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Almanac Footy – The 2016 Grand Final: Western Bulldogs v Sydney Swans

In the lead-up to Saturday’s big match, The Footy Almanac continues its coverage of Grand Finals involving either or both of this year’s combatants. Today it’s the turn of the Western Bulldogs and their landmark 2016 victory over the Sydney Swans.

Round 18 – GWS v Sydney Swans: Almost as triumphant as Beethoven’s Ninth!

The triumph of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony came to mind as Jan Courtin watched the Swans roll onto victory in their game against the Giants.

Almanac Footy Comment: The brilliance of the Sydney Swans Academy is changing the AFL landscape

The Sydney Swans worked out what best suited their need to retain players – and acted. It’s up to other clubs to do what’s best for them argues Deakin student Chris Mangos.[Interesting – Ed]

Round 3 – Carlton v Sydney Swans: A footy win is a tonic

Reflecting upon her road travelled to the Harbour City, Jan Courtin prepares for her return to Melbourne, but not before watching her Swans score a desparately needed win against an improving Carlton.

Sydney Swans Season Preview 2019 – Misunderstood

Joe Moore analyses the prospects for the Sydney Swans in the 2019 AFL Season. Will they be up there once again as a top side or are they on the slide?

AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Sydney Swans (5th)

Sydney was still part of the top flight in 1998. Which of these faces are household names at your place?

Round 17- North Melbourne vs Sydney Swans: The Interstate Trip

After only ever seeing his beloved Swans play in Sydney, Daniel Saunders ventures South to see his team play North at the Docklands. Aliir Aliir, YEAH YEEEEEAAAAH!!!!

Sydney Swans – The Bye: Reflection and Anticipation

The bye gives Jan Courtin the opportunity to reflect on the Swans’ season that has been and what is left to come.

Round 13 – Sydney Swans v West Coast Eagles: Give the backs a break!

Tom Bally has a night out at the SCG and asks his forwards to give his backs a break..

Sydney Swans Season Preview: An Old Dog’s New Tricks

Joe is upbeat as he previews the prospects of the Sydney Swans for the coming AFL season.

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Sydney Swans (7th)

Swish continues his 1997 countdown, the Swans are next. Who stood out for you, Bloods fans?

AFLM Round 18 – Sydney Swans v St Kilda: Expected the very expected and stand with Pride

There’s a lot been happening in the world around the Round 18 Pride Game. Here is just a small glimpse of Yvette Wroby’s few weeks. The game was a bust but meeting Mikey Cole, getting hands on The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 and having a photo shoot for the Sunday Age were the highlights. Yvette’s late Uncle Marcel would be proud.

Round 5 – Sydney Swans v GWS: Cross-City Derby?

Les Curries ventures to the SCG to watch the derby between the winless Swans and premiership-fancied Giants.

Round 5 – Sydney Swans: The 2017 Isaac Newton Cup

Earl O’Neill gives us his thoughts on how this season will play out for the struggling Sydney Swans.

Resilience – A Story of Sydney Swans Legend Michael O’Loughlin

Wesley Hull was there as Michael O’Loughlin imparted a really important message to the boys at the 2017 National AFL Male Kickstart and All Nations Championships

Sydney Swans Season Preview 2017 – Life’s A Beach

Joe Moore hopes that Sydney won’t go to water this year.

The Sydney Swans speculative soundtrack: A season in revue – 2016

Joe Moore has his 2016 playlist locked and loaded. No music can soothe a runner up, but there remains plenty to dance about in the Swans’ future.

Round 21 – St. Kilda v Sydney Swans: A game to be Proud of, a Saint centurion, a goal post that wouldn’t move, winning the tackle count and losing the game!

Braham Dabscheck appreciates St Kilda’s role in changing footy culture and respectfully appreciated Sydney were too good for his Saints.

Round 16 – Geelong v Sydney Swans: Kerplunk!

Dips, with old mates and exchange student in tow, watches the Crème Caramel served up by the Cats and decides that the Great Ocean Road is much better viewing.

Round 15 – Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs: 14 Months On

Alex Docherty gets excited about the “no longer basket cases” Western Bulldogs after their thrilling win against the Swans.