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Almanac Tennis: Are Stefanos and Naomi the new faces of tennis?

The Australian Open, against all odds, has continued to power on over the last fortnight. With only three games left in the main draw, both sides hold a chance of changing the guard of world tennis.

The Tent Hill Tennis Club

A beauty from Glen Natalier; memories of tennis in the Lockyer Valley [One of the kids in the photograph c1948 is Cecil Logan, my (late) uncle. He was as big a character as Uncle Stan. Glen Natalier, is a former teaching colleague of mine – he grew up on the farm just up the road from my grandparents’ spud and watermelon farm. You haven’t played tennis until you’ve played on antbed – JTH]

Almanac Tennis: The last Aussie champ

With Ash Barty’s defeat this afternoon, can you remember the last Australian to win an Australian Open singles title?

Almanac Tennis: Just what do we make of Nick Kyrgios?

Last night’s amazing win at the Australian Open showcased the enigma that is Nick Kyrgios. Just what do we make of him? We invite your thoughts.

Almanac Tennis – Wimbledon 2020: Seeing Lew Hoad in a Dream

Mike Sexton reminds us we’re coming into Wimbledon fortnight. He remembers the cavalier character Lew Hoad.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Zac Heczey: The Regional Tennis Championships

Parade College Grade 9 student Zac Heczey was playing in the Regional Tennis Championships. Coming up against arch-rivals Waverley in the Grand Final, Zac strode out onto the court to play the deciding set of singles tennis.[Well played Zac – JTH]

The Australian Open Revisited (or ‘A Day at the Tennis’)

Paul Spinks enjoys a massive day at the Australian Open – the middle Saturday – the first time he’s been in quite a while. He recounts his experience (includes some supporting pics).

Almanac Tennis: The Lessons of Ash Barty

It’s back to school week, so time for some homework. Former teacher Ian Hauser suggests that Ash Barty might provide a helpful focus to learn some useful lessons.

Australian Open Tennis: Courting Kyrgios

Peter Baulderstone takes in his first Australian Open tennis at the Nadal/Kyrgios epic. Nick lost on the tennis court but won in the courts of public opinion and self respect.

Thoughts on the decline of Aussie tennis (and why grinners are winners)

Paul Spinks ponders the reasoning behind Australia’s decline in world tennis since the mid 1970s. This is a longer version of Paul’s article published in The Age recently.

Almanac Tennis: Watching Ash and Thinking About Stuff

Edward P Olsen first saw Ash Barty play tennis as a 14yo in Melbourne, but it was world events of that day Edward associates with the young tennis player that continues to this day. Read his story about Ash and the Russian riots.

Almanac Tennis: Ash Barty – the perfect role model for young Australians

Sean Mortell channels the view held widely through the Australian populus about new French Open champion Ash Barty. [Lovely tribute – Ed]

Almanac Tennis – It’s just too hot!

So how can we help turn off the sweat tap on Rafa’s nose and chin? Dave H discusses providing more comfortable playing conditions for tennis players during major tournaments.

Almanac Tennis – Has Kooyong had the gong?

During The Kooyong Classic, Rick checks out Melbourne’s legendary former tennis home and all its memories. but is disappointed by what he sees, acknowledging the glory days of the past have well and truly faded.

Almanac Tennis: Social Tennis and Other Worlds

Telly on Tuesday nights no longer appeals to Kate, so it’s social tennis for her instead. Here is her account of a typical Tuesday night tennis gathering.

Almanac Tennis – EDTA Div. 8 Boys’ Grand Final: ETKG v The Drive – Even more sweet

Aidan Hammond and his teammates have experienced that winning feeling, taking out a hard-fought Eastern Districts Tennis Association Grand Final; Aidan’s first after falling at the last hurdle in 2017

Almanac Golf – Golf Capital: Li breaks Rory, Ricky Barnes versus tennis

A collection of golf news from Hamish Neal after a week which saw a Monday win in La Jolla for Jason Day, Rory McIlroy fade in Dubai and Brittany Lincicome win in the Bahamas.

Almanac Tennis: On Court Confessions

Robbo is thinking about tennis and the nature of the game as he turns on the TV to watch the first week of the Australian Open. Here he cites the thoughts of (the late) David Foster Wallace.

Almanac Tennis – Eastern District Tennis Association Division 8 Boys, Round 1: East Torrens Kensington Gardens vs. Hectorville – Kickstarter

Young Aidan Hammond is a real all-rounder. Tennis season has started and he tells the story of the first round of fixtures.

Almanac Tennis (and life): Great Wall

A quirky tennis piece from Joey A. [Nice to have you back Joey – JTH]