges. That doesn’t stop him from offering his advice to anyone willing to listen.

Round 21 – Hawthorn v Geelong: All aboard

Trucker Slim reveled in the Hawks/Cats rivalry during Saturday’s thriller. He might just be sensing some Glory Days ahead for the Hawks?

AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Gorn, Gorn, Gorn

Trucker Slim finally made it to an AFLW match to cheer on his Dees in what was essentially a Preliminary Final. Though only heartache awaited him when the Bulldogs came out snarling in the final minutes.

AFLW: Great game, good game, so-what game, bad game … still game (Jay Z reference)

Trucker Slim responds those who had the knives out for the AFLW following Round 1 of the new season. He looks at the nature of AFLW and the purpose it serves, and the opportunity it has provided and will continue to provide. It’s a revolution which has opened up the world of women’s and girls’ capacity to play the game. He also makes some interesting points, when looking at AFLW in commercial terms, about the nature of the so-called market or fan base.

Mercedes turns 50

Mercedes celebrated her 50th game with the Darebin Falcons U18s footy team last Sunday. Trucker Slim reviews the game.

AFLW Grand Final – Brisbane v Adelaide: Just a Girl

Trucker Slim was totally enamoured with the AFLW Grand Final: from the effort and the skills to the crowd and the passion. History was made and the revolution has well and truly began.

AFLW Round 1 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Dees v Lions v the weather

Trucker Slim watched the tough battle in the rain between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: The Premiership Quarter

Trucker Slim witnessed a wave of Bulldog belief, powered by their members, fans and the footy loving public flush the previously impervious Hawks back to reality.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Boxers, ballet and our glorious bastard of a game

With a heartbreaking loss on Friday night, Trucker Slim admired the game, its theatre and poetry in motion. In his words, “Footy is a glorious bastard of a game. It is cruel and capricious, scintillating and rewarding and none of this is in equal measure”. [Great read – Ed]

Round 22 – West Coast v Hawthorn: All the Tired Horses – a look at the Hawks 2016

Trucker Slim diagnoses Hawthorn’s season and provides a prognosis for the Finals after the loss to West Coast.

Almanac U18 NFL Grand Final: Want it … Maintain the pressure … Have fun

Trucker Slim experiences another GF win, this time it’s the U18 VWFL Grand Final with his daughter Mercedes’ team Darebin Falcons v Montmorency. [Great result and a great story – Ed].

This one goes out to the mighty Mitch

Trucker Slim pays tribute to Sam Mitchell as he prepares for his 300th game. Is Sam Mitchell as good as Trucker would have us believe?

A good game of footy

Trucker Slim ponders the complexities of performance and contribution.

Round 16 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: Missed It by That Much

Trucker Slim missed it by that much. Port missed it by that much. Even the umpires missed it by that much. But not the Hawks. Again they played their opposition of the week, and again their ways were winning.